Like a thief Also known as Kleptomania Did you know Theft may have caused

Of mental symptoms as well Like a thief Also known as Kleptomania Actually, it is a psychiatric disease This is not the thief who steals the house stolen theft of the disease will be the same Actually, the people like to steal the disease

It usually has a gold property There is enough to use Do not steal because you want to have it But stealing because I feel comfortable The behavior of people who are like thieves

It is not planned to enter another house at 2 hit robbery But by the way, he usually grabs little things in his place It is not expensive or what he wants Before they start to steal People with this disease will be very stressful And when you steal, you will feel more comfortable

But after a while, I feel guilty for what I do Scared Or some people do not feel anything That the disease like the thief is a psychiatric disease Actually, it's about lack of self-restraint Do not do things that are not right

Like gambling addiction Illnesses like fire, drugs, shopping I do not know exactly where the disease came from But the study found that it may be caused by chemicals in the brain Together with learning I know that when stressed Theft and then more comfortable Or steal and feel good about yourself It also found that

The people like to steal Often there are other psychiatric disorders Such as depression, anxiety, repeated stresses Or use of alcohol and drugs Even the best treatment is still being studied

But the disease like thieves can be improved by using drugs Together with adaptive thinking and behavioral modification Like knowing yourself when stressed and wanting to steal Learn how to manage stress Or think of the consequences that would follow if the thief was caught

All of them are the duties of psychiatrists and psychologists So how to start the best in taking care of yourself When we suspect that someone around us may be a disease like theft Including other psychiatric disorders It is the medical experts to diagnose

And provide further guidance Should not diagnose myself or take medicine alone


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