How to Overcome Tobacco Addictions | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 2 Episode 7

GWEN SHAMBLIN: Praise God! Here we are, itís another Wednesday What a wonderful day to be alive

It is absolutely gorgeous outside It is gorgeous today and a gorgeous audience, and I praise God for all of you who are watching This is Overcoming Addictions, and we are going to be talking about smoking today So Iíve got some shout-outs before we get into this, and this is Noni Polivka in Memphis I wanted to say hi to you, Noni

You are just getting started with a class, and you have been asking for prayers and encouragement For those who do not know, that are on Facebook or whatever, we do have a prayer request thing, and we want that prayer request thing to be about us trying to overcome and get it right for God I know a lot of people want to put on there to pray for my grandmother or pray for this And some of that is okay, but the point is where do you go where it is about taking all your heart, soul and mind and strength first to get it right in here That is our emphasis

That is the emphasis of that entire Facebook, and I never want it to change I also want to say hello to Megan DeVere from Michigan, and she has lost 45 lbs since June and will be attending in Grand Rapids, Michigan this weekend, which Candace can give you some more information on that, because she is going to be going up there So hello to you, Megan! Then David, hello! David Lachosa in Madrid, Spain, you have been over here before; I remember you I know you, and you have lost 60 lbs you just told us in the last couple of months, and you are asking for prayers to keep your focus We will absolutely honor that request

Hello to all of you Greetings to all of you out there close by and around the world We are all in the same place We are here to overcome overeating, overcome any addiction, and overcome the world so that we can worship God So letís talk about smoking for just a minute, and tobacco

It is definitely an issue in the world Worldwide it is one in ten adultsóthat is one in ten adults are smokers in the world But did you know that in the United States the number of smokers is about double, at one in fiveóone in five So that is a lot Every fifth person you know has an addiction to tobacco or something related

Now these tobacco-related illnesses kill 443,000 US citizens per year Is that not something? That is close to half a million In other words, tobacco use kills more Americans than World War I and the Vietnam War combined

So it is a lot, a lot of people who are dying from that Tobacco use causes more than five million deaths a year, and for every one person who dies from smoking, twenty more suffer a smoking-related illness So there is a lot more going on than just people passing away here Many diseases are linked to tobacco, and I think you know that If you have been a smoker, you probably picked up on that

But all you parents need to be listsening to this, and I want to remind those who have this addiction, because this is helpful to help you get out of it But nicotine is related to, obviously, cardiovascular diseaseóit accelerates thatóand people having a stroke, lung cancer and any kind of lungóasthma or all kinds of lung issues are a problem Then there is cancer of the kidney I do not know if you know that it is associated with kidneys, but it is Then there is cancer of the larynx, the neck, the mouth and also is now linked with breast cancer

On the average smokers die thirteen to fourteen years earlier than non-smokers, and that is a fact, it is just a fact So you are asking for your life span to drop by thirteen or fourteen years Well, how does it all get started? How does someone even get started on inhaling smoke It is kind of a wild concept if you even think about it But the cigarette industry spends thirty-four million dollars a day on advertising and promotion, but you cannot even blame that

You cannot blame the tobacco companies About one in five high school students smoke, and about half of those who start smoking as an adolescent will continue to smoke for the next fifteen or twenty years So if you want a clue, that is kind of Anybody I have ever asked started smoking at a pretty early age, or something they experimented with early Why would a child pick up a cigarette or a tobacco habit, especially knowing that many are allergic to the smoke when they get started, and it is nauseating those first few weeks or even months after use I mean it just makes you sick So why would somebody do that? What would make them do that? Well, for one, they imitate the parents, obviously I would say most of these, they have seen an adult who did it, and they wanted to imitate

That is what we doówe imitate our parents But what if the parent does not smoke? How could this be a temptation? Well, to the adolescent it is known to be wrong and rebellious, so it is a sign that you are above authority And, to the average child who has not been taught about how scary that is, who knows no bounds or fears about that, who does not know that anti-authority blocks salvation They have not been taught that, and most people have not, most children have not, then they are enthralled with such a bold, daring move So even those trained up under authority that they believe in authority in this country, but without that connection to God, the lack of His favor or salvation, they can get involved

How is that? How do we have so many children who understand authority, but they go after it? It is because first of all, their first reaction is that they are shocked when they see another child do it, one of their peers Then after that, they go well, they got away with it, so they are impressed with that boldness, they are impressed withwow! So then later then they are tempted to join in and follow their peers and play around with the shocking anti-authority smoking so they can impress someone else and so that they can fit in with peer pressure, with the thrill of living dangerously or with the added benefit of attention for the shock factor

So this starts adolescents on the wrong path Smoking is just that symbol of cool insurgence Children are lost, and they just do not know how to find maturity So it is all a test and an irony, for in the eyes of the ignorant or those who respect authority, those would not even dare smoke, they look brain dead, and they appear like the ones that are goody two shoes, they appear like frightful disgusting people pleasers They are like timid

They are too scared to ever stand up to authority But only those who are trained up that God is everything and that nothing that God is opposed to, like regular smoking, or tobacco use, they are going to be the ones who are disgusted and stand up to itóonly that category, and that is my experience That makes sense now, because the lowest percentage of smokers in the US are in like Asian communities, because the majority of those are raised up in a religion that has an absolute

It teaches that it is wrong at a young age, and it is totally against the will of God in their religion, so they have the lowest smoking incidence in this country and probably in the world Others who get caught up in smoking as they experiment with smoking illicit drugs like marijuana, so you have parents who did it, peer pressure, and then you have got people experimenting with other feelings that they get from this The addiction to tobacco or smoking is related to food addiction, and that it is hand to mouthónotice that

And it is a hunger for the soul It is like food in that you are confused that putting something into your mouth will fill you up or calm your nerves or your fears It is not going to do anything for you The way to unlock addictions is to get to the root attractions An untrained child fears rejection of the peers more than rejection of the parents and God

They have no fear of hurting the body They have not been taught that either The first thing to teach, then, to prevent thisólet us talk about preventing smoking for your own children or grandchildren The first thing to teach is the fear of God, a loving fear of God And make sure that it over the fear of man

Then teaching them that if you will do that then, if you will fear God first and obey Him, then God will lift you up with men But no matter how hard you try to impress your peers, it is never going to work It is never going to work So if you fear God you must know how God hates for you to hurt the body, and that is in II Corinthians 3:16, that if you destroy the body, then God is going to destroy you, and that is a very, very scary scripture So God is totally opposed to you tearing down what He has created

If He creates it, you do not have the right to destroy this body Now the truth is that peers do not respect you if you follow themóIím talking to you kids out there They do not respect you if you follow them, because they know down deep that they have no answers So peers respect those who do not follow them, and they do stand up to them It is appropriate, when asked, to let the peers know that it is not the fear of man

It is not because I fear the teacher, it is because I fear God I do not want to hurt the Creator of the universe, so I am hoping that children raised up in the truth can start helping other children stop smoking And they go why? Why are you worried about it? Because I am afraid of losing a relationship with the Creator so I can get my prayers answered This is how I live It is my everything

It is better than smoking, it is better than a drug It is better than anything else in the world So they use this as an evangelistic tool You are being watchedóeveryone isóand if you are different then they are fascinated or they are curious why you do not worship the same thing they worship or why you do not worship the praise of man I think it is probably the most fascinating thing to most people is how people can stand up and be an individual and be upright in the midst of the peer pressure to join in with the peers

So they reject your presence If you are a child know that you may not be asked to all the parties, you may not be asked to be in their presence all the time, but that is not because they do not like you, but it is because your presence, if you are joining in, is convicting, and they do not know how to handle the uncomfortable pain that comes with that conviction So you need to learn to hang in there and then find peers Do not worry about not going to those parties, because some of those kids are so strung out anyway that they are not going to remember who was there in the years to come I do not remember any of those high school parties, and no one does But you will know as time goes on if you pick the right friends and you pick the ones who are also wanting to do what is right, you will at least be alive and be ahead and be so ahead of these kids who are experimenting with anti-authority Conviction is painfulójust remember that Do not take it personally

Learn not to take it personally, and it is painful because down deep they know that it is connected, really, with condemnation, that you like stood up against something like that It worries them down deep that they really are doing something wrong before God So if it is not handled correctly, the way you are doing this, then you could really get some persecution, so just pray to God on how to come across Like any addiction or stronghold, it is hard to stop once you have gotten started So help your children, parents; kids, help yourself

Do not get started Approximately seventy percent of the smokers want to quit once you get started, and about forty percent of smokers try to quit every year, using patches and all other things But of course of those who try to quit, only about seven percent at best can stay away from the habit that they have been doing for a year, and that is about the best statistic they have got And the vast majority do not even make it even a week without their stronghold All in all, all addictions have the same stakes and the same things, because no one realizes out there when you go to medicine or you go to the nicotine patches and all that kind of stuff, they do not know that it is related to a connection of your soul to Godís soul

They do not know why you are doing this So Weigh Down has helped thousands break free, for it is Godís way to break free of this incredible stronghold So how do you do it? You go back to the basics, even Weigh Down Basics would be a great place to start today Pick it up and take that class, and all you do is you substitute tobacco with food when I am talking about food, you know for you that I am referring to this hand to mouthóI am referring to that And when you feel the urge to smoke or to chew tobacco, you run to the Word of God, maybe on your phone, it may be whatever, but you are just running to God in prayer

You are getting away from it And make a plan for these times, and I cannot emphasize this enough, and Iíve done this all my life, sitting down long enough, and it is usually in the night, to pre-plan If you could take notes, you can remember what you are going to do But pre-plan what you are going to do when you get into the middle of that temptation, because if you wait until the middle of that temptation, then you are into it But you have got to get those things out of your house

Knowing people who are not sure that they want to completely change, they have got something hidden somewhere They know in that coat pocket over there is some, and there is some back in that glove compartment You have got to get them out everywhere once you decide to make that change, once you break it, then you have got to clean it out And then once you break the pattern, though, if you can just break that pattern for one day, then two days in a row, get help from everywhere and break that pattern You are going to be surprised that after even two days of doing that and determining how much you can do in even two days, then the urge is going down, and then you are on your way to fill up that urge with God

And His Spirit is so strong His presence is so strong And He is the great anti-smoking behavior modification specialist You can go and He will give you ideas He will be giving you a way of escape when you pray and go, ìGod, help me

î No temptation has come to you that cannot be broken You can do this You can stop You have got to want to So let us bring up our cohost, Candace Anger, with our guest today who has not only broken free from weight but also from a tobacco habitóDeah Hayden, welcome home! Thank you for joining us, and have a seat and let us start with the weight

So you are how many pounds smaller? DEAH HAYDEN: Well, I have lost 25 lbs through the Weigh Down Workshop, and that started in 1998, and I started the classes GWEN: 1998! DEAH: 1998 There was this sweet lady from work, and she was all excited, and she was talking about the Weigh Down Workshop, and I was at my lowest point in life, and I just knew that that would be the answer, just by hearing the Weigh Down Workshop And I called the 1-800 number and started classes, and before the first class started I found out I was pregnant with my first child, so I was kind of wondering how this was all going to work, you know, diet and being pregnant, but all of that just worked out just perfectly, and I lost 25 lbs during the whole pregnancy, actually Then just started going from there with laying down other strongholds and addictions from that point

GWEN: So you used Weigh Down to move to the next thing DEAH: Absolutely GWEN:

which is what people do I mean a lot of people think well, it needs to be a second program, but all in all, once you understand that what you are doing is stopping a behavior, then all those materials can be used But it does help to hear when you see someone else has done it

Okay, so you ran to God instead of, what was it, cigarettes? DEAH: Cigarettes So I picked cigarettes up when I was right out of high school GWEN: Okay, so you were one of those DEAH: Teens, I was one of those GWEN: Did you identify with a little bit of what I was saying? DEAH: First of all, oh my goodness, how do you know? I was telling Candace, ìShe is telling my whole life story up thereî CANDACE: She goes, ìHow does she know that?î DEAH: It is just amazing! She wasnít there in my high school to know me then GWEN: Well that is all God, trust me DEAH: It is just amazing, but yes, I can identify with all of that, that you were saying, especially just wanting to be cool, and I started college right out of high school, so there were a lot of stresses and anxiety with that, and I picked them up

I was offered that, so I took it So I smoked about a half a pack a day for eighteen years, and I quit in ë05 GWEN: Wow! So you lost the weight first, then God convicted you that, itís like you cannot sit there and say, ìLook, girls, I have lost all this weight,î and then blow from your cigarette Ha, ha DEAH: It is really funny you said that

Yeah, because I was having Weigh Down classes in my home all those years while I was still smoking Even right before class would start, you know, I would be smoking a cigarette It was just so pretty ridiculous GWEN: The Holy Spirit of our precious God finally said, you know, that that might be a little confusing to some of the participants So anyway, so God convicted you

DEAH: Absolutely GWEN: And then at that point you started Tell us about, because I have heard it many different ways, but did you go pretty quickly with it, once you got convicted? DEAH: Yeah

I did think about it, and Iím like how am I going to do this? Well, I started thinking about how I lost the weight, and I knew that I could not just drip, drip, because I did not do that with the weight I just went all the way So that was the way I approached the cigarettes as well So I just laid them down, but I did pick them up a week or two later, and I remember one occasion particularly I thought well, if I used to smoke half a pack a day

If I just pick one up that is not going to be that big of a deal Well, I did and it was a big deal I picked that cigarette up and I could not make it to work God allowed me to have what is called pleurisy, and I had to not go to work that day, and go to the doctor instead to get pain pills because the pain was so intense So that was one

GWEN: What a good God! DEAH: Good God, yes GWEN: How sweet can you get? He wanted so badly for you to lay that down that He did that for you DEAH: Yes, absolutely

And I did connect the dots with that immediately I was very scared And after that I just thought well, I am going to do this, and I got them out of the house, and I did not go back I do not have a pull to cigarettes anymore GWEN: Of course

Did it take the 28 day period, probably, to DEAH: I believe it probably did take about 28 days to just suffer and get in there and choose God over the cigarettes just like I did the food So I did that, and that is probably when I picked that one up and did not want to suffer, but then I was suffering more

GWEN: He intensified it DEAH: Absolutely So just laid them down I did probably take a good month GWEN: I am sure there are horror stories out there like, oh you are going to have the shakes, you are going to have this

And I am not saying that there is not some of that, like should you use the nicotine patch, and all that kind of stuff But here is the thing, is most of that shaking and the nerves and all that, you can say nicotine, but I say the body is really trying to get that out of the system It is literally nerve wracking when you are fighting spiritual battles Spiritual battles can cause part of that nervousness, and then when you are not ready or you do not know how to cry out to God You know, you see these people who do not have God are going to experience a lot more problems than we would, but at the same time, did you feel some of the shakes, or DEAH: I did

GWEN: How long did that last? DEAH: Probably a good month Probably the whole time I was making this transition from the cigarettes over to the relationship with God Then He just would calm that down as the days went on, and it felt so much better I remember my children said, ìYou used to just smell, Mamaî You know, you did not smell good

Then just to have that was just so embarrassing GWEN: The rewards would come back in when you obeyed You get the compliments from the children, or one thing after another DEAH: Yes GWEN: The rewards, the jewels

DEAH: Absolutely, and just feeling better Not waking up in the middle of the night with this hacking cough and all of that that goes with smoking It is just no fun, and it is not what God intended God does not want more smoke in our lungs He does not want all that extra food in our bodies, because He has made it that way

GWEN: Thatís good Okay then, Candace you do not have a testimony do you? CANDACE: I did not I tried to hard to be cool and smoke, but I cannot do it But I have a list of other strongholds I wrote them all down

It was like one at a time though GWEN: I did not have it, but my dad did CANDACE: I texted my sister this morning My sister has fought with it, and she is a ballet dancer, always trying to keep her weight down when she was younger So I just love Weigh Down, because itís like He does take you from, like she was saying, one step to another where the class then applies to this stronghold or this stronghold or this stronghold

GWEN: It is sweet, because it is like He does not overwhelm you, and then you are laying the world down And it is like He has got your hands like this around the world, and He takes that finger off and that finger off and that You know

It is just so beautiful God is so good He is so kind He is so longsuffering He is so there though, and people are not utilizing Him

I think the main thing is that people are not making a determination They go, ìWhatís wrong with me? Whatís wrong with me?î Well, you never did You are the ìI have toî versus the ìI want toî person

I look back at the stuff that God inspired me to write back when I was in my twenties and all, and I just cannot believe I mean, you could take the Bible totally out of it, and I had all these other words Even though I was in the Bible, but just the ìI have toî versus the ìI want toî person, what in the world? And that is literally the whole crux of religion is that you are either in a group where you have to do this, which is the way I was being raised, and nobody was really sure of the rules

You know, ìDoes God like dancing or not like dancing?î You know? And my parents were confused, and one thought one way and one thought the other, so well, if no one sees you Just do not get in a picture at the high school dance or I mean there were so many things, and you finally get to a religion, the true religion of God Almighty and His son Jesus Christ And I really wish we could just watch Jesus walk the streets, because I believe you would be seeing a man walking the streets that is like happy and just like I want to do this for God The world has got to know that I love the Father and I do exactly what He has commanded I do exactlyóexactly

So what I love about this testimony with Deah is that you have decided to do it, go all in, and that was the biggest words for today I want to go all in It is the people holding off, holding on a little part of their heart, or they hear what they have to do, like the rich young ruler, and they go away sorrowful It is like come on! You know, come on, man! I hear there is a show out there called ìCome On Manî or whatever, but come on! You have already tried everything elseówhat would be wrong with trying Look, if you want to get back out, you can get back out I mean it is not like God is not going to make you stay He is always allowing you to go in, go out, or whatever But why not try all the way? Look at the resultsó25 lbs down, even in a pregnancy, and then stopping the smoking

So going all in, God filling you up, taking care of whatever reactions that you had or whatever DEAH: That is truly when all the joy comes in, is when you go all in, a hundred percent GWEN: With any of it, whatever is your stronghold, is getting disgusted enough with it You are disgusted enough with it Okay, so like it says, that God goes back and punishes those who, be sure that your sins, that you will be punished

And that is, like you said, years later Then you had to go back in and go to the skin doctors DEAH: I did That is very, very scary What happened was years later this little spot came up on my lip, and they said that it was from the sun, but I really feel deep down in my heart that it was God allowing that consequence of smoking all those years

I had to have surgery and get it all fixed, and it all looks good right now But I stay very humble and very GWEN: It was a scary moment

I remember when you came to me about that DEAH: Yes Just by the grace of God he allowed all that to be fixed, and it is all gone GWEN: I praise God for that DEAH: I praise God for that

GWEN: But it is a reminder of going back in there now Look at the grace I have given you But to go back in there and just But we have done it to ourselves, and we are scared, but we have been told all our lives that this stuff is Because my dad stopped at age 30 I mean he had gone backóhe was a physician, and then he went back for a specialty that took him quite a few years to get

But he stopped during that And I am sure with all he was learning and all that, because when he was growing up everybody smoked It was on every movie Everybody smoked So it is just what you did

But anyway, so years later it did come back He died at a young age He lost those years It was a spot in his lung, and it metastasized to the liver and colon So that is the thing, is that you are playing around with something

But you know God hears your fears God knows And if you will just jump all in And I am so praising God that He healed you with this So I just love God so much He puts up with so much down here on earth, and I am so ready for this earth to get cleaned up for Him Are you all? I am so ready I am so ready to get it right

It is ridiculous for Him to put up with It is, it is just so unfair to Him It is so stinking unfair for God, all that He has to put up with And what He sees You know, everybody cleans up for each other

There is no telling what He sees at night behind closed doors, and I do not want to know about it So that is all I can say, but I do feel for God, and I do feel like that we can make a difference So it is not only about you It is not about you I mean look at this, how Deah is helping all these other people with weight and addictions

And you can do itand the joys, that is what she is saying, write it down The joy is when you go all in, that is where the joy is

DEAH: Absolutely And life is just so beautiful now with all the blessings that He has given me and this truth that I found here at the Remnant and Weigh Down and my children and my husband And we are all just walking in this love together and obedience to God I am very sorry to God for what I did put Him through, and I praise God for Him having mercy on me And I just want to make Him happy the rest of my days

GWEN: Yes And now, have your children been tempted to pick up tobacco? DEAH: No maíam GWEN: Is that not amazing? So you are stopping that generational curse So they are going to have a longer life, and they will be even more productive at work, and they will not have those insecurities So the irony about smoking is that it is so cool, you think, when you are in high school

But then as soon as you become an adult, it is so uncool, so you are doing everything to hide it That is why they have all those little laws up inside the jet airplane interesting the bathroom Anybody caught sneaking one of these things in here But everybody sneaks away You sneak away when you get to be an adult, so why pick up something It is like the overeating is embarrassing

That is why you want to do it in the privacy of your own home You want everybody to go away so that it is just you and your idol DEAH: It is very embarrassing I did the same thing I would hide my cigarettes, and I do not even know if my parents ever knew I smoked for eighteen years, because it was too embarrassing to be smoking around them

GWEN: Well, we wonít let them watch Episode Seven! We will give them another episode But no, yeah you did not want them to know DEAH: I did not want them to know I did not want certain people to know, some of my friends that I hung around with, I did not want them to know It was just embarrassing

GWEN: Then there comes the mouthwash, and there comes the You know, it is kind of like people who drink too much alcohol They are always trying to cover it up, but it does not really work, to be quite honest

DEAH: Right GWEN: If somebody is suspecting it they could tell So it is one of those things But is it not ironic, the thing that you thought was going to make you cool makes you uncool So I was trying to get through these kids

Did you all hear me, all you kids out there watching this? Do not smoke! Do not do it! Do not go after that And all those people, they would give their right arm had they never started who have had such trouble And the expense of it! I mean it is expensive DEAH: Oooo, I do not even want to go there I do not want to go there

Just so people will not go there, I used tothat would be the first part of my check when I was right out of high school, was to that carton of cigarettes Embarrassing

Embarrassing Now I just want to give my money to God or buy things for other people, but never again will I spend it on an idol GWEN: Well said Well said Well okay, hey, this is a start, is it not? Was that not good? Was that a good testimony? Okay, we have got announcements

I wanted to, as we are wrapping this up today, and thank you for joining us, but we have more going on this weekend We have a group going up to Michigan, and if you are anywhere near Michigan and you are watching this show, then make sure you head toward Grand Rapids Give us some information CANDACE: Okay, on this Saturday morning, October 20, we are all going to be meeting at Sparta Civic Center in Sparta, which is right by Grand Rapids, and there are people who are coming from the UP, from Canada right up there, from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and like Gwen said, a whole group traveling up from Nashville And we are all going to meet there on Saturday morning at 9:30

That is Eastern time, and we are going to gather together there, and we are going to live webcast into the service down here So we will get to hear what Gwen shared, and then we might even get a chance to webcast in to you all Then we are going to have a fellowship lunch afterwards, and we are going to have testimonies for anybody who wants to share, and it is really exciting, because there are some people who we have never met before, and they have been on the Facebook class, and they are loving the class GWEN: That is fun! CANDACE: So they are going to come to meet everyone So we are super excited, so Carmen Perkins and Megan DeVere and I know I am saying her name wrong, but Ysua, I think that they are all coming, and Stephanie Brown and all

Kristin Warner, I hope you are there It is just so much fun I know there is close to 150 people who will be there So if you feel like there is safety in numbers, there will be a lot of people there, and you wonít stand out GWEN: And then maybe even more will show up if you all hear this and you all join in Michigan

Come on It is gorgeous It is a great time to see the trees Get in your car, go that way, and get some great fellowship What is a better use of your time than meeting up with Saints who have laid it down? There is no better use of your time

Let go of whatever your stronghold is Leave it back and go and fellowship with the Saints on a gorgeous fall day in Michigan, and we will all be together at the same time Then tonight we will have even some more testimonies here live for about addictions with tobacco So you know you do not want to miss tonight at 6 oíclock So join in and tune in for that

Then did we have any other announcements? CANDACE: No, I did put smoking into Truthstream today, and there are a couple of titles that will come up there Of course Gwen mentioned the Basics class, so if there is any way we can help anybody get signed up for the Basics class, if you are just like ready to go for it like they were saying, we could easily get you signed up today, and you can get going on that today GWEN: And the Weigh Down Basics class, even if you do not think you are ready to go for it, we can talk you into it So that is part of it Get on your knees

Let God talk you into going all the way, and when you go all the way, when you go, ìOkay God, I want to do that,î where there is a will to lay this down, God will provide a way And you too will be able to overcome! So thank you for joining us, and until next week, make sure you go to God for everything Love you guys! Thank you!


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