Allow the Love of God to Break Addiction

(Singing) I know my God has made the way for me I know my God has made the way for me

ANNOUNCER: Today on the Believer's Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland shares how the love of material wealth can drive a wedge between you and God Allow the love of God to help you break free from addiction Now here is Kenneth Copeland KENNETH: Let's go back over here at the 2nd chapter, and we'll come back there in just a moment Verse 15, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him For all that is in the world, lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world The world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever" "Well, yes, Brother Copeland Now, you see, we don't want any of this old world's goods

You know, we're not to love the world or the things in the world" It didn't say you can't have them It said, "Don't love them" (Audience Agrees) Do you love things? AUDIENCE: No KENNETH: Well, then why do you say you do? AUDIENCE: That's right

KENNETH: Yeah, but you've been here before All them people out there, "You love my new suit? You love my new car?" No, I don't I enjoy it– AUDIENCE: Right KENNETH: Because the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy and said, "He gives us all things richly–" AUDIENCE: To enjoy KENNETH: "–to enjoy

" AUDIENCE: That's right KENNETH: Why? Because He loves you AUDIENCE: Come on, now KENNETH: He loves you, man He wants you enjoying life– AUDIENCE: Praise God

KENNETH: –not sweating through this thing in a '49 Volkswagen I mean, come on, you know? Ain't that humble? No That's stupid, brother, unless you just like a restored '49 Volkswagen Now, that's something else But if you're driving one because you have to, well bless your heart

We need to get you out of that (Laughter) Amen Now, the point here is–look at this again because this is so important, before you–before we get over here back in the 5th chapter in the "overcoming" chapter "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him

All that is in the world, the lust–" Well, let me–let me read through that "Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life" Most people do not recognize lust unless it has to do with sex (Audience Agrees) Lust is pressure It comes especially if something has been forbidden you, something that you crave

You're addicted to something You know it's bad You're addicted to sugar You're lusting after sugar And sugar ain't no good

I don't care whether you–what your grandma and your mom and all of them said It is no good Now that I told you, you can't have it– (Laughter) "He was getting along good till he got my Twinkies" (Laughter) "Well I've been drinking diet Cokes" That's worse

(Audience Agrees) Amen But I noticed years ago I had to be delivered from sugar I used to weight 60, 70 pounds more than I do now And well, yeah, 80 pounds more than I do now So this–and I went to the Lord about it

I said, "Sir, how are you going to deliver me from food? I've got to eat" He said, "Didn't I deliver you from smoking?" I said, "Yeah" He said, "I didn't deliver you from breathing" (Laughter) "I delivered you from breathing tobacco smoke" AUDIENCE: That's right

KENNETH: And I saw it See? And He taught me how You don't just start in begging Now, I tried that Whoa, you kidding? I threw more cigarettes away than I smoked, and then I'd go back and hunt them

I was so broke I couldn't buy anymore Go out there in the weeds, man, hunting that cigarette And it was tearing my heart up what was happening, my flesh lusting, pressure on my spirit Galatians 5 But the fruit of the Spirit was so weak in me

I hadn't been saved long, and I knew I ought not be doing that Now, the day I got born again–I mean, up until that time, I was bound with profanity, bound by it I won't go into all that story, but I did it on purpose, man But the night I got born again, November of 1962, it felt like for hours that I had something like a square box or something in my mouth It was gone, and it ain't never been back

AUDIENCE: Oh, yeah Amen (Applause) KENNETH: That was a spirit You see, that was an active spirit My mama tried to do it with soap

It didn't work (Laughter) She really did She stuck a bar of Dial soap You all don't remember Dial soap during World War II? (Audience Murmurs) You think it's bad now, it was nasty back there in the '40s Oh, man, are you kidding me? It's awful

Stuff that in my mouth Can I be free with you? AUDIENCE: Come on now KENNETH: Phff! Damn! Phff! (Laughter) Amen Just cussed because I couldn't get the soap out of my mouth My mama didn't hear me

Phew, this mama would take the hide off of you, brother Mm, good for her But, anyway, it was gone That was the spirit Now, the devil is behind the tobacco

AUDIENCE: Yes, sir KENNETH: Now, that's just a flesh addiction He's behind alcohol, particularly people addicted to it And–but now, the Lord showed me this And I'll show you how–what He told me to do

I sat down This is the process that the Lord taught me over time You can–you can break any addiction, but you can't do it without the Word of God because the Word is what'll break it The Word'll separate you from unnecessary stuff The Word'll separate you from sin

It'll separate you from the waste that so easily beset us Amen Take whatever it is This could represent tobacco, this could represent drugs, this could represent pornography on your computer, anything you don't have any business with Amen

Anything that your flesh is craving or desiring, that's a lust AUDIENCE: Right KENNETH: I'm going to tell you this One of the worst lusts there is, is worry (Audience Agrees) It's a sin and there are people who think you can't live without worrying

You know why? You're addicted to it and there's nothing in the world but the Word of God that'll separate you from it (Audience Agrees) But the Word of God doesn't suggest that you cast all your cares, worries, concerns and anxieties over Him–on Him once and for all, it commands you to do it AUDIENCE: That's right KENNETH: So–and you go to the Scriptures That–the promises–see, don't ever try to use your faith on anything without basing it on the Word of God, either the promises of God or the facts of God so that, "Well, I don't know whether it's God's will for me to be healed or not

" Well, you never will know it unless you base it on the Word If you base it on somebody's idea, you'll–you can't have faith when you don't know the will of God And faith begins where the will is known And God's not going to promise you something that's against His will AUDIENCE: That's right

KENNETH: Duh But that comes from being religiously brainwashed instead of going to the Word for yourself– AUDIENCE: Amen KENNETH: –and becoming a faith student of the Word (Audience Agrees) Amen So you go to the promise

"If the Son of God shall set you free, you're free indeed," and so forth and so forth And you take communion and you speak to that I had–I was so addicted to coffee I had been drinking coffee since I was a little boy And I drank way, way too much of it

I got started drinking it like that flying airplanes back there when–doing a lot of flying and so forth Well, when I got–I got born again, started working for Jesus, you know, I drank more coffee than I did back there when I was working for the devil And I had this ugly green bag That thing was a dog But it was just the right size, and we had it a long time

And it was about this big, and it had my little 4-cup Farberware coffeepot in it and a great big can of Folgers about that big And Gloria and I both drank one cup right after another She didn't drink near as much of it as I did And of course, I had my Thermos I would carry it in the airplane, you know, and all that

Well, I set–the Lord said, "Go get that green bag" So I got the green bag and I took communion Now, I said, "Lord, you want me to–you want me to go tell everybody they ought to not drink coffee?" He said, "I'm talking to you, not everybody" (Laughter) AUDIENCE: Hallelujah KENNETH: But He said, "Now, you have abused it and the tars and so forth in that coffee bean have begun to build up in your joints

" And that's the reason I was praying over what was wrong with me because I was praying It would help a little and then come right back And I mean, this has been–oh, my goodness, this has been 45 years ago I still can't stand the smell of it Ha

I took communion, and I said, "In the name of Jesus, I have no need of you again–in my life again hereafter forever" And it was gone But, I spent three days praying in the Spirit before I did that, finding out what was wrong here What? Getting–attaining the wisdom of God I had been praying over still quitting coffee

I knew that I was drinking too much of it Man, I'd quit and get sick, get that headache, just, ho, horrible nasty thing And don't blame it on the devil Lust, I was addicted to it Never–not one headache

Gone 40 years come and gone, absolutely gone Isn't that wonderful? (Agreement & Applause) You can do whatever you want to do about it You can just go on and–I'm not going to go there Ha-ha-ha

But, see, this could be anything This–like I said, this could be alcohol, this could be tobacco But you're going to have to spend some time, number one, in the Word of faith You're going to have to spend some time studying in the love of God You need to spend some time praying in tongues, praying in the Holy Ghost

Everybody ought to pray in tongues no less than half an hour a day (Audience Agrees) "Well, Brother Copeland, you mean everybody?" Yeah "Well, I've never prayed in tongues" Well, that's your fault, not God's (Laughter) Jesus said, "Your heavenly Father give the Holy Ghost to them that ask him

" AUDIENCE: (Audience Agrees) Amen KENNETH: Duh "You mean that for everybody?" Well, no everybody but you (Laughter) You know why, because you don't believe it yet No, I'm just messing with you

But this–hey, receive the Holy Ghost like this Just take communion Read those Holy Spirit Scriptures and say, just the opposite, "He is mine" AUDIENCE: That's right KENNETH: "He's my gift

" AUDIENCE: Yes Hallelujah KENNETH: "He's already living on the inside of me and now He just needs to come on me for service" Hallelujah Just open your mouth and talk, but don't speak English

Some of our kids here in the church last year were down in South America witnessing And the interpreter got away from them And they're trying to–they're trying to have a conversation with this woman She speaks no English They speak no Spanish

And they're working back and forth And I mean, it's just supernatural They wound up getting her born again some way or another, and they–you know, and she's praising, "Gloria a Dios, gloria a Dios" And all of a sudden, she begins to praise God in perfect English AUDIENCE: Wow

KENNETH: That's a sign (Audience Agrees) That's a sign for those kids That doesn't happen often at all That was a sign Hallelujah

AUDIENCE: Hallelujah KENNETH: These are the wonderful times, folks (Audience Agrees) But, you see what we're doing? We're taking God at His Word, taking His communion, spending time in His love AUDIENCE: Yes KENNETH: "Well, Brother Copeland, I just–you know, I'm just afraid I'll get the wrong spirit

" You don't believe the love AUDIENCE: No That's right KENNETH: And I'm not chastising you for it I'm just telling you what the problem is

And you've never spent enough time You don't have any faith in His love I know you believe it, but you don't have any faith in it You get faith in His love AUDIENCE: Mm-hmm

KENNETH: What does a little child do that has faith in his mama? It'll say anything It'll try anything once (Gibberish) I used to say, "What did he say?" And Gloria would interpret (Laughs) Or Kellie would say something (Laughs) And I would say, "Gloria, what'd she say?" And she'd tell me exact

Why? Because Gloria's used to listening to her But Kellie didn't care whether she made any sense or not And when you get that way with your heavenly Father, (Gibberish), what do I care? Don't be doing that, you're not born again Don't be doing that if you're not born again because the devil will accommodate you with something you don't want (Audience Agrees) But you know you're born again, you're home free, baby, because would a father give a son a snake, a scorpion, or a rock? AUDIENCE: No

KENNETH: No, because Jesus had just previously referred to those as devils Amen? AUDIENCE: Amen That's right KENNETH: But of course, and particularly back there in the–you know, 50 years ago when we first got into these things and got baptized in the Spirit of God several years–four years before that, we didn't know anything Hardly anybody did

They just–all the men were over here ganged up around me And the women were over here around Gloria, and they were praying over me I didn't know what I was supposed to do They gave an invitation, "Come get the Holy Ghost" I turned around to my mama

I said, "Is that something we ought to have?" She said, "You need to have that" And that was–because I like to have went to hell You know, man, I would have given–I would have answered the invitation if they said, "Anybody comes up here want to swallow a basketball? I would have gone, man" If I–you know, if that's something you're supposed to do, I would have gone right then I grabbed Gloria by the hand and up we jumped

I had no clue Now, I had heard my great-aunt speak in tongues one time when I was about 10 years old That was my–that was my whole experience at this And so we're standing there They gave up on me

You know, "Let go, brother Glory to God" "Hang in there Hang on" Just go on, everybody

Nobody looked at one verse of scripture You can go right straight to the gospel of Luke and be baptized in the Holy Ghost in 30 seconds (Audience Agrees) Because faith comes– AUDIENCE: Yes! KENNETH: –because Jesus said it


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