Healing Addiction / Release Addiction – A Desire for Connection! ~ David Hoffmeister

Everyday starts the same We don’t see the destructive patterns in seeking for pleasure

The day goes on like any other We can’t see beyond the never-ending routine Others have it; why don’t I? We strive for something Anything, to feel connected, loved, safe We fail

We succeed It’s too much We give in We give up And we give out

We spend time and energy focused on meaningless matters of this world Endless ambitions and expectations for something to fulfill us We chase a life of fantasy, wanting to achieve the success of this world We feel compelled and driven to distraction, trying to get some type of self-satisfaction We begin to grab for anything for relief

Shopping Porn Drugs Alcohol Sex Relationships And an endless list of meaningless things that distract the mind for a temporary hit of connection, but quickly leave us feeling defeated, depleted and lonely Then there it is The moment you can’t take it; you can’t fake it anymore Enough is enough If there is no real answer within this world, then where is it? A radical shift of perception is the miracle that is the answer to it all

Quantum Physics is showing us that what we think we know about everything is just a projection from the mind based on a belief system, and nothing more This is very good news We are using the tiniest part of consciousness to perceive a world And we have no awareness of the magnitude of what is truly offered Fear is simply a false perception, held in place by our mind

We literally perceive what we believe And it’s very very limited A shift in perception is what is necessary for any real change of experience This is known as miracle-mindedness This shift opens up a whole new world of true love and connection

An experience of wholeness or what the scientists are calling the quantum field, and religionists call God, is what brings a new reality into focus When we have an experience of this quantum field, then we see that everything is completely connected Everything is unified We begin to relax To experience true happiness, we have to free ourselves of the programmed mind of stress and fear

Like software that is outdated It’s time to let go and open up Beautiful new reality The indulgence and repression of addiction keep everything in a tight loop of frustration and fear You can undo the nightmare

Addictions are a deep call for a better way They are a call for real connection and love It’s time to open up to this quantum field Let the life of striving and effort be undone, as we let go of trying to get answers where they can not be found There is a power in this field that will carry us out of dark dreams of stress and worry The world was designed to reflect our consciousness

It was never designed to provide the answers When we truly want to see, the truth will begin to appear Simply put, the world we see is an outward picture of an inward condition Seek not to change the world Seek rather to change your mind about the world

What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Therein lies the key to your earthly pursuits When you stop trying to control the direction of the wind, the feather of serenity will gently make its way to you


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