How I Beat My Addiction to Soda (2-3 Liters A Day)

Hey everybody, and welcome to the video Today we're going to be talking about how to kick the soda habit, my favorite TV Shows, and what we've got going on this Memorial Day

Let's get into it So how is everybody doing this week? I've been having an excellent week I don't know if you notice anything different about the camera, I was actually making a different video Not sure if it'll be out yet or not Making an explore video for Portland, for downtown Portland and I rented this camera that I've had my eye on for quite a while

I thought it'd be fun to use an actual 'big boy' camera and have a little bit of a bigger production explore episode for everybody So far it's been a lot of fun, I went around and shot it a couple of days ago but I have the camera for the whole weekend, so I figured I would make the walk with me episode this week on the camera as well If anyone is watching this on the Monday that it comes out I hope you're having an awesome Memorial Day I actually just got done making a different video talking about ways to stay on track during summer cookouts and bbq's If you haven't watched it yet, before you go out for the day be sure to do so

I'll put a link down below, and probably somewhere up here Things have been falling in place nicely for me You know, getting used to the new routine, the new store, I know it doesn't look like it now but the weather has been pretty great Everything's been going really well this week My schedule's been lightening up a little bit, so I actually had some time to watch TV for the first time in a few months

Masters of None season two just came out, I don't know if you guys watched the first one I love that show so much My wife and I took Saturday night off and just binge watched the first few episodes That show is seriously one of the best written shows I've seen in a long time One of the things I have been working on personally is lowering back a little bit on my caffeine intake

You know, I drink an obnoxious amount of coffee and have energy drinks probably way too much So something I've been doing lately is drinking more tea I don't think anyone really knows about it on here, I used to— I still am but I used to be a big fan of loose-leaf tea I drank it all the time and got really passionate about trying different kinds and kind-of getting that best tea experience I can So that's been really good, oolong is always my favorite kind of tea

I've been drinking a ton of that lately But this actually does bring me to my topic of the day, and that is how to kick a soda habit Back at my heaviest, I used to drink almost exclusively mountain dew and apple juice I'd get those extreme gulps from 7-11 when I was going into work, they were like 64oz I would get at least one of those a day, and I'd usually have a few more glasses of soda at a restaurant when I got off work

I just had— I drank so much soda And honestly, one of the best ways I've been able to combat my old soda addiction was getting really passionate about other drinks that don't have calories I don't know if you guys saw my morning routine video, but in that I show my Aeropress that I use every day to make my coffee I take the time to make the best cup of coffee I can, and take time to find really good coffee beans Just did a lot of research and really took a lot of pride in my beverage making

Between that and loose-leaf tea, and drinking more water, feeling passionate about what you're drinking really helped me get away from the soda A little bit of a side note with the— with the coffee, drinking the better quality coffee was the only thing that let me get through and start drinking my coffee black I never thought I would be a black coffee sort-of person, but once I started getting better quality beans and brewing my coffee properly, it tastes so good on its own, I will honestly say I would always rather have my coffee black than with cream or sugar So that's probably my #1 tip for anyone that's struggling to get away from the soda drinking Get passionate about what you're drinking

Invest your time into making the best quality tea, the best quality coffee, making sure to always have ice in your water if you like your drinks cold Taking those extra steps to make the other drinks taste good will have the biggest impact on not caring about drinking soda I still have soda on a regular basis, I might have a couple a week, versus a couple liters every day So if there's anyone out there like me, feel free to reach out, I would love to talk my favorite tea shops, or coffee beans, or anything like that, so leave me a comment down below asking We can get a discussion going about our favorite coffee and tea

But that is going to be it If you are new here, be sure to subscribe, I put out new videos every Monday and Friday Be sure to give the video a like if you did enjoy it, it helps me out so much Until next time, I will talk to you all later Have a good one


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