Dr Luc Bodin : Comment se libérer de ses addictions et des dépendances affectives

Hello friends, this is Audrey de ZOOM Therapy I am delighted to meet you today because I am pleased to be with Dr Luc Bodin who is a medical doctor and who specializes in everything that is natural and energy therapies So Hello Doctor

Hello, happy to be here, and happy to participate and happy to have invited me too, it's really very nice All the pleasure is for us So actually today it's an interview addictions and addictions that I wanted to do with the doctor to see him this is a subject that affects a lot of people whether addictions to cigarettes, alcohol or be it a little less legal addictions for all that is hard drugs but also for all that is affective dependencies And I wanted to know doctor, what do you think is our society a society of addicts, and are the same mechanisms involved? in addictions such as cigarettes or alcohol as emotional addictions? There are emotional dependencies and there are also dependencies on the I-phone, there are dependencies to a lot of things like that that are developing So, it's true that it's still the mechanisms of the reward the mechanisms of pleasure With that there are all the habits that come to live on and it is true that roughly the mechanisms are identical, that's clear

So, we use the same therapies to treat, whether they are emotional dependencies than physical dependencies The number one and must never forget is that the person must want it This is number 1 Because from the moment there is no fulfillment, agreement, will, desire of the person, it is lost in advance Because it's obvious, I had seen it in medicine people who were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we will put them in places where they will be outside of that they will work on psychology, etc

But only when they come home well, there are the old habits that are still there, and if they were not really motivated to do it the same causes re-trigger the same effects There is the removal of the addiction at the physical level, but after that there are all the daily actions that remind you Here, I just finished eating, I take my little cigarette, like I eat I take my little glass of wine Here, I take my little firecracker because it will relax me So there are always plenty of good reasons full of good bad reasons to do So it's true that always the circuit of dependence it's always fun, it's always a pleasure So, all smokers know it's still a pleasure cigarette but what you need to know is that a moment comes when it is no longer a pleasure cigarette, it becomes a compulsory cigarette

necessary, etc And there, when it starts to become the necessary and obligatory cigarette we have to think about doing something because we know very well that alcoholism will provoke problems of cirrhosis, etc Tobacco all the problems of cancer Marijuana and all that goes the lsd and all that will bring delirious states, will lead to schizophrenia, paranoia, etc All this we know that it attracts deleterious situations

So number 1, the person has to want it After that there are plenty of ways to get out There are lots of paths So there are specialized centers that are always interesting where we just do internships We leave home, we get out of his habits and already what will be much easier to stop And then after that there are also tools that can be hypnosis, sophrology, acupuncture, homeopathy, plants

So there are plenty of tools and just I like the tools of independence I also work on the eft, the tat which are as many techniques as you can to learn oneself and that will allow that moment to get by as well So these are techniques that we often learn, we find methodologies on books on small movies on youtube, etc And who will help people get out of this So what do you think, in terms of origin, of the cause of causes Is it a neuro-transmitter problem, is it a behavioral problem, is it a disease of the soul? What do you think ? Already, from a certain point of view, there is suffering We take alcohol, marijuana tobacco to calm a suffering, to calm a problem that we have in ourselves So already put your finger on this problem because it must be solved That's why there are tools like psychotherapy the flowers of Bach, I also do hoponopono which is also interesting because it erases all these erased memories that attract We also know that thanks to epigenetics that when we go to smoke, drink, etc

, to take drugs well, we will start to stimulate certain neurons, that is to say at the epigenetic level, we will open some neurons deleterious and we will close neurons that are rather neurons of good health That's the point number 1 The number 2 is that we will open some genes that will open on the genes of dependence and the circuits of pleasure And here we come across a phenomenon that must be overcome And with time, we know that if we open them with a deleterious situation, we know very well that we will be able to close them with a positive situation So again, it will take time

So there are the stories of neurotransmitters but the genes are also related to that But there are also neurotransmitters, but we can also talk addiction for athletes, because all the people who do joggng, etc, need to jog because we know very well that at the neurotransmitter level there will be endorphins that will be released which will bring calm, relaxation, etc and if they pass this jog, they miss it Well, we can not say that jogging is bad in itself But it is true that one also falls into this deleterious state So the neurotransmitter intervenes, and that's part of the chain a little bit of all that

So I would say we have to start on the will and ask ourselves what are we trying to calm down what is the fear in the end, what is the suffering we are trying to work And what is interesting with hoponopono is that we do not need to know the suffering to be able to transmute it So it's really interesting for that, it's a tool that you can learn for yourself So, in fact, your best advice for people who suffer from addictions or addictions of any kind, and who really want to get out of it, but who feel a bit like a prison So it's hoponopono? So, I will work a lot on looking at myself if we are ready So, there are times when we are ready to do it, and others where we are not ready When you're not ready it's not worth it, so already be ready to do it To say to myself ok, if I bring this in my life, it is that there is a suffering in me there is a problem, what is it? Can I solve it, can I digest it? so after that, we can work in homeopathy, we can do isotherapies, we can do things like that that go to struggle

We use the similar, we will give tobaccoum in infinitesimal quantities that will who are not going to bring the dose but who will allow to gradually become unaccustomed And then, I often said that to my patients, we must drown the fish to drown the fish that is to say to change your habits, to change your way of life And then all of a sudden you will not necessarily have the same landmarks, and not having the same landmarks Well, you'll be able to get out of it more easily, because the same habits because by doing the same thing like taking the little cigarette pleasure end of the day, etc And so by changing the habits, we change the blow it becomes easier, and when you want to crack and well I said take your sneakers and go around the house Go change your ideas By simply going around the house block, we change our ideas and then all of a sudden we go home and we're already in the craving Because at the time of weaning, the body suffers, but hey, it's a passage for happiness after Well, thank you very much I will put you in the description of the video the books of Dr

Bodin So you will find the hoponopono if you want to get out of your home and as he said, change starts with a little change, one step at a time the whole thing is to believe in it, to have the will to believe it and to make small changes like that a little every day to put in place different techniques and then at some point you will be free This is happiness It's like you say start with small steps must not want to change, transform everything, but small steps every day, if only reduce its quantity, etc So it's already small acts that are outstanding, and then resume a healthy lifestyle quietly again, quietly And then, what's interesting is that in the end what happens it's freedom, you become master of yourself

And that's also an extraordinary element And when you taste it I think it's worth it even if it's not always obvious So now, I put everything you need in the description of the video, including online training that Dr Bodin has just created If you want to tell us a little bit about it? Yes, there are 7 modules that we have just created There is already a module that is very interesting compared to what we just said is the module "Create the life of your dreams"

So again, it's important because from the moment we realize that it's up to us to take the first step and that we have tools to be able to do it, it will already be important to wean itself After that I explain the power of thought, I explain in another module how the world changes, how energies change, how the world is changing After that there are things about meditation, a discovery of energy care There is also how to recover health and keep it, which is not bad either After that there are also medical topics, but in the holistic sense of the term it's not just conventional medicine, natural medicine, energy medicine, sense of illness who are on cancer, fibromyalgia, fatigue, etc In these small modules there are several films that are on different themes There are between 5 and 10 films depending on the module There are also small booklets with small quizzes that make it possible to know if we have apprehended everything So it's a big big job, and as I often say, if I knew at first that it was a big job like that And well

I would have done it anyway! Thank you so much ! Dnc as I said you have everything in the description of the video Thank you very much for joining us for this interview Thank you for following us And then as usual, I tell you very soon, and then a wonderful health to all Goodbye Thank you

Goodbye 🙂


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