Addiction to Dunya | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated | Subtitled

I want to share with you a personal story, speaking of Vegas again, it reminded me But it has to do with this

I met a family I don't want to pick on anybody But I want to share this with you because I think it's of benefit Muslims, SubhanAllah in some parts of this country, they have so much money, they have so much money that it's not lack of money that's the problem Too much money is the problem

SubhanAllah some parts of the country are like that So I'm at this family's house Their house is probably at least half the size of this Masjid I mean, it’s like a serious house I went there

I visited them I did a reminder for their children, things like that And very palatial place And the wife comes up to me at the end and she says: “Brother Nouman…” I gave a talk about Surah Al-‘Asr and how our time is running out She says: “I just wanted to ask you something

” I said: “What is it?” She says: “I don't want to leave here I love this house I don't want to go to any other house I don't want the Akhirah I just want this house

” I told her: “I’m sorry You're going to have to move We're all going” What I'm trying to say is this is not just somebody else's problem When you become immersed in Dunya… We are not immune from developing that kind of attachment

If you find within your Muslim family, when you bring up the subject of death or inheritance or what will happen after you're gone or who will pray or Janazah and people around you get uncomfortable and say “Don't talk about that stuff Why are you talking about these negative things all the time?” This is not the attitude of a Muslim Muslims embrace the concept of death We don't run from it

But in our families, when the subject matter of death becomes taboo, you know what’s happened; we've become ARABIC We’ve become the most zealous over life even compared to other people We have to be accepting of the fact that this is one stop in a journey And we have to be prepared for the next stop Whenever you take a journey, you get ready for the next stop So that's our attitude in the life of a Muslim

So I pray that we don't embody these characteristics It is easy to look at Bani Israil and say: “Hah, cursed nation Look at how Allah talks about them” It's not about that It's the legacy that Allah is talking about that we shouldn't embody

And I pray that Allah (azza wa jall) protects our hearts from becoming hard and from becoming people that are zealous over this life and forget their concerns for the next


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