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I didn't tell my family that I was on methadone I didn't tell my family that Danny was born addicted to methadone

I didn't feel like hearing it I didn't feel like dealing with it I'd never had a baby born addicted to anything >> This is probably the most at risk group of children on the planet, if you think about it And it's important that they have a place that they can come for care that's accepting of them

[MUSIC] >> I came to be involved with the pediatric clinic through the CAP program It's Center for Addiction and Pregnancy, that's for any kind of addiction, whether it be marijuana, alcohol, heroin, cocaine I felt like I didn't really have many places to turn, and I just needed help >> The clinic officially begins at the time of birth for the infants and children that we see, and we provide regular pediatric healthcare We see children at least monthly

The clinic harbors an atmosphere of safety and acceptance for our mothers Because they're in a non-judgmental place to come and be honest about their substance abuse, their psychiatric concerns and how those things effect the development of their children >> All right do you remember what you have to do? >> It squeeze your arm and give you a hug >> Gives you a hug That's right

Are you ready? >> Yeah >> Okay >> A lot of our moms have had a history of not always being viewed very well by people in the medical profession They feel a lot of prejudice that because they have a history of drug abuse, or addiction, that people do not think they're gonna be that great of moms >> Danny's done very well

She's got her share of stuff going on, but so does every kid And she's, they're both, they're a remarkable pair They're great, and they're doing great And I think this clinic helped them get there >> Dr

Jenson's gonna look at you for a few minutes, okay, and just make sure everything's good to go >> All right >> What do we listen to first? >> My heart? >> Yes, tell me where it is Yes, [LAUGH] good, good, good >> The clinic definitely supports me as well as Danny

Without each other, neither one of us thrive, me being an addict and her being a child Just as much as I helped to save her life, she saved mine, because God only knows where I was heading, I should have been gone a long time ago >> The women in this clinic are powerful They struggle so hard to be a good mother, and that's all that any of the women in this clinic want is just to be a good mother, that's why they're there If they didn't care, they wouldn't come

>> I've been clean, it'll be six years this May, so a little over five and a half years I felt like this was my last chance to do right by somebody The CAP program, and most definitely CAP Pediatrics has played a huge role in that, of forgiveness, and that you're just human And it's okay to pick up things after they're all fallen down like dominoes and just pick them up and you can start over It's not easy and it still isn't easy but you do what you have to do to get through

>> It's a special place, it's an important clinic It's necessary and I hope it's around as long as we struggle with addiction in Baltimore I hope that clinic is around, cuz we need it [MUSIC]


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