Here is a method to avoid falling into depression or becoming addicted to things that are harmful to us, such as alcohol I am neither a doctor, nor a psychiatrist, nor anything

It's just a method that works for me and that maybe will work for you You must know that my father was and always a great depressive today to the point where he sometimes has to take sick leave several weeks Sometimes he has to go to the hospital to fix that It is really a very big depression He was also for a moment, he did not is more so today, alcoholic

And when I saw the ravages that this has home, I always promised to be very careful never to fall in alcoholism and never let depression take hold of me To understand this famous method, I will share the story of a man at the bottom of a chasm It's been days now He has no energy, he has not been drinking and eating for days He is crawling at the bottom of the ravine

These last forces abandon him and he knows he will die He addresses God and says, "God, why did not you give me the strength to go out from this ravine? And God answers him, "But I gave you the strength not to fall into it" " It's a story that is very striking because the moral of this story is that we all have strength in us, is often easier to use one's strengths to avoid falling into a chasm than to try to go up from a chasm from which we fell The method that I apply since I was very young, because I saw the ravages what it did to my father is that as soon as I see signs like what I could possibly become depressed, that I could fall into depression, or that something could get gradually more serious, immediately I pull myself together

As soon as I see the first signs, the smallest signs that I'm going to approach the chasm to fall, I stop immediately I put all my energy right now to fight against this, to get out of this depressive state and be happy, have fishing again It's so much easier to avoid to fall into the abyss than to come out Do you see the warning signs depression or addiction that's coming into your life? I think if you're like most people, the answer is yes It's a lot easier when you spot those first warning signs of having the energy and willingness to fight against them and immediately restore the situation than to wait until it becomes completely unmanageable and uncontrollable to the point that you needed help from a specialist and medicine

When we see that we start to be depressed, there are billions of things to do that have been proven by science that work That's not to say that it takes all time to have fishing, it is necessary all the time to be under ecstasy and to be in happiness, but it's the act of identifying the warning signs that will lead us to a state more or less permanent, more or less long depression This is not our state natural If you read the book "Overcoming Emotions destructive "which is written in partnership with Western scientists, the Dalai Lama and Buddhists, for Buddhists, the natural state of the human being is happiness If we move away from this state, it is because that there are things we do not do well, that we are going to hang in relation to to this state of natural happiness

Some scientists do not agree with that, but I really like this vision So, it's just to spot as soon as we see signs that we could possibly fall or lock ourselves in a state of sadness or depression more or less long, immediately put in place actions that will bring us closer to this state of natural happiness who is at the bottom There are billions of things to do: Go see friends If you stay alone and only see people you do not like it or not, it's not going to help you Play sports, take some light

In winter, we know that there are certain people who are sensitive to light In this case, you have to make sure you have more from light So, get up earlier to enjoy the sunrise Buy a light therapy lamp Take one or two weeks holiday in the sun

Today, we can go to hot destinations to not much just to move the buttocks a little We must have the means, but it is within the reach of the greatest number today As soon as you see warning signs that you start to become addict to some something that is not good for you – it can be alcohol, video games, Facebook, eat fat or anything – you have to pull yourself together immediately We must put the energy to fight against this before it becomes a bad habit because it's much harder to get out of the train That's why it's interesting to create good habits because Once we have created the right furrows, it's difficult to get out and it's good for us

It is also valid unfortunately for bad habits So, have this man's story in mind who asks God, "why did not you give me the energy to get out of the pit And God who replies, "I gave you the energy not to fall into it" Make sure not not fall into the abyss Spot these warning signs and put all the energy, all your will to immediately crush those bad things before they become bad habits deeply rooted in you


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