10 Most Bizarre Addictions Ever

From butt beverages to curing cancer with urine we look at 10 of the most bizarre addictions people have 10

Yummy Remains • Casie takes her husband wherever she goes; grocery shopping, the movies and restaurants The problem is Casie’s husband is dead and it’s his ashes she’s carrying around • Her family didn’t worry too much though, not until she started to eat the ashes It started when she was transferring his ashes from a box to an urn When some of it spilled onto her hand she didn’t want to waste it so she ate the grey dust

• Casie had eaten a pound of her husband’s ashes in just two months and said that once she ran out of ashes she would probably kill herself Fortunately Casie entered a voluntary treatment facility before the men in white coats came Unfortunately she had to leave the husband’s ashes at home 9 Polished lass • Bertha has been drinking nail polish for five years

It began innocently enough; she was at a salon and the smell of the polish was so intoxicating that she licked it off • Five years later and Bertha is drinking five bottles of nail polish a day Her favourite “flavor” is blue, or anything with glitter so she can shine from the inside • Doctors warned Bertha about the toxins she’s ingesting and the toll it’s taking on her liver but she still can’t help herself The liver is responsible for filtering out a lot of the bad shit we put into our bodies, so if you’re constantly ingesting toxic crap, you’re gonna have a bad time

8 Drinking Urine • Two years after being diagnosed with cancer, Carrie began to drink her own urine instead of pursuing chemotherapy • Four years later, Carrie is addicted to chugging her pee She says it’s a cure all, using it as a toothpaste, rubbing aged urine on her skin and washing her hair with it When a doctor tells her that drinking urine has made her toxin levels really high that still won’t stop Carrie

• She inserts pee into her nose and soaks her eyes in it, even though it hurts like hell Psst, just a tip Carrie, but if it burns, it probably shouldn’t go in your eye I use the same reasoning for not putting hot sauce in my eyes and the system is really paying off 7 Drinking Gasoline • Please, nobody light a match around this gal because you’re liable to get us all blown up

Shannon loves to drink gasoline, as if sniffing it wasn’t bad enough for your health But she loves to do that too • She consumes 12 teaspoons a day, which is about 5 gallons a year Her mother didn’t believe her daughter was really drinking gasoline until she could smell the unmistakable aroma of a gas station on her breath • Swallowing toxic chemicals generally leads to quite a few ailments, including: internal burns, nervous system damage and drowsiness among so many others

Also a serious case of deadness could be on the cards 6 Stinging yourself with bees • Margaret started stinging herself with bees in an attempt to relieve her arthritic pain • That was more than a decade ago Since then she’s worked her way up to 15 stings a day

She keeps up her supply by keeping bees in her backyard, which is less risky than growing other means of medicinal pain relief in your backyard • She says every sting brings a feeling of relief Doctors have warned her that constantly introducing venom into her system can lead to a fatal allergy But that’s not stopping her and I almost see why… • Apparently the bee stings make her sex life amazing She didn’t elaborate but I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean they’re into some kind of bee-stiality

5 Snorting baby powder • Jaye says that her addiction to snorting baby powder began when she “accidently” inhaled the white powder at 15 16 years later and her odd habit is taking its toll • Her friends assumed she had some kind of closet drug problem because every surface in Jaye’s home was covered in fine white powder And we’re not talking about tiny amounts here, she’s snorting tablespoons of powder 10 times a day! • Doctors have warned Jaye that inhaling baby powder can lead to respiratory failure and pneumonia

Not to mention it has chemicals in it that are used to make paint and insecticides I bet Jaye probably wishes she had a drug problem because it would be easier to explain 4 Eating Cat hair • Lisa gives the phrase “crazy cat lady” a whole new meaning She’s addicted to eating cat hair

She’ll scour the carpet looking for loose fur, the couch or the cat’s scratching post • She started the habit 15 years ago in order to feel closer to her pets but when she brought home a new kitten that her addiction progressed to licking her cat to groom her • But Lisa maintains that she doesn’t lick her cat’s butt Proving that even weirdos have to draw the line somewhere Even though cats have nine lives, I’m pretty definite Lisa’s cat wishes she only had one

3 Eating Rocks • Teresa was at one stage consuming two pounds of rocks a day She’d been addicted to eating rocks for more than 20 years by that stage • If she can’t find small rocks to chew on, she’ll collect bigger ones and then crush them with a hammer While some dentists would be seeing dollar signs right now, they’d be sorely disappointed; Teresa claims the rocks have only made her teeth stronger! Thankfully though Teresa’s husband has helped her cut down her habit to 3 pounds a week

• Her toilet must be made out of concrete, otherwise I don’t know how else she takes a dump Maybe she’s hoping that with enough pressure she’ll shit out a diamond 2 Urine Soaked Diapers • Keyshia has a thing for diapers…used diapers For hoarding them, sniffing them and even chewing them

But they have to be filled with urine, the heavier the better • She has them stashed around the house, in her car, even in bed with her as she sleeps When she can’t get family or friends to shell out their kid’s pee-soaked diapers, she’ll rifle through trash cans looking for ones with the strongest urine smell she can find She’s accumulated 25,000 dirty diapers since her habit began • I bet you’re thinking, “I really hope this woman doesn’t procreate

” Well you’re too late, she gave birth to a producer of diapers of her very own She’s pleased though, it must be like owning a cow that gives bourbon instead of milk 1 Coffee Enemas • Mike and Trina are just crazy about their coffee enemas, and possibly plain crazy • For those at home that aren’t familiar with this practice: they fill a bucket with coffee, then insert a tube into their anus, the coffee then fills their lower intestine with a caffeine kick that jump starts their poop factory

Then they have to make a mad dash to the toilet to prevent any anal leakage • Mike and Trina were at one stage giving themselves 4 enemas a day and spending 5 hours prepping and performing the extravagant regime Despite being told there is no real benefits to coffee enemas, the pair continue to perform them regularly The kicker is, the couple refuses to drink coffee because it’s bad for their health Next step: heroin enemas

Better than injecting the stuff


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