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Hello everyone and welcome My name is Aaron Mandelbaum and I am the founder of the GROW Foundation

Our mission is to provide financial assistance via grants to groups and individuals working on the research, prevention, and treatment of addiction in all its forms This is the first in a series of ongoing videos that report on what's new in the world of addiction Scroll down to the description for links to the part of this video that covers a story you're interested in or just follow along through them all There are also links to the original articles there First up

Johnny Depp Does Johnny Depp have a shopping addiction? This article is less about celebrity gossip thankfully and more about the classification of shopping and spending as a mental disorder They quote an estimated 6% of Americans show compulsive shopping behaviors, but compulsive spending is not listed as a distinct disorder in the DSM V

They say mental health professionals categorize it as "unspecified disruptive, impulse control and conduct disorder" for billing and insurance purposes The full article is worth a read, it goes into the genetic trends and therapy options Speaking about genetics, a new study from Kent State University in Ohio finds that our parents are a larger factor than our environment when it comes to internet addiction There is still very little written about shopping and internet addiction so I was glad to find this research The Journal of Sex Research published a study in March which suggests that people experience relationship anxiety to the extent that they perceive themselves to be addicted to porn

The concept as stated by the BYU researchers is, " the idea that religious individuals either have a higher propensity for developing a pornography compulsion or simply misattribute their pornography use to be an addiction, due to the guilt and shame accompanying sexual expression" This was not wholly a study on sex addiction, instead, it was more about whether viewing pornography damages relationships

We'll have to see what further research this leads to Quantifying the craving brain What does that mean and why are researchers at the Center for Brainhealth at the University of Texas at Dallas investigating it? Here's the analogy they use, "when you are hungry, you have the urge to eat, but it is difficult to measure how compelling your urge to eat is in a quantitative way However, if we could visualize craving activation in the brain, we would be better able to quantify and target it" The reason for this research is important

Craving has been considered the best predictor of relapse Thus, Therefore, Ergo If we understand the when, why, where, and how of craving

we can interrupt the relapse I love this research and am excited to hear what they do next! Some sad news from the research front though A survey of 322 research authors found that more than one-third reported interference at least once in their careers

Most commonly, this was by censoring Of course, private companies have been trying to shut down research for years but there are government implications here This article cites fine print on a grant from the Australian Government which stated they could review and sign off on any reports before they were published I promise this isn't a gossip show Alanis Morissette's manager was found guilty of stealing over $7 Million from her and others to fund his gambling addiction

Mr Jonathan Schwartz says, " At first, I borrowed a little from clients, with the hopes that I would pay them back if I won that night'92s bet That snowballed, and as I kept losing, I kept stealing," If this sounds familiar, or if it is you saying this to yourself, please try to find help soon Mr Schwartz was sentenced to 6 years in prison and is ordered to pay $8

6 million in restitution Some more gambling addiction news, TNT has agreed to buy a dramatic show on the subject from the writer of The Collector, Mark Cullen Deadline reports the plot as, the redemptive journey of a man who has to work as an indentured collections expert for an agency specializing in gambling debts in order to pay off his own debts It will look at addiction, corporate greed, flawed social interactions and the existential drive for human connection through the prism of gambling No date has been set for the release yet

On to the mid-west 2012 saw the first casino to open in Ohio and they have just announced that people treated or diagnosed for a gambling disorder is up 11% since 2014 According to the state though, this is not connected to the new casino Not JUST connected In the time since the casino opened, the number of screenings for gambling addiction has risen from 18,000 to over 44,000

Helplines and new facilities are also in place around the state and state officials believe these numbers would be on the rise without the casino Lastly, here's an amazing statistic: 65 % of the US prison population in 2012 met the medical criteria for drug or alcohol addiction but fewer than 11% received treatment That is from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse 8 states have now been selected by the national governors association to study ways to improve access to treatment Specifically, this is geared towards opioid addicted prisoners

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