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Hello Relapse is a phase of deterioration after a period of improvement

If you look at the definition, you can do it on any kind of connection hold true Most commonly, however, the term is associated with addiction used Someone overcomes an addiction, He is feeling better, and the relapse means he starts again Even if that's the usual use of the word "relapse", we should consider the word on a larger scale In fact, each of us experiences "relapse"

It is this one thing you are struggling with No matter what you do, you always seem to fall behind somehow, and to experience problems regarding this matter For example, we try to get money, then we earn some, just to lose it again and mess around with us again Or we fight in relationships, we find one in which we feel good only then to experience something, what the relationship to make a fight again So I want you to think of "relapses" to areas of your life in which you find it difficult to improve something to then only have problems with it again

The most painful of relapses or worsening is that this condition appears permanent, while the improvement seems temporary You get used to it somehow, and because it feels so familiar you always go back, in this familiar environment If you have a relapse, there is always this attitude of "What the hell is this going to bring if I keep coming back?" "Maybe it should be like this" You feel as if you have spent your time out of this hole to climb, only to fall in again And when that happens, it starts to feel like destined

eg this dark emotional hole before you inject heroin, It starts to feel like you belong there Or that terrible, isolated loneliness that you feel if you are not in a relationship, although you want it so much, will feel like your destiny once you have relationship problems Therefore, it is so easy to fall into depression just because of the relapse It feels like the ultimate discouragement, and you feel powerless Why do you feel so powerless? Because you have not consciously decided to be at this point

No part of you says "I know exactly what I want! Improvement, I really want to end up in trouble! " So, when you end up in trouble again, there is a part in you that gives you that Feeling conveys that this was done to you When you experience a relapse, it feels like you have absolutely none Control over the circumstances of your life It feels like your life is not going well That's why it feels like the universe is against you That's why I want you to watch my video "I can not trust the universe"

look at The other big problem with a relapse is that it's yours Self-esteem completely destroyed When you've made improvements, you've started to feel better You started to feel stronger, as if you were this life grown So what happens when you fall off your horse again? And land again in the problems? You commit it to you

You give it meaning within your self "What can I do to make sure I'm back on the ground?" "Other people can come out of the hole but I can not do that" Look at yourself well Ask yourself: "What meaning do I give to this relapse regarding my self and my life? " "Meaning" can be the key from the cell here, or the signature under your own death certificate For this I want you to watch my video entitled "Meaning

" What the hell are you supposed to do if you find yourself in a relapse? I will tell you Step 1: You have to realize that there are two patterns that you imprisoned in this relapse

They work like a Chinese finger trap The first is that you are so desperate to come out of the relapse, and get back to the improvement that you fight the now You resist what is In this universe, however, if you resist something, it remains But now you are desperate for relief

If so, you would do almost anything that would give you relief Even if these things are harmful in the long run That's what happens when we start an addictive behavior or with a substance, or relationship We strive for relief To want relief is not wrong! We just have to be aware of the form of relief we are given over time doing well, and which is harmful

The rest of the advice from this video will help you get out of this pattern to solve The second pattern is that we feel powerless to relapse, so powerless towards what happens to us and so powerless to make our future enjoyable, that our whole focus is instead on the past We begin to fight the past Sit down and watch When your mind ruminates all your past experiences, that could have led to this relapse, and you desperately try to find out how you could have prevented her how you could have done something differently, so that you would not have to be here where you are today

This fight has already been won And not from you This is the moment when you have to acknowledge it does not matter if you could have prevented him he happened! What you are dealing with is: it happened! So you have to accept that you are completely powerless to change the past, and instead pay all your attention to it, as you NOW with it will bypass You have to recognize the futility of fighting the past I ask you to recognize this because your energy is not doing anything else, to get you out of this hole

As corrosive as it is; just accept: I will relapse again! Two: If you focus on re-healing something, that you are convinced you already healed – because that's how you feel relapse – It's a bit like building a house of cards by storm It comes to the point where you say, "fuck it!" "I tried it, I was there, Habs done, I worked up, I felt good and there is no reason to do it all again! " Because you feel like you're in the bitter beginning I want you to be aware that you are at an intersection Either you give up, and you give yourself completely to the control, or you start anew by putting one foot in front of the other, towards an improvement I want you to stop thinking about what decision right and which is wrong

Neither is right or wrong I just want you to seriously consider both options The most important thing is that you know that you have free will! Are you going to the right or to the left? Play with both options Consider both options for one week, how is it in a month? A year? Or two years? and five years Look closely at this intersection

If you decide to start over, you have to be ready for your full self Make a conscious decision Not a decision you have to make Step Three: Most of the experts involved in addiction, or relapses of any kind, you will say that one of the most important skills, which one has to learn is to master one's own mind That's why they suggest things like meditation

But why does it work when it comes to relapses? Because the relapse is a descending spiral And descending spirals begin in our human lives in the spirit A descending spiral has a slightly negative driving force in it So, when you are in a state of meditation, it is you who is the one Thought stops When you consciously stop thinking, you stop the drive, which drives the descending spiral

The descending spiral is the one that holds you in your hole If you are in a relapse, Take 15 minutes every day – or more to stop thinking To learn how to do that, watch my video titled "How To Stop Thinking" Fourth, as I said before, if you have a relapse, comes a point, especially if you already had several, where you feel as if it does not matter how many times you get out of the hole Climb, because you're back in it anyway I want you to do a little exercise: I want you to imagine this picture: A hole in the ground and a person climbing out

Now turn the whole picture over The ground is the sky, and the sky is the ground If you imagine the picture around you, you see that the other way around is working No matter how many times the little one goes into his hole, he will always climb out again This is basically the typical glass half full / glass half empty discussion

In truth, both are correct It is equally true that you end up in the hole again and again, as it is true that you keep coming out, no matter what And because you've done it before, you can do it again Fifth, there is a reality that most people do not see Most people think linear

The concept of linear time was created as a construct, to help us to achieve progress and expansion But it is not a reality of the universe as a whole Time does not work linearly Cure not Healing / time works more as a spiral

So instead of thinking of healing as a straight line that leads from sick to healthy, think of an onion The onion represents the thing you want to transform, if you started in your midst, towards the outside of the onion, let us call this the freedom of being healed, Can you see that you are encountering layers of onion and spaces between them Every layer of the onion you go through, brings you closer to freedom and healing But every time you hit a shift, do you feel like you're trapped inside her again? This is what a relapse is: It means that you have hit another layer of the thing, you try to transform Every fallback period you have, where you just take another shift Healing Onion Road, on the path of healing the topic, which you are trying to transform, Do you gain more insights, more insight, and it makes you more aware Therefore, relapse is inevitable for all

If you are in a relapse, I know exactly what you think: You look at the others who are out of the hole, And you ask yourself, "What the hell is wrong with me?" "All these people were capable of transforming this addiction, all these people can have a good relationship, all these people are making good money, and I'm the only person who can not do that " That's just because pain is isolated In the moment of pain he convinces you that you are the only one But you are not the only one It is inevitable that people will end up in the hole again, because the onion system and universal expansion work that way

Sixth: Use your mind around you at will on the way out of the hole to concentrate out Into a higher vibration Take a piece of paper or sit at your computer, and write down ALL the thoughts you have about things you have in this situation can give a better feeling Everything about the circumstances that led to you being where you are now, the fact that you are now in a relapse, about what the future might look like – Everything! It's a good idea to write down what's going on "I'm in a relapse, and those are the reasons:

" Then: how do you feel about it? Then: what wish does it cause you? It is super important that you understand this step, because a relapse always means that you absolutely want something, that you believe you can not have or hold Then write down every thought that makes you feel a little better Pay attention to the feeling of relief Because you want to write down everything that feels like relief

What could feel like relief in the beginning, just write down where you are, like in a journal, everything that happens, every thought that is right in my mind, these are all the things that make me feel powerless Then you can think about anger thoughts Write down your anger, that's a punk improvement from your point of view Then write down each thought that better you in your situation makes you feel Everything that helps you release the resistance, against the point, where you are

Everything that makes it alright Seventh: use your mind to create the feeling of the thing, that you so desperately try to achieve, and that you think that you can not keep her – but in your body If you really want to understand how to do that, I suggest you to watch my video entitled "How to feel better " In this video I explain how to use emotional signatures to change your condition All we have to do is, after every tiny memory to dig for every idea, every thought that gives us a sense of Gives relief eg when I am in a hole and can not imagine to be loved by someone, or to be rich, and the only thing I have access to, which feels good, is the memory of roasted marshmallows, or the image of a sunflower in the sunlight, then I concentrate on it! I pay all my attention to it, and when I feel that feeling, Imagine this picture, and let it flow through my whole body, through my organs, into my cells and bones, I hold it while feeling the relief Eighth: Take responsibility and handle immediately to create an action plan that will help you again to strive towards improvement

After you make the choice – when you meet them – To give yourself completely to a new start, in the direction of improvement, then you need an action plan, and create that and will bring back the feeling of empowerment instead of the powerlessness of your life You will be able to see cause and effect I do a positive act and it has a positive effect That's something you have to experience For example, if I have the problem of becoming chronically suicidal, During a relapse, I write a list of things that made me out of this Can pull out state

How 1 Create a calming, uplifting playlist and run it 2 Close my eyes, and imagine the aspect of me who feels suicidal, as if it were a little person in me, and a dialogue lead with her so that I can find out her needs and these to satisfy As if it was my job to care for this part in me 3

Go to the gym, where many other people are 4 Read a book about something that really interests me 5 Take a hot bath with lavender oil

etc etc You can make this list as long as you want And you're training yourself, not thinking about doing it, but just do it! So, if you feel like you're in the downward spiral, take out the list and force yourself to do it point by point go through You will see what happens to your condition

When you plan to create improvement and action in the direction Improvement takes place during a relapse, will you have plans that are more likely to be long term such as the need for a vacation, that could be one of your points on the Be a list You might want to visit a therapist that could also be on your list But let's be honest: you usually have to spend weeks or months in these things Plan ahead, and you can not afford that so the action plan must be something you need in your downward spiral IMMEDIATELY can do Ninth: do not isolate yourself! Relapses happen when people feel isolated Do not forget that you can be in the midst of all possible people and because of your relationship to these people and your own ability To accept love, you feel even more isolated with them than without them

So it does not have to do with the number of people around you But isolation is the root of every addiction Isolation causes relapse So make sure you connect with people who do not tell you that something is wrong with you – which is an emotional rejection – or that it is not true that you need connection, which is also an emotional way of throwing away, looking for people who are also looking for connection Tenth: Be aware of what has led to this relapse This is so good for your conscious realization of your self and about what you actually need

Relapses are an incredible window to your true self, to yours Needs, to your liking, about what is right and what is wrong for you Take advantage of it! This is different than looking into the past, and combat them It means using the information from the past, to build a better house next time We get into a relapse when too many stress factors accumulate around us or when a stressor is just too heavy What are these circumstances? The truth about life is that some of you just are not and that's just the crap of life

But some are completely avoidable And if you experience chronic relapse, the likelihood is that you have the Are kind of people who do not live their lives according to their actual needs and loads more stress on the plate than she can handle, very high Having this information can help you sort of live to make it possible to prevent relapse in the future If you experience a relapse or are in the middle of it, and it feels like you're back down, then know that this is impossible in this universe You can not go backwards in this universe

And it makes no sense to fight the past, it does not work You are where you are You do what you have with what you can, where you are right now And I promise you, it's enough Stop telling you that you are the only person who always falls back into this hole because if that were true this video would not have so many views! Have a good week! Subtitles of the Amara

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