4 Tips To Break Your Phone Addiction || Mayim Bialik

– I am a slave to my phone I am, it, it runs my life

It is my, my clock, my distractor, my playmate, it's my window to the world, it's everything I wanna talk to you about what life was like before smart phones But first, I wanna remind you to like this page, subscribe to my channel, hit this little bell icon so you get notifications about all of my videos Back to being a slave to my phone, I remember a time when it wasn't like this In the time before smart phones, you had to actually go home to find out who had called you while you were out, that is if you were lucky enough to have an answering machine

Before answering machines, you would just walk around all day, not knowing if that boy called you, wondering all day, and sometimes you'd go home and you'd call him and you'd be like, hey, did you call me, I was out, and he'd be like no, and you'd hang up, and you'd cry In the morning, you just woke up Like, maybe you had a clock radio that would ring, or, like, if you were old like me, the kind that went (ringing), and you would just turn it off, and then you'd get up We talk to each other at the kitchen table when I was a kid, or at restaurants, or you hope that your family would ignore you and you were happy that they did Maybe sometimes to distract yourself, you would pretend that you were doing a commercial for the vegetables that your mom was trying to make you eat

– [Narrator] Made with garden vegetables really make the meal – Before smart phones, we considered people watching an actual activity My brother and I would excuse ourselves from the dinner table and then we would go outside and we would just play until it got dark Our life was mainly interacting in real time through, through play and engagement life together, humans My kids don't yet have cell phones, but my older son has a tablet, and he checks it in the morning and at night, and maybe once or twice in the middle of the day to see if he has messages from his friends

Kids today could chat with their friends in a way that we never could They can chat in real time Like we were in Israel and he was Facetiming in real time with friends of his who were in Los Angeles That's crazy, it's like the Jetsons You know that show, no, you're too young, anyway

Because of the internet, because of cell phones, my kids can get everything now They never had to, like, wander around, they're never denied a piece of information, they never have to wonder, oh my gosh, what is the answer to that? They just Google it and then they know it, right now Don't get me wrong I have completely embraced smart phone culture It has transformed the way I live, and the way that I work, and it's, it's amazing, but indeed, I am a slave to my phone

I am, I am mesmerized by its powers I am a, a fly in the web Here is how I am trying to extricate myself from that web Number one First thing in the morning, I have stopped reaching for my phone

Instead, I reach for, don't laugh, or laugh after, a book of positive affirmational quotes It has shifted my day tremendously That instead of the first thing I reach for being my phone, I reach for a thought, some inspiration for the day, and if I'm feeling extra chill, I'll sometimes sit on the floor in the darkness, in total silence, maybe for about three minutes until I can't stand sitting in total silence anymore, and I take an extra beat before I take on my smart phone Number two I have an incredibly annoying, damaging habit that I have adopted of scrolling through the news anytime there's a lull in anything

Anytime of day or night, no matter where I am I have no clue why I started doing this I'll be just walking, like, from my car in a parking lot to a doctor's office and I'm, like, scrolling through news I end up looking all these headlines and they're terrible, it's almost always like death and tragedy, or forgive me, like celebrity gossip that I do not need to be filling my head with This habit is really hard to break

I'm hoping that just by having an awareness of it, it will encourage me to stop doing it, but I might need to take that news app just off my phone, it's ridiculous Number three I have erroneously been using my phone as a constant to-do list My phone and our culture have both combined to convince me that everything is time sensitive and urgent, even when they're not I will get a notification and it just gets my anxiety going

Like, have to do, have to do it now, if I don't do it, I'm gonna forget, and if I forget, someone's gonna die, somehow, because of what I did, even though it's just like getting something at the supermarket Now I'm constantly sending text messages and emails, so I decided to stop that, and breathe, breathing, whoo What I've decided to do is I carry an old-fashioned notebook and a pen with me, and if something comes up that needs to be handled, I write it in the notebook, and later that day when I get home, and I have time, I deal with it, I put it in a list that exists on my computer, or I send an email, or I send a text, but I can't do it constantly all day anymore, it stops now, in this way, I'm just like Miley Cyrus, we run these things, don't run Number four I have started to do a crazy thing

I started to leave my phone in the car sometimes Like, especially when I'm with my boys So little is actually urgent or time sensitive, truly My sons deserve me being present with them as much as possible, and there's only one person who can stop this, and it's me, I can turn this around, and also, I want my children to be inspired by boredom the way I was as a kid I want them to use their imagination, to imagine that they are doing a commercial for the bok choy that I want them to eat that they don't want to eat

They can't do those things if they are constantly slaves to technology and, and to a phone I know that I am not the only one trying to balance the amazingness of the smart phone with the amazingness of how crazy your life can get if you're a slave to it What have you done to turn this around? Tell me in the comments below Like this if you liked it, subscribe to this channel


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