Home Takeovers – Scenario #3 – Addictions

There’s no rhyme or reason There’s no textbook on how to deal with a home takeover

We definitely have strategies, but we kind of gear it to each specific home takeover A lot of times, the client, they’re more so the victim We’ll try and develop a certain rapport with them and let them know that, you know, we’re there to help them A lot of times they’re reluctant to come forward through fear of some sort of retribution or what may happen to them if now, they cooperate with the police Hey bro

Guess who I just ran into – Oh man, who? George! – Cool, man Haven’t seen him in a while How’s he doing? – He’s doing okay, he’s got a new place Want to go check it out? – Sure, why not? Come on, man

Let’s go! Check my place out Yeah, I’m going to go to the kitchen – Go ahead Hey bro, you’re stylin! – Yeah This place is alright

– Oh, yeah You’re doing alright for yourself How’d you manage to get this? I worked for it – Cool Right on

You would have had to save up a few bucks to get this, though Oh, yes I did – Not something I think I could do, though Oh I think you could! – Nah, I don’t know I think I’m just good the way I am

No, I think you could do it – Well… And you can have a warm shower if you want to You think? Oh, right on bro! Thanks, man Right on Hey, man – I found these

Hope you don’t mind if I have some You can come sit down with me – Okay, cool! Thanks, man Oh, bro – thanks for that shower That was really good, man

I appreciate that Pass up some of them chips, bro – Oh, no, go find something in the kitchen, eh man? I appreciate you letting us hang out, bro Thanks man – here’s a little something for our appreciation I don’t need this… It’s okay, man

It’s for letting us chill out here, bro It’s our little appreciation toke for you I don’t need it… You don’t want to… you don’t want to take a toke, man? Thanks for letting us hang out No… – It’s not like you need it, man Here, here! Help yourself! Get it into you, it’s good stuff! Wow, George, your place is stylin’ here, man

I’m making a few chops Making a couple bucks Don’t worry, I’ll be hooking you up large Doing alright, eh bro? – Oh, yeah! What do you got your hand out for? You want a little something? I can put something in your hand I told you I was going to treat you right, bro! There you go, man! Get that in you! Yeah… Oh man, its security

Fifth time this week If we have an inkling that there is a unit takeover somewhere and that the tenant is not responsive in opening the door or talking to us, we go to every door and we deliver some complaint forms to the tenants – to the other tenants who may be impacted, flyers on who to call in case of an emergency, some information from crime stoppers, and we also provide that to the unit where we believe the takeover to be, just so that the person gets a sense that, you know, everybody in this community is getting this information We may come at different times of the day We may speak loudly at the door once we finally do get the client to answer the door and talk with them and ask them how is it going with their guests; or “I noticed you have guests”; or “I’ve noticed that your door is broken, is there anything we can do?”; or we may say “the landlord is aware that there are a lot of people here and they’re getting frustrated That may lead to a potential eviction

” We may just provide the information that we’re hearing and hopefully through those conversations, come up with a plan [knocking] Hello – How's it going, George? It’s fine – I'm with building security I received some information that is a little concerning and I was wondering if I could come in to chat with you real quick

What is it about? – Well, some of your neighbours had some concerns about people coming and going from your unit I was checking some camera footage and I noticed some things, so I just want to follow up I’d rather talk to you inside because if I talk to you outside, the neighbours might hear our business It’s only going to take two minutes, if you don’t mind Well… that’s okay

– Okay Come on in – Thanks Hey George, I got to go, bro Thanks for letting me chill out, man

I got people to see, places to go, man You can stick around if you want – No, no man, I got to go You’re sure about that? – Yeah, yeah No, I got to go

Take care, George It was nice seeing you again – Are you… are you good buddies with George? Yeah, I’m good with him – How long have you guys known each other? Oh just a… few… a little while Don’t worry about it

I got to go, man Well you know, I just… I was wondering if you could help me with something No, he’s a big boy He can take care of himself – Okay

But you’re his friend, right? Yeah, yeah – But you’re not willing to help him right now? No, he’s a big boy He’s okay – But, you’re his friend? Yup – Okay, just making sure

Alright, you have yourself a good night – Okay Take care Hey George, who was your buddy who just took off in a hurry there? I don’t know him – You don’t know him? I don’t know him very much

– He was just in your house, right? Yeah – So He’s just a friend

– How long have you known him? A couple… a couple of weeks ago – A couple of weeks ago? Yeah – What's his name? I don’t know his name – You don’t know his name? No – How often does he come over? Once in a blue moon I see him

– Yeah? Yeah – And what does he come over for regularly? Or usually? Um… sometimes we smoke weed Sometimes we smoke crack Yeah? – Yeah Does he bring it for you? – Uh

sometimes Yeah? How’d you meet him? – I met him downtown Downtown? – Yeah

Okay Does he ever show up unannounced? Uh… sometimes, yeah – Yeah? Yeah – And do you let him in? Yeah – Are you afraid of him at all? A little bit

– Yeah? Yeah So, the reason I’m asking these questions, okay, is because some of your neighbours have expressed some concerns, saying that there’s a lot of people coming to your unit and they’re just fearful that something might be happening to you So they wanted me to follow up with you and see how you’re doing And now, just having spoken to you about this gentleman that just left, whom we don’t know what his name is… there’s some red flags, right? So, we want to manage this situation – Okay

Okay? So, what I can do for you now is I’m going to put a report in just highlighting that there are some concerns I’m going to send it off to some supportive staff Okay They might want to follow up with you, ask some more questions, gather some more information, connect you with some external resources, okay? Okay At the same time, I’m going to send an email to my team

Okay – Okay? Let them know that we had this conversation, and ask them if they can drop by every so often and check up on you, if you’re okay with that Mhm – Yeah? Yeah – Okay

Now, do you have a phone? Yes, I do – Yeah? Do you have our phone number? No, I don’t – Okay, I’m going to give you our phone number Okay If you cannot access your phone for whatever reason – if somebody happens to come over and you feel uncomfortable accessing your phone – you can go down the hallway

There’s an emergency button in the elevator You push the button and it activates our dispatch Let them know what’s happening They’ll dispatch us and we’ll attend to your house, okay? – Okay You’re good with that? – Yep

Alright George, take care – Thank you If you find that you’re kind of hitting a wall and the person is becoming defensive, generally I just end the conversation for that day and I’ll say I have another appointment but that I’ll come back and I’ll come in and check on them and to see how they’re doing and maybe I can meet their guests, if they’re okay with that Just to let them know that, you know, we’re going to keep being in the picture

So… if that makes them uncomfortable and makes their guests uncomfortable, sometimes that’s, you know, that’s how sometimes people leave So, the after care is very important and is a key component to the home takeover It’s important to let the client know that they can access supports, they can access counselling and to even talk with the landlord to change the locks is a huge component [knocking] Hi, George How’s it going? – I’m really, like down and out

Yeah? – Yeah Do you mind if I come in to have our meeting? – No, come on in Thank you Sorry about the mess – Oh don't be sorry

I’ve seen way worse! So, how’ve you been, George lately? Oh… pretty down and out – Yeah Because um… all my friends left me and… they’re into drugs and alcohol and that’s what I’m into myself and I’m trying to get out of it Okay – So… and um… I miss doing it

But I have to go to these places where they can help me get out of the drug problems Okay And would you like me to help you do some research into that? Have you done any looking around into resources? – Yes, I have Yeah? Okay And on top of the addiction problem, how’s your safety lately? Because I know people were coming in and out of this apartment with their own keys… Yeah

I want to get a new lock on the door – Okay Because I know that one of my friends has the key for the lock and I’ve been trying to get the key back from him Okay So how about we start with looking into the resources for the addiction and then we’ll start looking into making a safety plan for your place, including changing your lock

Okay – Okay But first, how about we try to clean this place up a bit? Okay – Okay?


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