Alcohol Addiction: My Alcohol Story

This is Alcohol Mastery, my name’s Kevin O’Hara, and today I want to kick off a few articles and videos about alcohol addiction So over the next week or two, I wanna do a few articles about the different aspects of alcohol addiction Exactly what it is What’s involved in it Who’s most susceptible Who’s going to get addicted the quickest What is it exactly about alcohol? What are the benefits that keep drawing us back in? The hooks that keep us hooked? What’s the price that we pay for drinking? I’m not talking about the economic price, but the price in terms of our relationships and our life in general And how we can change our value judgements, and how they can help us? And how we can turn our beliefs around? Our beliefs can either help us or hinder us So, what we can do about that First, I’d like to share a bit of my own alcohol experience, my own alcohol journey It all started when I was 13 I had my first drink when I was 13

I drank at 13 because I wanted to become a man I looked at men, that’s what men did, therefore that’s what I wanted to do Then I became a man, I was 18, I was able to go into pubs

And living in Ireland, that’s basically all we had to do, that’s all we could do Go into the pub after work Chill out Relax

That’s how we socialize That’s how we met people That’s how we wound down That’s how we had fun Then I drank because I wanted to get away from things

Get away from problems in my life Uncomfortable issues If there was any issues in my relationships I’d want to have a few drinks for that Any problems in my work, yep, it’s easy, go and have a few drinks after work So any issues that were coming up, any problems, that was what I was drinking for then

Then in the autumn of 2005, my drinking hit a different level altogether My wife died, and I was left alone to look after my 13 year old son My life was completely devastated, or so I thought at the moment And whenever I could get him down to bed early, or get someone to look after him, that’s all I wanted to do drink, to hide the grief, and unfortunately it just kept on from there

Then I drank because I thought I was neglecting my son, because I thought I wasn’t being a good father to him And then I just drank It was just any excuse to have a drink Right up until last year Alcohol achieved the desired result

When I was a kid, it made me feel like I was a man When I was a man, we socialized and that’s just the way we did things When I got bored and I drank for boredom, or drank to overcome my problems, I forgot about my problems I wasn’t bored any more It temporarily got me over the grief

And it sidestepped the issue of my self-esteem over not being a good father So, all along it’s always helped me, but there’s a huge cost underneath it all Because although you think it’s helping you out; that it’s solving this little issue that you’re having in the moment, behind the scenes, in real life outside your pickled brain, life is going on And that’s where the real problems are all caused I’ll go into that in more detail in another video, but I just wanted to do this series on alcohol addiction because it’s understanding your own addiction to alcohol and coming to your own realizations that is one of the key’s that’s going to help you at the end of the day So I hope you got something out of that Come back to YouTube and I’ll stick a couple of videos up

And I’ll also put some posts on the website I can’t do the videos for everything so I’ll do a couple of posts as well Thanks for visiting My name’s Kevin O’Hara, this is alcoholmastery

com, onwards and upwards!


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