How can we make sure that we maintain control over social media?

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Regularly we talk about the negative influence of social media Youngsters make sure that they look perfect on social media, subsequently other youngsters want to meet those standards too and because of that get into problems, like eating disorders And think of the chocking game because of which several youngsters have already died If we talk about the influence of social media than we quickly think of children and youngsters But we shouldn’t forget the adults in this

Think especially of how adults use WhatsApp while driving More and more accidents happen because people watch their phones instead of the road, even though they know how dangerous this is And not only while driving, but also while working people think it is very hard not to check whether they got some new messages or whether some of their messages were liked There are even discussions now on whether employers should allow this Should employers allow their employees to use social media while working? I think that this is a very funny question because it shows that people cannot live even a few hours without social media

I assume that everybody takes brakes, so that means that if you check your messages before work, after work and during your break, then you would check it about each four hours However, for some people obviously this still isn’t enough So when we think about this, this can easily be compared to an addiction For example alcohol Suppose you are allowed to drink alcohol before work, after work and during your break

But according to you this isn’t enough yet, you need to drink some while working too Everyone would say that you have a problem Nevertheless, in case of social media we somehow think that this is normal behaviour That is odd Some people even really need to stop visiting social media, but other people can manage their lives perfectly including social media and like it too

Nevertheless, even for them it is a bit addictive too And also in such cases it is good to ask yourself whether you are still in control over social media, or that social media controls you I think that this starts with taking a very honest look at yourself If your really need to look at social media each day because you really need to know whether you have received some new messages or whether some people have liked your messages, than something is wrong Subsequently, it is only a matter of making a choice

If people want to stop smoking than they need to make that choice too, even though that’s really hard In the same way you can make the choice to not watch your phone while driving and while working And I think that if you really teach yourself not to watch your phone when you feel that you really need to That you choose to only watch your phone at a moment that is convenient for you and the people around you In that way slowly you will feel less urge to always check your phone

And of course this isn’t easy, but to lessen or even to stop with other addictions is difficult too And if the word ‘addiction’ still feels a bit uncomfortable to you when it comes to social media, then just compare your urge for social media to an urge for alcohol In that way you can draw your own conclusions And then back to the youngsters We can easily tell them too to just make the choice to only watch their phones when that is convenient for them and for others

However, for them this is a lot more complicated because their brains aren’t fully mature yet and thus there are some ways of rational thinking that they just cannot do yet So in case of children and youngsters it is very important that parents and teachers teach them what is a healthy way to handle social media In that way for them this is part of growing up so that, hopefully, when they become adults, they know how to handle social media in a healthy way So let’s make sure that we maintain control over social media and not the other way around, otherwise it we will end up in difficult situations, just as in case with other addictions Social media can be a lot of fun, let’s make sure that it stays that way

These are my ideas Let me know what you think, on Belicons or on YouTube And don't forget to mention your arguments of course I'm really curious and I will see you next week Bye!


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