BMB #28 – Social Media Addiction: Somebody Oughta Do Something

Hi there We all know the world is changing

Smart phones answer our children's questions Cars drive us by themselves Machines peer inside of us or tell us what that spot on our arm is Two year olds, TWO YEAR OLDS know how to use an I-Pad better than I do And it's all good

On the other hand, we hear a lot about really bad stuff But a lot of that has always been there Only the names have changed There has always been more sinners than saints Mistakes have always been with us

Even big ones So, what is really new? The 24 x 7 filming of anything, that's what's new You know, we film all the time Even going to the bathroom And some of this goes to the media

They are desperate for "eye balls" So, they love anything that's new You know, they even manufacture some of it Reality television, you know, it's scripted And, then again, there's "fake" news Ha, Ha, Ha

Except, of course, when Elvis is seen with Big Foot That's real Some stories seem fake, but they're real And that's when people say "Someone ought to do something" Now maybe you said that yourself about some social media story

Like the ones about the teens who filmed the disabled man drown and they laughed What about the teenage girlfriend who sent hundreds of text messages to her boyfriend ordering him to kill himself Murder has been live-streamed on Facebook You would think all of these idiots want everyone to know they're STUPID! Well, I don't know if they are, what, auditioning for "Jackass

" Social media brings so many positives But it can also hurt So pay attention particularly when it's becoming addictive You know, pursuing "Likes," living in a virtual world, trying to become famous by doing something that's stupidly dangerous

Too many boys and girls are becoming unhappy, depressed, or even worse from it Where there were school fights, now you have vicious cyber bullying It didn't even exist a few years ago So, what are YOU going to do about it? Huh? Here are a few ideas You have to benefit from social media

But make sure you protect yourself from the dark side So, set a schedule for it and stick to it Now, pay attention to what's going around you Listen closely to the people in your life Say something if they are going to do something STUPID or dangerous

Now, offer some alternatives Give them something inspirational or interesting Ask for help with a project Do something fun (laugh) Go to the beach

Go dancing Whatever You know what you like to do So do it But make sure you do it with a real person

Thank you for watching We really appreciate it I am Mike for the Be More Better team Please Comment, Like, Subscribe and all the rest But always, ALWAYS Be More Better: Body, Mind, and Spirit and please, share with us your ideas how to fix this problem

Appreciate it And, by the way, sleeping with your cell phone —-REALLY ???!!! Ha I've enjoyed this Until the next time Bye now


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