10 Strangest Addictions People Actually Have!

– And you guys thought I was going bald I just pulled it all out and ate it

Okay, well actually I did go bald But there are people out there that do ridiculously strange things in their spare time because they have to They're addicted to it Whether it's eating glass, attending funerals, or tanning obsessively, these people have the strangest addictions in the world Here are the 10 strangest addictions people actually have

Number 10 is pulling your hair out Have you ever heard the expression, "I'm so stressed "I'm pulling my hair out?" Well, there's some truth to that Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that involves pulling out hairs from your head, eyebrows, eyelashes, body, or even other places, usually one-by-one, for the rush as it gets yanked from the follicle It's often accompanied by a certain ritual like biting, chewing, or even eating the hair after it's been plucked Without treatment, this hair-pulling addiction can lead to patchiness and bald spots, along with disassociation from concerned family and friends

Sufferers of trichotillomania will go to insane lengths to hide their compulsion, including wearing wigs and hats Yeah, they might think that works, but trust me, it only goes so far Number nine is eating glass People, and especially kids, put all sorts of weird things in their mouth, but the addiction to eating glass should not be one of them Yet Liu Zundun from Northeastern China has been eating glass for 32 years

Known as Iron Tooth to his friends, he appears to be healthy in spite of probable mental health issues, although his teeth have been weakened as he's aged But he still has one hard tooth to chomp away with I bet he can open sodas like a mofo He often takes large bites out of the glass he's drinking from, often for the amusement of his family and friends, and is obviously a big hit at weddings Something tells me he needs new friends

This is literally a man who'd rather eat the glass he's drinking from than drink from it I've heard of boxers who have a glass jaw, but this is ridiculous Number eight are inflatable animals Oh yeah, it's about to get nasty Calling an anthropomorphic pool float your best friend is fine, but calling it your lover is a bit inflated

TLC's My Strange Addiction introduced the world to Mark in 2013, a 20-year-old living in Redlands, California who lives with 15 inflatable pool toys Ah, I bet he just goes swimming all day It's warm in California No, he does more than that His other inflatable friends didn't seem to mind as they worked out some sort of polyamorous agreement, where they eat meals together at the kitchen table

Mark literally could not be away from his inflatable friends for more than a day So his real life friends made him go see a psychologist, who helped him realize the pool toys provided affection he never got from his mother, and started spending more time with human beings Yay, he's cured There's hope for everybody Except he will always be known as the inflatable humper

Number seven are coffee enemas Coffee is the world's go-to morning beverage, especially when you're just really, really tired and don't wanna talk to nobody But a couple in St Petersburg, Florida named Trina and Mike are taking their love of java to a whole new level Yeah, they consume their caffeine in reverse, through enemas that they claim cleans out their colons while creating a sense of euphoria that they have become addicted to

Coffee butt These people have coffee butt The process involves brewing enough coffee to fill a 32-ounce bucket, and then blasting it up where the sun don't shine using a Vaseline-coated hose, before jumping onto the toilet In case you were wondering, according to them it comes flying out like a torrent You needed to know that

They have both attempted to quit their addiction that they were doing at least three times a day, but claim that they could not function without it and their withdrawals created health problems including kidney stones Yeah, I think kidney stones are the least of your worries You're blasting bean juice up your butthole Hashtag coffee butt Number six is attending funerals

"Oh me, no, I'm not with the family "I just like the way the body smells" Funerals are, by nature, a morbid affair where close family and friends dress in black and collectively mourn their lost loved ones in private But Luis Squarisi doesn't know the majority of people whose funerals he's attended, because he is a funeral crasher and has been for 30 years Squarisi lost his father back in 1983 when he was just 12 years old, and since then has attended every funeral in the small town of Batatais, Brazil since

He often checks the newspaper obituaries and listens to the radio for news of recent deaths, and even calls the hospitals and funeral homes, and is so addicted that he quit his day job to attend funerals full-time But possibly the most disturbing thing is the fact that he's enabled by the locals, who don't seem to mind him attending these funerals, and in fact look forward to him attending "I can't believe Grandma died" "Yeah, but did you see Squarisi's here? "Ooh, he famous" Number five is a couch eater

Furniture store owners, beware, because your inventory might just become a buffet for a Florida woman named Adele Edwards She has a severe form of the eating disorder pica, where people crave substances completely lacking in nutrients like coins, chalk, and in her case couch cushion foam "Mm, that's a nice sectional you got there "I'm just gonna have a little snacky-snack" This mother of five began her addiction when she was just 10 years old, in the midst of her parent's divorce, and fell in love with the taste of couch foam, proving that once you pop you just can't stop

In 2011, Edwards was snacking on couch cushions 15 times a day in times of stress, going through a pillow a week She was hospitalized in 2008 for a blockage the size of a grapefruit in her lower intestine that nearly ended her life with a bout of sepsis, inspiring her to seek therapy with hypnosis to control her addiction Yo, that's great she's seeking help, but have you seen Get Out? Hypnosis isn't always good Number four is tanorexia Known as the Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil was the first to create national awareness about people who suffer from addiction to ultraviolet rays, which apparently releases the same endorphins that abusers of heroin experience, but with a better tan

She was arrested in 2012 for child endangerment when she took her five-year-old daughter to the tanning salon Sure, most of us look healthier with a nice bronzed face But if you were born with fair skin, the opposite is true and a tan is your body producing melanin that protects your skin from burning Tan Mom may be a joke, but tanorexia is a real and serious addiction that can lead to deadly consequences in the form of various skin cancers like melanoma "Oh my God, is that a walking basted turkey? "Oh no, that's just Mom

" So be sure to always wear sunscreen and a hat, and stay in the shade as often as possible Or you might just end up being a crispy Thanksgiving dinner Number three is drinking human blood Sorry Dracula, but you aren't the only human bloodsucker in the game no more Julie Caples is a late '40s mother of a teenager that lives in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and is a real life vampire

Caples claims that she drinks two liters of human blood a month, which makes her feel stronger and healthier, even though her drink of choice is scientifically proven to have minimal nutritional benefits Her vampire career began as a teenager when she bit her boyfriend during her first kiss, and then she was hooked But don't worry about your safety after dark in Northeastern Pennsylvania, because Caples's blood supply comes from willing donors who allow her to drink from their backs, usually fellow goths that she meets at the occult and oddities store that she owns "And your total for this voodoo doll is $1593

"It also comes with a complimentary bite" Number two is eating husband's ashes Losing a loved one is never easy, and people do all sorts of strange things when they grieve But a woman only identified as Casie on TLC's My Strange Addiction was regularly eating her husband's ashes "Mm, that's good husband right there

" Her husband Shawn was the love of her life when they married in 2009, but he suddenly died from a severe asthma attack and it left her devastated Well, Shawn must've been a very sweet guy, literally, because Casie got some of his ashes on her finger while transferring them to the urn, and couldn't stop licking them Casie would buy Shawn's favorite clothes, cook his favorite meals that she would just leave untouched, and took Shawn everywhere she went, including shopping, the movies, and even restaurants, where his ashes probably spiced up her meal Yeah, hi, question Um, what happens when she runs out? Does she have to wait for another family member? I'm disturbed

And number one is sex with cars Okay, yeah, this one just takes taking it up the tailpipe to a whole 'nother level A lot of people are really into cars They can be really sexy Revving the motor with music blasting, the top down with the wind in your hair

Well, Edward Smith takes that to a whole 'nother level, who lives in Washington state and is known as what's called a mechaphile, meaning that he has intimate relations with machines "Have you had enough oil today? "I hope so" Smith has always been a car man, although he's also had relations with a helicopter and a plane, and claims that the deed is way better than with any human he's ever done it with He claims to have made love to over 700 cars, which began as a teenager confused about his sexuality that decided to get familiar with a neighbor's Volkswagen You know those Volkswagen Beetles, looking at you with them big headlights

Ooh, they're just asking for it Smith insists that he keeps it classy with no penetration, just caressing and hugging the car with his clothes kept on, and it's always consensual Right, right, consensual, yeah So what does he do? (imitates car honking) "Okay, that means yes "She's ready to go

" So those were the 10 strangest addictions that people actually have But as always, if you guys enjoyed this remember to give it a big thumb's up Also, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications by clicking the little bell beside the Subscribe button, so that you don't miss a thing, because I release new videos all the time Thank you guys for watching, and I'm gonna go see a car Little date night


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