Generation What – Modern Addictions (IRE)

"Could you be happy without the internet?" Ooh Ooh

Yes Yep No! You wouldn't get your football stuff, and you wouldn't find out comic book news! But, this is presuming that I'm locked in a room somewhere with a load of books This is definitely no! I think the internet's one of the best things to ever happen I don't know how I lived without it when I was small

My little brother, he's grown up with it and he's on it the whole time I'd only use it mostly for social networking I suppose But I thinkyou could get by I'm going to say no to that one becasueif there's ever a question that you need answering the first thing you do is Google it I think if I didn't have the internet in Australia I wouldn't have been happy Because I wouldn't have been able to see my family and all that

It's a double edged sword, the internet In that it has many excellent uses But I do hate the computer, and I do hate going online Because if you go online, your hour becomes three hours before you know it Your life is sucked into this screen

because you're Googling ridiculous thingsand all these ads pop up, then you're looking at this and that Well people did it for years People were happy enough without the internet Granted, they lived in black and white

but they were happy enough without the internet A friend of mine in work pointed out that our computer system was really slow And he said, "is this what it was like when people had to use dial-up?" And we said to him, "you're too young to remember dial-up" Fond memories ofsitting around a computer with a bunch of my friends

Waiting for an image to load up! "Could you be happy without alcohol?" Yes Yes Yeah, definitely Neither of us really drink that much No, I don't drink that much

I suppose I could But I do quite like a drink Probably a bit too much sometimes I'm drunk right now This is Ireland, man! Here in Ireland, everything is related to alcohol

When someone is born, when someone dies When there is a celebration; everything is about alcohol I think it's crazy Yeah, I never drank Yeah, I could be happy as well

Trust me, I've been happy my whole life without alcohol I'd definitely be happier with alcohol in me! I'd be richer! Could you be happy? Ah yeah I could yeah I don't need alcohol to be happybut you don't need runners to run

I just think it makes things a lot better It improves a night out or an experience I could be happy without hangovers To be sure! The idea of waking up with a hangoverand a two-year-old who wants to play at six o'clock in the morning

is enough to put me off wanting to drink too much So, I could be happy without alcohol, yes I still remember the very first night you drank I don't remember that There you go, exactly! "Could you be happy without drugs?" I don't take drugs

I don't know what it's like, to be happy with drugs I've never had drugs! Do they help? I wouldn't know! Don't give me that look! "Could you be happy without drugs?" Technically no! I can't! Because of the old anti-depression pills Although not that that makes you happy or not I have dabbled in them before But just when I was younger and stupid

Just not anymore; it's just not for me I'd never play with my life My mam and dad gave me a life and they wanted me to live it They didn't want me to mess around and end it A dummy could see that drugs aren't good for you

If you drive down the street and see a drug addictchances are they're at the lower scale in Irelandwhere they've no chance When you look at them you say "do I want to be like that?" I'd say definitely no I was advised by a friend of mine to take a self-trip

where I just spent time with myself So I did the mushrooms I learnt a lot about myself I had a full half-hour conversation with myself in the mirror I did a self portrait

and I still think it's one of the coolest things I've ever drawn I'd never take back that experience ever But, from this day forward, if I never had to do an illicit drug againI wouldn't mind If you're not happy as you are

and you need drugs to be happy Well then, you're not happy You're not happy at all "Could you be happy without music?" No No

All these things are asking about happiness I think so I think so Come one! I love music! Definitely not No, I don't think so either

I love music as well Yeah, I love music I'll listen to nearly anything I'll dance to nearly anything But if someone asks me, "what's your kind of music?" Industrial

I think music can make you feel Quite a lot And it can bring back so many memories You can always relate to a song Whether someone has died, whether you've broken up with someone

It will always take you back to a certain point in your lifewhere you were either extremely happy, extremely sad, anything like that I think I could find a way to find a certain degree of happinessbut I think my happiness would be brought down a level if i didn't have music That's very sad

Could you be happy without music Sam? No 100% no Really? Absolutely not It's the only thing I've ever experiencedthat is an art and a science at the same time

Which is unreal That's cool That's so cool I play guitar and sing I used to write tunes and all

I was in and out of different bands for a few years If you'd asked me that question when I was in bands Well I couldn't live without a band! Being in a band was everything I wanted to be

A rock star, being a teenagerwith loads of hair I wouldn't know what like – I can't really imagine no music, because I would have nothing Same We were raised around it

We can't think of what it would be like without it It's very important And even these tribes that are cut off from societythey bring music into their life in some way It seems to be an important part of being human

"Could you be happy without books?" No Yeah I hate reading I love reading No

There's nothing better than a good book and a cup of tea There's nothing better I haven't read a book since I wasreally ever! Who told you about books! My mom used to read books to mebut I find it so stressful

It takes me so long to read one page Books No I love books I like reading

I like colouring I wish I had more time to read my books No You couldn't be happy without books I've no interest

I'd read the paper, but I'd have no interest in reading books You learn from them You get creative from them And your imagination: it's literally like cracking your skull openand this world of imagination coming out

The Lord of the Rings; my favorite books of all time Absolutely wonderful It's like a whole new world in there If you're feeling down, or if something's not going great in your lifeyou can escape into a different world where things usually end up well

I love the feeling of the pagesand the look of a book that's read and the pages are crinkly I love the smell of a new book I love going into a book shop Yeah, being in a bookshop is the best thing ever

And having a stack of books; "I've read all of those" Also, I love getting into bed with a good book Yeah Or a man! "Could you be happy without junk food?" I should hope so I should hope so

Is chocolate junk food? Probably, but why? I'd be less happy I suppose Less happy! I love custard creams (biscuits) Even now I know that there are custard creams in my pressand I'm thinking about them With a cup of tea

So no, I couldn't be happy without junk food I wish there was no such thing as junk food It's too nice We like our Chinese food and our takeaway We? You had three Yorkie bars yesterday! No, we didn't eat the three

We shared the three Junk food It was so readily available to my generationfrom the time we were small It's sort of an addiction at this stage

No, I think you need a bit of junk food every now and then You do crave it – You do crave it but I think it makes you fat Trying to be a good boy Too many pizzas, not enough salads It's as simple as that

"Could you be happy without television?" Yes Oh yes Yes, because we have the internet No My TVs are slowly getting bigger

Yep It wouldn't bother me in the slightest Don't watch it at all Don't get time Never watched it, ever

I'd class myself as being addicted to TV So I'd be kind of lost without it I wouldn't be a huge person for watching television Sorry about that! I watch a lot of Netflix and stuff like that Netflix and YouTube

I don't think I'd be too happy without those But regular television, for the most part I've done without It's nice sometimes to go away for a week and not watch TVbut I love it too much I don't really watch much television

I only really watch TV for matches If I'm going to watch something I watch it on my laptop more than the television Yea, same I'd spend more time on the internet than I do watching TV I don't really watch TV

Why would I sit in front of a TV when I have to wait for five minutes every fifteen minutes I think TV is a little bit incongruentwith the way that generation Y wants to be entertained "Could you be happy without cinema, films, or TV series?" I don't think you could No

I love movies and I love TV shows I suppose without them, then there wouldn't be actors Yeah, there wouldn't be as much of a You'd be incredibly bored I'm gonna say no to this one I think they inform a huge amount of how I operate I'm a massive film fan, massive TV fan Yeah, same, same

Cinema and films: they're the same as music They play a huge part in your life I couldn't go to the cinema for a really long timeand I think this is why I'm so passionate about it now I couldn't go because I couldn't sit down because of my back

And now I can sit down So now I love the cinema I can sit down and I can actually enjoy it I do really like cinema It's an art form I really like

I love stories; I need stories And I like my books as well, but there's something special about visual narratives I wouldn't have a job without cinema and neither would you Or films Yes, we are happy without it

We don't go to the cinema at all We just don't have time for it We used to go a lot But then with the baby it's more difficult I think it's very important

It's entertainment, it keeps you occupied, it kills time I think it's a must have I think if we didn't have that, there'd be a lot more in the drugs question Because we'd probably just do a shitload of drugs then Which we've never done

No Not once


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