Alcohol Addiction Myths, Illusions And Nonsense

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Today I just want to talk about alcohol addiction the myths the illusions and that bullshit because there's a lot of it about And I had an e-mail from Matt today talking about how he like the system that I use because he doesn't like the AA approach that there is a load of judgment attached to having a drinking problem You know you're weak willed You're you're broken you can't fit into society because you'll forever be in recovery and this sort of stigma that is attached to problem drinking You know if you say I'm addicted to cigarettes nobody really labels you

They just go OK he's a smoker She's a smoker If you go and you say I'm addicted to alcohol there's a stigma that people like oh you poor person How do you cope And that's a very strange thing

And it's another reason why people stay in this loop of alcohol addiction and what I want to talk about in this video is this illusion this myth that people who are addicted to alcohol are in some way broken and not fit for society There's something strange about them or unusual about them It's not true because I've met thousands of drinkers and hardly ever I thought well you just strangely just a freak Most people I meet a highly intelligent highly functional very successful in other areas of their life

I've done coaching sessions with people who earn a million dollars a month but they've still got it you know at the end of the day they still go home and they drink themselves into a coma so seriously you want to point at someone who's earning a million dollars a month and say that they're broken that weak willed You know these people have achieved profound success in their life But there is a problem and it is a drug And what I prefer to do with my approach to alcoholism is I want to point the drug and not the person because it is entirely logical from my point of view that if you drink an addictive substance you will get addicted It's this it's the same as kind of giving someone a hot chili pepper

Having them eat it and then calling them weak willed because their mouth got hot That's the craziness around alcohol Now I'm at a flight from London England to Cyprus two days ago And I noticed a couple of things on that one journey First of all my flight left London at 730 in the morning and when I went through security into the departure lounge there was a bar and it was full of people drinking beer wine some of them spirits 730 in the morning

Now this is when you start to see the nonsense of alcohol because we've all agreed as a society without actually vocalizing it that you are allowed to drink anytime you want in an airport I'm not sure why we've came up with that but we have the bar open And so everyone goes it's fine to drink but if you think about it if you did this at home if you came down from bed in your pajamas and the first thing you did was pull yourself a glass of wine to have with your cornflakes what would that say about you Everyone in the house or your family all your friends would say you're an alcoholic But if you do exactly the same thing in an airport everyone says you are on holiday

It's insane You know the action is the same but the label is the polar opposite And this is what we don't see in society We don't see the logic We see the smoke screen we see the excuse and we believe what we want to believe

Drinkers believe it's acceptable to drink alcohol in an airport because that's good enough That's a good enough reason if they believe that it was acceptable to come downstairs and pajamas and have a glass of wine with you breakfast That would be what they did as well And because you can see there's so transparently when you look at it in the cold light of day this means that everything we do around alcohol is down to our belief structure We believe that alcohol helps us relax

We believe that alcohol helps us go to sleep at night We believe alcohol gives us confidence and helps us be less socially awkward We believe alcohol helps us cope with life We believe all this bullshit and we believe it to justify our actions to drink an addictive substance So I think if you're going to escape problem drinking

You have to stop with the stigma You have to stop saying I'm broken I can't do this I'm gonna be forever in recovery because that almost just gives you permission to carry on doing what you're doing if you believe or you're told by someone that you're a broken individual you are weak willed and you just can't control alcohol Then maybe if you believe that you'll just go OK I can't so I'll just carry on drinking because there's no point trying because I can't

You've just told me I can't It's impossible I have to carry on drinking boohoo What a victim If you believe that you're just going to carry on like that to get this poison out of your life you have to fundamentally change what you believe and my system works by removing the foundations of your belief structure so we can go through everything that you believe about alcohol to be true

For example alcohol helps me distress helps me relax and will just take away that foundation We'll strip it down and I will show you that that's an illusion it's not true Alcohol does not help you relax it creates stress that it then Removes So you can see that you're in a loop here

If you didn't have the alcohol in your system you wouldn't have the stress it created to remove So Ikaria alcohol creates a problem and then appears to offer a solution Now there's another problem another solution another problem another solution And you get trapped in this loop that goes round and round round to get out of the loop You just have to stop

At some point you just have to step out of the loop and break it Because if you're looking for the exit within the loop you'll never find it You'll just go round and round round round So if you're if you're trying to moderate your drinking you're still in the loop You'll never find a way to do that because you're not in control of the decision making

Alcohol is in control of how much you drink and when you drink and how often you think about drinking If you are in control you could do it but you're not So I'm going to leave that video for today if you want any more information or if you have any questions please get in touch with me You don't need to be a member Happy to help anyone who is struggling with drinking just getting in touch by the website W WW not stop drinking expert dot com

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