Can I Avoid Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms if I Quit?

You’ve likely heard how hard quitting powerful stimulant drugs like cocaine is. Of course, you’re unsure about how to cope without the happy and energetic high. Further, you’re worried you won’t be able to stay sober long term. Perhaps you’re also concerned about friendships that revolve around snorting or smoking cocaine. But, your biggest fear is likely the withdrawal process. To explain, withdrawal is the symptoms that start when you stop a drug. Generally, the withdrawal period is quite uncomfortable for cocaine users. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, migraine, and fatigue, occur. Unfortunately, the only way to completely avoid withdrawal discomfort is never to use drugs like cocaine. Otherwise, your risk for withdrawal symptoms keeps increasing the longer you keep using cocaine.

What Causes Cocaine Withdrawal

How severe your withdrawal symptoms are depends on how long you’ve used cocaine. That’s because withdrawal is caused by your body’s cocaine dependence. Repeated intake of the white powder throws off your brain balance. As a result, your brain must develop new neural systems to adjust for the cocaine spikes. Eventually, your brain relies on cocaine to regulate your hormones and pleasure center.

Your brain does not like when its cocaine supply is cut off. Within six to 12 hours of quitting, you’ll experience withdrawal. These adverse side effects are the consequences of your system trying to rebalance itself. Frequently, cocaine withdrawal symptoms peak in 36 hours and last a week.

Dealing with Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Definitely, cocaine withdrawal treatment is the best course of action. After all, professional rehabs have methods of decreasing your discomfort. Trained personnel lend a supportive hand through Withdrawal Management and healing. Plus, doctors will keep watch for rate, dangerous withdrawal signs. Moreover, you’ll get the fuel and strength your body needs to recover. For example, providing healthy meals to ensure proper nutrition. Withdrawal Management programs will make sure you drink enough water to flush out cocaine toxins. Cocaine addiction treatment centers Illinois offers often have gym facilities to get endorphins regulated from exercise.

Additionally, you’ll get through cocaine withdrawal symptoms without temptations. In fact, scoring cocaine and derailing your sobriety efforts won’t be possible. Medical withdrawal programs take you away from bad influences in your life too.

Withdrawal Management Services at Gateway

If you’re addicted to cocaine, then you’re not alone. Presently, the NIDA states that 1.5 million Americans use cocaine at least once per month. Help is available to quit cocaine for good at Gateway Foundation. Notably, our cocaine withdrawal treatment centers in Illinois have been open for 50 years. We have friendly, knowledgeable clinicians ready to plan your Addiction Treatment. Immediately, we’ll get you started in a customized, holistic care program. Most insurance policies cover our accredited services, such as:

Don’t risk quitting cocaine cold turkey. In short, you could desperately respond to cravings with too much cocaine and overdose. Instead, check out cocaine withdrawal treatment at Gateway Foundation. Call us at 877.505.4673 with your questions about cocaine withdrawal symptoms now. We can help.


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