help with my alcohol addiction – how to stop drinking – advise for alcoholics

Yes One thing that happens when you stop drinking, the feelings amazing, you know, you feel you feel more confident, stronger and you know where you go in life you do not have to fight this thing all the time

You have so much time to think, rather as if to think about drinking You will be surprised by your friends and family the time they will be shocked by what you see like she's almost feeling that feeling like I did not know you can do it, you know, did not think you would make it And I mean a lot of these people, they would advise you what to do down the road and low and tell what to do and how to do it and how bad you look, especially how bad you look all the time But you will find that many of them do not talk much about when you are better and Never, you look great, you see it, it's that you spend a lot when you spend and when you come back, it's just, just normal, they're just trying to get as normal, that's just what happens

Do not expect no big bunch of flowers or anything You deserve it to be normal anyways, so do not expect a price When you see them, she's almost like a debt shock kind of look, that's what the look look at the face, almost guilty sort of thing, as if they did not give you the benefit of the doubt Believe me, you probably have a lot, many, many times, one thing you have To realize during all this part of your drink, they had to sit with so much Hell Life goes on as normal

You know they give you the benefit of the doubt so many times For them to see you clean and sober, and look healthy, it's a shock to them That never thought you would do that because the amount of times you lied, all the things that were not where said you the things you would never do them, you know, they call it gunna i'm gunna (i wear go) do it i'm gunna (i'm going to) do it Going to do everything what you can get yourself to the point where, good you do, you to the point where i am not anymore on Beep

Beep, I'm no longer Fred Blogs you get to the point where I no longer Fred Blogs the alcoholic, I'm just Fred Blogs, Fred Blogs the brick layer, Fred blogs Connection, I'm not Fred blogs the alcohol When I work now, I see a lot of people and they have no idea about me with an addiction alcohol Just not me as Fred Blogs I mean they do not know me as the person used to drink 2 liters of vodka every night do not know me if I can not sleep and cry all the time, in absolute pain, guilty an anxiety

You know I mean it is, the whole alcohol thing is absolutely crazy like you Know, the day you stop you will sweat you through the most intense pain, you probably felt, you know, I had all the cramps sweating, I was hallucinated Go through it all It's not nice, and not good After about three days to stop it and you came down and started to flatten You know the point that I was busy time job i just divorce business by side i drink it all to work

I mean businesses, I'm live on stage, I was in a studio and things and I tried to keep it all this together I keep doing that for many years and in the last four years and the wheels just drop everything at once It was inevitable that it will happen only when death comes in the family and your marital problems know the destiny, everything happens, loses the business, lose my wife, lose my job, respect me, my dignity, you call me lost It was the four year of intensity, it got worse and worse then I The choice makes stop drinking, and goes into rehab for the second time i except the help and what offered to me i got out of what i could be you in a bit of a state anyway, of course, by means of drinking I wanted to do it for many years, and when I actually began to do that, incredible was the effect what it started to know more body, my skin my thoughts, my thoughts have

I was unable to sleep for 4 years, probably 20 years did not have what you can call asleep My thoughts stopped thinking about everything all the time Put everything in the past change, but to really evaluate my life, I do not miss Back home or anything really, I mean nothing left to Miss, To be honest, I lose most of it just in the process it back again, you know, and get back what i want to have back Some people are just a few people and you just do not get it up, things to do happen in the Road, people are just people and can only tolerate so much, some of these things you Maybe never get back, but it's just the life you know

Just move on and be satisfied with your fate what you have is what you have now, if and when you stop drinking when you are there she is incredible and you will not believe you actually were like it anyway, you in a massive whole at the moment and there is possibility of being out of it is not impossible Well yes, I thought it was impossible Play the game for ages, pretend I wanted stop, then I wanted to stop For a few years it was very difficult for me to try To stop, you know, probably if I never chose to go to the rehabilitation center at that time, i may never have ceased probably worse Good work

I look forward to going to Rehab or end in jail because in the end that's what would have happened because the police got a bit sick of me buy this item I'm remembered the superintendent pulls me aside in the police station and said he had never heard of me before and told me in the last Years he had to contact 33 with me, it was clear to everyone the wheels fall off, from a man who never had any contact with the police, there was of course something wrong, you did not help yourself fall around the place in public, they did not It would seem, it was embarrassing and in the end it's really what happened I mean before I'm at that point, I used to be able to perform on stage, to work, You know all that was good but i still need to drink them to make it work all the time, you know in the morning and do it all up to a day, everything fell off I could not hold it anymore, could not keep all these lies, all this weight, you know just wanted to stop it after all said and done when I returned the self back and forth got another career, the carrier I was in

It was hard, there was a drink around me the whole day every day you know, restoring the fact of being addicted to it, it was not it was hard, now I'm not around it all day, that's not a problem You know how people are going drunk You know life has never been better for me for many years I can not stress how different it is how you know everything looks real for once, you know I'm laughing because it's funny and laughing because I enjoy this, I'm not laughing because it's stupid Drunk laugh, as if I'm crazy, laugh at little things, run the slightest stupidest thing round like a drunken fool

I'm going to explain more videos, the consequences from going to rehab, what to expect, what not to expect, the consequences of the stop drinking, you can get headaches, all of this, your body has lame for the alcohol many many years I have problems with my teeth and headache of course there for the year, it was completely concealed by the fact of drinking that's what it was I will talk about the different Types of protein drink you can drink, nutritional drinks you can have during your detox program, because if you have these things it's a lot easier to get all the nutrients in a small one drink, as for a meal, which I know is really hard for you to eat, your diet will be all over the place I have worked a good way of doing it using products like Complan and Aymes shot

It's only basically built just full of protein and 380 calories it likes a meal, for the first three days and after which begins on real meals and start eating Properly, I can help you with your dietary diet plan to suit anyone she is not over live in luxury more about the way it returns your body to normal / balanced you have Was over balanced for the year when you balance all of these again when you balance again Your life, every thing in place, you can get everything back to normal balanced the life and continue living a beautiful person and you know you make good decisions take your wits and do not make quick decisions based on stupid ideas that are in your mind to make decisions and choose the right moves

Since stop drinking, I do not really know any wrong move and if I do it, I'm sorry, my thinking process has changed everything Sounds ridiculous but it is, you know, I can not explain it even for a person who has just a few drinks times every week, give yourself that break and you'll feel the difference i'm not spiritual, not religious, I tell you something that really happens And for the caring body and soul for every hour you sleep you need to be a little bit of life, you know, you can get a balance, your mind, your body and your soul, all thoughts, let them in the past, forget about it their things in the past are working the future now, What do I need to do for work, I have to take a lot of time so I can completely recover, or go back in a line of work where people who are not looking after me all the time, what for me People say you learn from your mistakes

Yes this is, learn live with the mistakes you made You do not live with them anymore Just leave them do not go You are trying your best a box all the way, start a fresh, move forward, forget about it what they did for you, what you did them and all of these things, life is a very short cycle, I have had many years I can enjoy now, I have enjoyed many previous years, but I only have think these people will be better now, at least I will remember what happened If there is anything you want to talk to me, or any questions you want To ask me please send my message, post more videos, so share with people need some help Thank you !!


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