Bravo!Wellness: Interview Series on Leslie’s Journey with Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating

– Two, one – Hello everyone

This is Jodi Graber from Bravo! Wellness and I am really honored and delighted to invite you on a four part journey with one of my new clients And actually I should give her the credit, she invited us to go on this journey after she made the choice to get healthy And more importantly she made the choice to honor herself and I give her so much credit for that and I'm honored to be guiding her on her journey to overcome emotional eating, challenges with sugar addiction and really find a lasting solution, not go on a diet to just go off a diet but find a lasting solution for her health and her wellbeing So we're gonna go through the months that we're working together, the four months, so that you can get a glimpse into how I work with my clients and the results that real people see when they make the choice to honor themselves For those of you who don't know me I'll just let you know quickly that I am certified integrative nutrition health coach who works mainly with individuals who are struggling with emotional eating, sugar addiction and in some cases eating disorders

And that is in fact how I got into this business, I suffered with all of those, I struggled with emotional eating, sugar addiction, for me it led to an eating disorder and I know how alone I felt when I was going through all this and I do want anyone to ever feel alone I want people to know that there is help, there is support and that's why I'm honored to do what I do and to welcome you today on this journey For more information about my work you can visit my website, bravowellnesscom, bravowellnesscom

And you'll see there I do one on one work like we're gonna talk about, I also have other opportunities to work with me in group programs and other ways so that you can get the help that you need It's not necessarily about what I offer it's about what you need and that's what I want to give you So again bravowellnesscom, you can get more information but right now I want to get to why we are here today and it is really my honor to introduce a very special guest, a one on one private coaching client and I'm gonna say a friend, we are developing a friendship and that makes me really happy So this Leslie Horn Trausit and we've been working together for almost a month and we've never met in person

We found each other online in a Facebook marketing group and you know, when you have a connection with someone and you talk to them and you know you can trust them that's what happened here So Leslie welcome and I would love for you to tell us about yourself – Well thank you Jodi that was a great intro Yeah I am Leslie Horn Trausit, I am a content marketing social media and SEO strategist and I've been doing marketing for a long, long time but I'm also just a regular person who has been struggling with weight gain over the last 20 some odd years I would say And so for it's been, there's a whole story there that I'll share with everybody but I live in upstate New York and like Jodi said we met online and I can't wait to meet you in person because I do feel like we've already developed this incredible friendship that's just growing so I look forward to meeting you

– Yeah no I definitely look forward to that and I just know what a busy person you are, a busy woman, both working, a mom and so I just want to stress to anyone who may be listening that this is again about a lifestyle, it's not about getting on a diet, getting off a diet and I think that's so important Especially for someone like you, I know you've been traveling a lot these past couple of weeks, back and forth to home and out of town and you can't start thinking about, well what's my diet, what am I allowed on my diet, what am I not allowed on my diet, it's about living And so I just want to say that because I really do honor the efforts you have put in over these past few weeks – [Leslie] Thank you – I do want to say that and I love, I'd appreciate if you tell people why did you seek a health coach? There are so many ways to eat differently, change the way you eat, go on a diet or not go on a diet

Why a health coach? – Yeah well I have four children and with each child I seemed to just gain weight right Like I think I gained 70 pounds with my first son, who was nine pounds, four ounces and then I lost some of the weight and then two years later I had another child and then, you know two and half, three years later I had another child and then two, three years later I had another child So with each pregnancy and child and I've had two miscarriages as well, so with each child I just kept gaining weight and gaining weight and then it gets harder and harder to lose it because then you get busy with the kids and you're, you know I was just running around I was tired, I was working and so I just really never took it off and then I kept saying, "Okay I'm going to "lose it for my 40th birthday" And I didn't

And then I did, there was a period where I probably lost maybe 40 pounds and I felt so great and it was wonderful and that was just through working out and healthier eating And then my 50th birthday came around and I thought, "Okay I'm gonna lose it, I'm gonna lose it" Like two years ahead of that I thought I was gonna lose it and I didn't And so now I'm 51 and I just thought like, okay what's going on now? Now I've had a lot going on in my life with four kids, a business, I took care of my parents, there's a lot of people who are in the sandwich generation where they're taking care of their kids and their parents and they've since passed but you know, now it's time for me and I should have done this a really long time ago but now it's time for me But I was the person who hated doing, my parents would even say to me, "Why don't you go on Jenny Craig? "We'll pay for it

"Why don't you go on Weight Watchers?" I'm not a calorie counter, I'm not one of those people who need to measure, want to measure my food I just have zero interest in doing that and so I walk regularly with my friend, we go on these great power walks but then I was still coming home and eating the wrong things And also I've been dealing with some, you know, the effects of going through a divorce for a long time So that brought on a lot of emotional eating through the years and I just, you know, I'm not looking for a quick fix, I'm just ready to finally work with, so I sought you out because I saw what you do for other people and I thought, "You know what, it's time now for me to "start taking care of myself" Not only in the weight department but in other areas of my life and so that's why I wanted to work with you because I knew that the emotional eating and the sugar addiction was really the root of my problem

I could go to the gym all I wanted but if I was still gonna come home and eat the wrong stuff I'm not getting any further ahead So I want this to be a lifetime change and for my kids who are really calling out for it, they're like "Mom let's eat healthier" And so yeah, that's why I wanted to work with you Jodie and I'm thrilled, I'm thrilled so far And we'll get into that soon but I'm – Yeah no and I appreciate that and I think, you know there is a difference in terms of, I know there are people that go out there and do the calorie counting thing or the points and it works for some people and more power to them if it does

I know what I've done I also had done Weight Watchers and it wasn't that I had to lose a lot of weight but I just never felt comfortable and it didn't work So I hear what you're saying and I really, again I know this word, I'm over using this word I think and I don't mean to diminish it but the honor that I feel because it's so much about you finding the strength to say "I'm ready for a change" And then that we connected So I appreciate that

And I know, I mentioned that you had been traveling a little bit, what's coming up for you? What are you looking forward to in the next few months that's also motivating you? – Yeah I have a lot going on as do a lot of people and this, my son just graduated college last weekend so that that was a big deal My first child graduating and so we were down in Baltimore for that celebration, it was multi days and it was a lot of fun but a lot of stress and very tiring And you know, we'll talk about it in a little bit but the challenge of eating, making good decisions and things like that I just had a wedding shower to attend and then I have the wedding coming up this summer So and then just bathing suit time right

And I've always cringed being in a bathing suit so you know I just remember back to when I was thinner and when I did lose the weight, I just felt so much better about myself because I just, but it's not about the looks all for me It's about how I'm feeling inside and so yeah, I'm busy, I'm busy like a lot of people so I do have a lot of fun stuff coming up – Yeah, no and that's great I mean I know how exciting the graduation weekend was and it is a big deal and it is a big deal that you're a mom of four and it's wonderful that you have good things to look forward to I mean I think that's what we all, in a sense that's what we all live for right, the fun and the good things And I think what you're doing is taking control of all these aspects of your life, the day to day so that each day can be a good day, even if it's not a perfect day

It may not be perfect, there's stress, you're a mom, you work, there's life, there's stress but how you are taking, to the extent that you can, taking control of your environment and how you are showing up in the world to be your best self in all of those aspects – Yeah we definitely get lost in our worlds right We put ourselves aside, whether you're a mom or not, a lot of times we do that and we put our jobs first, we put our kids first, we put everybody else first and that's when we start to lose ourselves And so I'm finally getting that, like it took me 51 years to realize that or maybe after I had, so my oldest is 22, so maybe it's taken 22 years to figure this out But I'm finally getting back to just really loving myself and wanting to make the right steps to move forward to feel better

– Yeah I love that And you've mentioned a couple and you've eluded to them but I'd love for you to, since we're going to be going on this journey together, what are your two or three top goals? So that when we are done with our work together, what do you want to see happen so that that when you look back on it you say, "That was worth it "and I made the changes I want to make"? – Yeah so my goals are, I have several Obviously the one thing everybody thinks of is losing weight but for me it's really about feeling better I really realized that I just wasn't feeling well

I have but it's already decreased a lot, a lot of aches and pains and a lot of bloating, a lot of back pain and cramping and just acid reflux and things like that, and I haven't had a lot of energy So I was looking to increase my energy as well I want to feel better about putting on my clothes and wearing sleeveless shirts and things like that But all those are kind of the byproduct of taking care of yourself and fixing the problems that exist, like the bloating and the aches and the pains Those come first because when you're not feeling well most days and I've been taking Ibuprofen all the time, just way too much and I couldn't stand that, I'm not a pill taker, I've never liked taking pills

But because of all my aches and pains I just found myself always taking them and I didn't like that, it's not good for your kidney, your liver, any of that so I really wanted to, my goal has been, we talked about in the beginning You talked about, you asked me what my goals were, so that's really some of my top ones – Yeah I thank you for sharing those and I think, I really want to stress the look and feel your best and I do talk a lot about that when I am giving talks and things like that because, I think it's easy in a way, easy to say, "Oh I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight" And I think that's the real outward conversation that we have, I want to lose weight, I want to lose weight, when really what's going on in our minds, the negative self talk, the things that we are saying to ourselves and we hear this a lot, speak to yourself as you would speak to your friend I mean I've said things to myself that I would never in a million years say to a friend, say to a family member, say to my worst enemy

– [Leslie] Yeah me too – And so it's about the feeling that you get when you get out of bed in the morning To really be grateful for another day right Your back hurts and your knee hurts and your head hurts, it's kind of hard to feel gratitude and then to get out of bed and get ready to go to work and take care of the kids and be your best So the feeling because, you know, we could gain five pounds and still feel like ourselves and still feel like we're out there giving our best

Because, then we'll know, okay this is what I need to do to lost the five pounds but it's when we get into the bashing, the you're bad, you're stupid, you're dumb I mean these are things I've said to myself What's wrong with you? Why can't you be like her? That's when another five pounds comes on, because of what we're doing to ourselves and because we need that, it's cliche, that pint of ice cream, the bag of potato chips I've been there So thank you for saying that

I'd like to hear how you've managed the first few weeks, how has it been for you? – Well it's been amazingly easy And I really mean that So let me start with what my fears were because I had a lot of fears going into this right Like I wasn't going to like the food, I have been addicted to caffeine, I'm a coffee drinker everyday, all day, I was afraid I was going to be hungry I was afraid that you were going to tell me to eat gross food that I've never had before and then it was going to taste disgusting and that I would be torturing myself

Like I really had this terrible impression of what, but yet I was willing to do it, but yet I was dreading it at the same time I love my wine, I go out with girlfriends for drinks all the time, so I was really fearful of what, like it was like a death sentence or something right It's so strange but I really felt like I was gonna be completely deprived So we've only been working together a few weeks, like three and half weeks or so and I cannot believe that I'm not feeling any of those things I was able to, because you weaned me off slowly before our actual start date, I was cutting down on the caffeine, I was cutting down on the wine, I was getting ready to prepare

And so it made it easier I have had off and on headaches in the very beginning but I always have headaches, even when I was having the caffeine but those have already diminished I have already noticed that, so what surprised me is that I keep wanting to jump on the scale, right Like I kep wanting to, everyday jump on the scale and in the past that's been sort of a, I guess it can be a good thing for some people if they're actually losing but I was too focused on it So it surprised me when you're like, you know step back from the scale, I only want you on it a couple times a week

And I don't want you to be so focused on the weight Like even though I said my goals are a variety of things I still go back to secretly, how many pounds have I lost? But then you keep retraining my brain to think, well how did you feel when you zippered up your pants? Were you standing up straighter? All of that and I would say, absolutely yes There has not been one time where I have been starving I've actually been full most of the time I have increased my water, which I've never been good about drinking, I drink my warm lemon water in the morning

I have my little routine So it surprised me that it's been going as well as it has It really does, I though this was gonna be torturous Sorry but I did – And again I appreciate your honesty because you know it's what I hear a lot

For a lot of people, don't tell me I can never have coffee again, don't tell me I can't have wine and I don't want to tell you that 'Cause I like coffee and I drink wine sometimes and again as I said at the beginning, it is about living your life So while you may be off coffee for a period of time now to kind of reset your body and your mind body connection, should you decide later on that you want coffee in your life we can, it will get slowly introduced But you did, you had very real fears and concerns and actually I think when we first spoke you had also said or suggested or asked about delaying the start until after some of these trips To almost starting right about now and then called me and said "No, lets start now

" And I thought that was so real and strong of you to say that because of course we can delay it another week or two and I was certainly respectful of that because you did have preplanned trips and family things and you were doing them But you stepped up and I'm happy that we were able to work through them in terms of setting you up, on one hand setting you up for your trips and on the other hand giving you permission and not that you need permission but just from the emotional sense of giving you permission to have that glass of wine while you're out or the drink at the bar or whatever it was going to be while you were out celebrating your son's graduation Because I don't want my work to be about deprivation, I don't want you to sit there with your friends and your son and his friends and your other children and feel like well I can't have this because That would be an awful feeling and no one wants to feel that way when they're celebrating their son's graduation So I think that, I love that you shared the fears and of course, it always, there's some nerves or I mean not true anxiety for me but when I'm about to work with a new client, certainly I want them to see the results that they want to achieve and I will do everything in my power to make that happen but you know every once and a while there's someone that say's, "I didn't like that recipe

" or "I won't eat kale" or whatever it is and you what, that's okay you know If you don't like kale I don't want you eating kale – And that's what I said I said I don't like kale

– Are there different ways to make kale that maybe you'll like it, maybe but that's not what we need to worry about now I mean I do have a client who told me they're not going to eat lentils, they're not going to eat a lot of beans and now they make homemade lentil soup and they put kale in it You just don't know but it's the process and it is about exploring the foods and as you said you were open to trying and that's the most important thing because the thing we have to keep in mind is by eating all the sugar and the caffeine and the alcohol and the processed foods we change our taste buds So we need those salty potato chips and the creaminess of ice cream, so yeah if you're gonna compare the creaminess of ice cream to kale chips, it's gonna taste a little different Over time when you find other things to satisfy your sweet tooth and you have some kale with lunch or dinner or something it's not so bad I don't think

I'm glad to hear that What would you say about our conversations? We're on the phone with each other, 'cause I know how powerful it is for me and I what I learn from my clients For you what has it meant to have the phone conversations and how has that strengthened you? – Well that's the key right there is the conversations because when you can't talk the things through that's triggering you, at least for me, when something was triggering me or I didn't know how to Well it wasn't necessarily how to do something, it was like, so when I went on vacation, when I knew that I was going to be making a long long drive I was stressed, I was sort of worrying about it and once I talked to you, you're able to take me through the steps or what I needed to make to prepare ahead of time You have give me solutions and suggestions for, like getting through my sons graduation

And you're also telling me that if I do make a mistake it's okay, or I mean I was really good up until my son's graduation, I didn't as I call cheat once I didn't eat anything bad, I didn't need to Because I was feeling better, I wasn't feeling bloated, my aches and pains are already going away and I think a lot of that is probably because of all the chemicals that are now not in my diet When you think about eating organically, which doesn't have to be expensive, but when you think about eating healthy, non-processed foods and all the chemicals that are in those and then you remove those from your diet it really, for me, has a huge effect on me But when I have a question or I'm triggered or I'm worried about something, when it comes to the emotions I know I can talk to you about it and that is what's getting me through

And that is what will sustain me through these four months of working together, I just know it already That's the huge difference and so when you're going to these other plans or you're trying to do it on your own and you can always talk to a friend but it's a little bit different having you as a my health coach I know that that's what you're here for and you've helped me through already several times and I have to say, well I know for me that if I didn't have you to talk to that I would probably have just gone back to my old self, to my old eating patterns – Yeah because, they don't call it comfort food for nothing It's what we're used to

It does comfort us and I appreciate what you just said and if I may just mention that you said a couple of things in that response One was mistakes and so what I want to say is you know there aren't any mistakes It's experience right, it's a learning experience It's not a mistake if we have a glass of wine instead of a glass of water We made a choice to do it, we're out in a social situation, it's making us feel comfortable and then the issue is, or the question is, how did I feel afterwards? And you may have felt fine, which is awesome

You may have felt relaxed, happy, comfortable, gratitude that you were sitting with your son who just graduated college, all of those things So then yay, then I'm glad you had it It's when, if you were telling me, "I went and I had a "glass of wine and I woke up in the middle of the night "and I had to take Tylenol and I woke up in the morning "and I need more Tylenol" Then we'd have to say wait a minute, let's look at what this alcohol is really doing to your body And the other thing you said was you've been good so far

And you've been amazing so far, you've been amazing And I know I use the word too so I need to hear myself good and bad because I don't want you to think, oh well you were good until that point and then you were bad, you have to get good again You're living your life and you're learning and you're understanding and I think the best part about it is you're seeing the effects of the healthy eating and the healthy living and not having the aches and pains and then you're seeing when you go away or when you're with different people or when you have a celebration you can enjoy yourself A piece of cake or whatever is not gonna be the thing that causes all this inflammation in our bodies in one day It's the cumulative effect

So if you are living and leading a healthy lifestyle like you are doing and making the changes to do then it's okay, then you can enjoy life because you feel well and that's a beautiful beautiful thing – Yeah and you know I definitely think back to our phone calls and it just came into my head that, you uncovered a real trigger for me when we were talking last week and that was huge When I realized that, I was talking about portion control and I really probably was eating a little bit too much because I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough and that it wouldn't fill me all the way up and that I've been used to eating until I'm full or stuffed And that I don't have to do that anymore and there was a correlation that you helped me make to my emotions and my life and how the feeling of are you enough, and is food enough and so that was a huge breakthrough for me and I've already put it into play with not having to eat so much, even though it's all healthy what I've been eating, you can still go overboard with even eating the healthy stuff So the quinoa, which I love now, I'm just like, I probably don't need as much 'cause I don't need that much

And then you know going to the graduation weekend, it was crazy like I said, and so I came back and Voxered you and I said I just feel like I fell off the wagon, I just made these choices It wasn't that, I think what I did was I probably didn't, even though we talked about this, I probably didn't prep well enough in some cases 'cause when we had the party at his apartment afterwards I had ordered for the whole party, like these big sub sandwiches and focaccia vegetarian sandwiches and stuff like that So there was a lot of bread that I had not been eating for the last couple of weeks but there was no, there was salads and a tossed salads I did eat the salads, I was drinking a lot of water I think I had one beer and I had one glass of wine over the entire weekend but this was a very stressful weekend so I did make a lot of choices

I had my celery with me, I had my humus I did a lot of good things but I tend to, I think in my mind think, well you screwed up Oh my God, you're off the wagon and oh see I knew you couldn't do this and that negative talk comes into play and so coming home and being able to say to you "I screwed up!" and you know these are the real challenges that we all face in life I can't just sit in my kitchen and make my own food everyday, we all have lives, I have business lunches that I need to attend, I have the special events in our lives but you're teaching me how to prepare for all of those And also not how to knock myself out if I go off the plan a little bit, like I was always saying, "Oh my God I ate something bad

" And you're like, "It's not bad, there's no good food "and bad food, you just have to choose more of the healthy "foods and healthy choices" So that's another way that you've really helped me – Good now I'm glad to hear that and it's what I tell myself as well, when I'm going out of town or if I know I'm gonna be out all day This past weekend we were out and I took some chia pudding with me for lunch and a big salad for dinner and I just felt better Now I was able to do that, we were getting in a car, you know sometimes it's really easy to do that and sometimes it's not

And for me, I am here in New York City so it is easy for me to run in somewhere and get a salad if I'm on the go but to your point, I'm so happy to hear that you are able to take what we talk about and then put it into your real life, your daily life whether it is a business luncheon or it is a traveling for a family engagement, to be able to say wait a minute, this is what we talked about, this is what I can do And then realizing sometimes I'm just a little, there's too much going on and that's okay too, like we said – And the cool thing is is that I know it's gonna become second nature to me like it is for you now Now I'm not, I'm still spending a lot of time thinking about it, 'cause I'm just, I'm only three weeks into this But already I can see the benefits of preparing ahead of time, of planning ahead of time and really making that time to do that because before what I would do is I wouldn't plan ahead, then I'd be out, that I'd be driving somewhere, leaving a meeting, then I'd be starving and then I would run through the drive through and make really unhealthy choices

And just snacking all the time and so when you prepare, because you're teaching me how to prepare ahead of time I'm avoiding all of those bad paths of going down So for me it's been awesome – Good, good It makes me really really happy to hear and to hear you being comfortable to share it with so many people – Well I'm hoping that my journey can help other people

I know that there's millions of people out there like me that are busy moms and business owners and so I'm just, I'll share the struggles, I'll share the truth, I'll share the exciting things I mean I'm already down, I don't know, eight pounds or so But again it's not about the numbers, it's about how I'm feeling, I'm feeling better in my pants I'm not as bloated, I've already reduced my Ibuprofen intake and it's only been three weeks So again this is, I'm not in a rush, I'm doing this for the long haul, yes I'd like to feel great for the wedding coming up in August but this is the long haul

This is a journey and I'm in no rush, and I know that it's right for me because I know it's going to last because I'm not in a rush I'm not doing something that is a quick fix that I know that I can't sustain and I know I'll be able to sustain what you have me doing – Absolutely, absolutely And for someone who is listening, whose watching us, who is really struggling, whose feeling like I've tried everything and nothing works, what would you want to say to them? – I would say "Just get started" You really need to, I would suggest first of all journaling, you've had me journaling and that's been fantastic, the stuff that I'm able to get out because you don't realize and I've off and on journaled throughout the years but you either have to write it down or talk it through

That's the only way to get it off of your chest and out of your head and by the way I'm not, I have not been going to the gym, that was not part of our plan and I hadn't been doing it before But I am getting out and exercising, I walk and I talk through that, that's also very helpful But I would really think that having a conversation with your who can customize any type of plan depending on what the individual needs are is that at least start talking to you about how you can help them Just start because there's a lot of life to live and there are a lot of things that I want to do and you probably want to do as well so I would say just get started, make that phone call, get on the path And it's gonna be a fun journey – Yeah it's gonna be a fun journey, I like that

No and I really appreciate you saying that and I know yeah, just get started I think are really great words because I know I had said this many times, you know, I'll start on Monday I'll start next month You know and then the New Years resolutions, I'll start next year you know, whatever time of year it is you set up those parameters and the truth is you can start today, there's just a step or two or three that you start I love what you said about taking walks too because I think that's important for people to hear as well, exercise is important, I mean there are studies done, there was another study I heard this morning So we all know that exercise is important but there are so many different forms of exercises and ways to move and some people should only do certain types of movements

Some people can do other types, some people can run a marathon and some aren't ready to run a marathon So it is about moving your body to the extend that you can Having your doctor know what you're doing based on your heart rate and blood pressure and all of that It's really important But just to move, to take the walks you do with a friend, which I think is the best way to do it

You know meet up with a friend and go for a walk If that's something, if that's a way to get started with exercise awesome and I know you had been doing that before we started but just to continue that and then see where it takes you is really wonderful And it's a blessing I think that you have that, your friend in your community – It really is, it really is It's like the therapist, the healthy thing to do, it's the getting out and getting fresh air

Even if you can only go around the block or up the street once just start and then you'll get a little bit further and further each day I mean I still huff and puff, I'm out of breath and my friend is in really good shape but she puts up with me and I walk a little bit slower then she does But you know I'll get there Again this is not a rush, this a long term goal for me and so I just want to keep going down this great path with you and I'm very excited to be on this journey that you're helping me through It's awesome

Thank you, for everything – Well it is awesome and you're awesome We invite you, Leslie and I invite you, to go on this journey with us And if you sign up for my newsletter at bravowellnesscom you'll get information about when our next video will be that we can then share with you

You can also follow me on Facebook at Bravo!Wellness, so it's Bravo with an exclamation point, so it's Bravo!Wellness on Facebook I'm on Twitter at BravoWellness, one word And yeah and stay in touch and if you do have questions, if you're wondering is this right for me? Can Jodi help me? I'm different, I don't think this is right for me I'd love to have a conversation with you and there'll be information on my website where you can set up the call, just to ask me questions, to know that that's what Leslie and I did We just went through what her needs were, what her goals were, what her challenges were and what I could offer

And then when we both felt like it was a good match Leslie made the decision to work with me If we get on the phone and whoever's on the phone with me if you decide nope this isn't right, that's okay If I could give you one thing on our call to get you started or give you another resource, that's what I'm here to do I want to help you to look and feel your best, that's what I want So Leslie I thank you so much for

– You're welcome Jodi – For working with me and for being open to sharing And I just can't wait to see the months, I almost want to look in a crystal ball and see where we are – But it's all gonna be good, I know, I know – But it's all great, it's all great

So thank you very very much for your time – You are most welcome, thank you Jodi Alright bye everybody – Bye everyone


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