10 People With The Strangest Addictions

In this video, FactFaction takes a look at 10 people with some of the most bizarre, inexplicable and disgusting addictions Prepare to be confused! Hungry David Banger-mad Brit David Harding has a thirteen-a-day addiction to sausages, and is currently undergoing therapy in a bid to shake his hungry habit

He has already spent thousands of dollars in therapy, counselling and hypnosis in a bizarre bid to kick his addiction and has eaten sausages every day from the age of five He claims to spend about $1000 a year on the porky treats and doesn't quite understand why people see a problem with him getting his fragrant fix In an interview, he claimed ''apparently I just like sausages – plain and simple I don't see that there is anything wrong with that, but I do think that I have to look at ways to control my urges, adding ''I genuinely cannot bear the thought of living without sausages – d-rug addicts crave their fix, and it's the same for me – except my d-rug is a banger Bloodthirsty Julia 45-year-old mother of two Julia Wilkes has a morbid and unusual addiction to the taste of human blood, and claims to have been slurping the stuff for over thirty years

She downs up to two litres of blood a month, and advertises for willing donors in a local store to get her hefty monthly fix These donors turn up to her home before she cuts them with a self-designed scalpel and guzzles it directly from their necks When she and her husband Donald married in 2000, they celebrated by ceremoniously drinking the blood of one another Donald has since given up on the syrupy habit to focus on bringing up their children, but Julia persists with the thirsty work Although her children seem a bit confused by her lifestyle, she claims to feel 'stronger and healthier' after gulping the good stuff

Putting the Fun in Funeral 42-year-old Brazilian Luis Squarisi has had a twenty-year love affair with local funerals, and seems to enjoy attending the events which others dread Since his addiction began, he has attended each and every funeral in his hometown of Batatais and even quit his job to focus on his peculiar pastime When his father died and was buried in 1983, Luis became enamoured with the idea of attending as many of the ceremonies and possible, and now checks the news every day to keep updated with the de aths and de mises in his area Each morning, his routine involves switching on the local radio to see who has passed away in recent days One local morgue worker told reporters 'everyone expects to see him at funerals

If he stopped coming he would be missed and lots of people would be disappointed, he is famous already' That's one way to get famous, I guess Dirty Baobao Mongolian teenager Baobao has spent more than a decade gobbling and munching dirt In an interview, she claims to have eaten more than three tonnes of the muddy stuff since she first started on her crazy quest According to reports, CCTV has caught her stealing mounds of mud from her neighbours' roof in order to feed her habit

Allegedly, the house is now almost fully demolished, making her a bit like a human locust She has had her dirty habit since the age of seven, and claims that she 'can live without rice but not [without] soil' Her favourite type is apparently of the yellow variety, as it contains less dust and debris, and she professes to gobble down up to two pounds every single day in a habit that allegedly makes her feel healthy It's certainly a frugal approach Barbie Girl Moldovan Valeria Lukyanova has dedicated her life to becoming a real-life Barbie doll, and has the looks to prove it

In order to create the effect of her plastic persona, she has had her breasts enhanced, she wears a bit too much makeup, and she dons blue coloured contact lenses to change the colour of her eyes Despite her appearance, she doesn't like people to refer to her as a human Barbie, and she claims that her image inspires people to improve themselves, their looks and their health She also uses her looks to find clients for her spiritual healing business and claims that she can help people to improve themselves – and that she is in regular verbal contact with aliens So maybe she's not so strange after all Inflatable Mark 20-year-old Mark is in a polyamorous relationship with fifteen inflatable animals

He eats with them, watches TV with them, washes them and takes the out on day trips He claims to prefer his inflatable pals to actual real life human beings, and enjoys giving them a cuddle and a kiss He has had this bizarre addiction for six long years, which began when he bought an inflatable whale for his pool Mark professes that all of his inflatables have different personalities, ideas, likes and dislikes He also claims that he doesn't like to leave his animals for more than a day, and gets sick at the prospect of being without them, even confessing that 'it's really nice to have someone to talk to'

I suppose everybody needs a friend Full-Throttle Nathaniel 27-year-old Nathaniel is in a relationship with his bright red car, which goes by the name of Chase He claims that his relationship is of both an emotional type and a sexual one Yep, sexual Nathaniel has sex with his car

He states that this involves 'mainly just rubbing up against it' in addition to profuse mast urbation And presumably a vivid imagination Since being a child, Nathaniel has been somewhat lonely and isolated, and seemingly felt that his only recourse was to become intimate with his favourite vehicle And put his p enis in it Video footage also shows him hugging and kissing his car in addition to washing it in a rather suggestive fashion

From the dawn of TV, man has had a pretty strong relationship with a load of vehicles, from KITT to Herby to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang But Nathaniel has really taken things up a notch Casie and her Urn Since her husband passed away, Casie has developed the habit of carrying around the urn which holds his ashes She takes the urn everywhere – in the car, around the house, to the movies, to the store Wherever she feels like going, her husband has no choice but to go with her

She also routinely talks to the urn and watches TV with it' and when grocery shopping, she buys her late husband's favourite foods before using them to cook his favourite meals However, this isn't the strangest part One day, when she spilled some of the ashes on her hand, she didn't want to wipe them off, considering this to be disrespectful and wasteful So what she instead did was lick the ashes off her fingers Since doing so, she claims that she can't stop the habit

She now routinely licks and eats her husband's ashes in what could be considered a strange attempt at bringing them closer together All in all it's pretty sad, but also tragically relatable What's the Buzz? Margaret is addicted to stinging herself with bees What most of us avoid, she embraces What most of us run from, she runs towards

She almost literally makes a beeline to a stingy destiny Margaret captures bees with a small set of pincers and then pushes them onto her body, at which point they inevitably administer a painful little zap No part of her body is off the table, and she's happy to get a sting wherever she can, whether on her face, head, nose or knee She claims that her most intense one-time session featured around 20 consecutive stings on her hip She has had this weird addiction for ten years, which she began practicing in order to relieve her arthritis

She now stings herself around fifteen times a day and keeps bees in a jar for the quick convenience of easy access Strangely, her husband claims to be growing ''concerned'' I can see why Diaper Days All pregnant women get cravings Pickles, chocolate, coffee, it's usually something sort of relatable

But baby-bound Keyshia instead craves the lure of a urine-soaked diaper She sniffs them, covets them and even chews on them She also claims that her favourite ones are the dirtiest ones, and relies on friends and strangers to supply her next stinky fix For those of you who are curious, she claims that they taste like sour sweets, which might be of interest if you don't fancy getting your own lips around a stinky specimen She has tried eating unsoiled ones, but she says that aren't as good, and claims that a top-quality diaper ''has to have pee in it''

When asked to give a figure, she estimates that she has licked her way through almost 25,000 of the things and goes to the lengths of gathering them from her trash, hiding them in her closet and sniffing them while she cooks Which addiction do you think was the strangest? If you'd like to see more videos like this then please subscribe


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