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I called to see how my mother was doing, but he told me he kicked her out She's a kleptomaniac and a thief

She'll steal anything she sees She's your mother She gave birth to you! I don't want to keep hurting them What do we do with her then? You got fed up, so you don't care what happens to your mother Rosa is my wife

He's her partner now He claims to be a new vampire or something I'm the crazy one, yet he's the one who drinks my blood What are all those cuts from? Self-inflicted I like watching myself bleed

It makes me happy So you're an energy vampire Yes Are you kidding me? She's going to end up committing suicide You know what they say

"Play with fire and you'll get burned" Hello and welcome to "Case Closed" What could that be about? Let's see how it relates to our first case today

Bring out the litigants, please How could he throw out the person who gave birth to him out on the street? It's easy to make someone look like a heartless villain Hello and welcome Hi Jackeline, you're the plaintiff, and I believe that Hector is your brother, correct? Yes

Why are you suing him and what do you request in order to settle this case? Hello As you said, he's my brother I want Nestor to look after our mother because I can't I got a call from a shelter two weeks ago so I could go pick her up My mother is saving up money so she can go to Venezuela, but I don't want her to go

We don't have family or anyone in Venezuela who can take care of her and help control her Hang on a second Take care of her and help control her? Based on what you're saying, I'm forming an opinion already How old is your mother? She's 53 She's still young

What's wrong with her? She's sick She's a kleptomaniac and a thief She'll steal anything she sees You said she's a kleptomaniac Our mother is sick

You can't talk about her like that You know that's a problem Please don't start arguing You've been doing that already You came here to find a solution, not to argue

Very well What are you really saying? I'll tell you This didn't just start She's had this condition for a while The condition that your mother suffers from is kleptomania

76 00:03:52,366 –> 00:03:53,565 And mythomania I'm older than Nestor I remember as a kid that we'd go to the supermarket or some other store, my father would say to my mother whenever she tried to go near something He'd say to her, "You can look, but you can't touch" I thought it was funny because he treated her like a little girl Right When I was older, we went to a family gathering

I noticed that nobody liked my mother I've always been very close to her though My mother stole some toy cars from my friend's house They were collectibles Later on, I found those toy cars in my mother's bedroom, so I gave them back to my friend because she'd gone to school crying

So I gave them back to her and said I was sorry, that I just wanted to show them to my parents, that I didn't mean anything by it, and that I was returning them So my friend's parents called my mother to complain and made a huge deal My mother came into my room, gave me a hug and started crying Some time later my father explained to me that my mother was depressed She didn't want to leave her room and all she did was cry

So he sat down with me and said, "Sweetie, your mother is sick We have to be patient with her and be very kind to her We need to make sure she takes her medicine Please be patient Don't take anything from her

If she offers you candy at the supermarket, say no" So I listened to my father I was understanding, and I helped out with my brother I'd tell him not to accept anything so my mother wouldn't get in trouble Right

So four years later, my brother brought my parents here A year later, I came here too I got a divorce and I brought my two kids with me My mother wanted to help with all of these things that were happening So when I arrived here, my mother was so happy and she was doing well living with him

They had a flower shop franchise in Europe and Dubai They were doing well financially And I was happy about that because she was She was stable >> ESTABLE But her condition is chronic Today you're fine, but tomorrow you're not

It's unpredictable, and there is no cure That's just how it is So my mother stole some ribbons She'd been stealing some ribbons and the storeowner found out My father had a huge fight with my mother in front of the owner, which made him look stupid

So after this huge fight, my father died from a heart attack My mother got depressed again She was very depressed She didn't want to get out of bed, so I brought her to live with me And your children Yes She was happy living with us For one day

It doesn't matter how long, but she was happy with me So what happened? My mother wanted to me help me out, so she went to pick up my kids from day care So one time, my mother went to the supermarket to get I don't know what and stole some things Canned food and other items Stuff we didn't need at home

-She didn't need to steal -Right The security guards saw her and they went after her My mother got nervous, so she hid the stuff in my son's bag Then things got complicated

It's no longer theft She got a minor involved, so now it's child abuse She knew she couldn't Be quiet Hang on, please

Did the Department of Children and Family get involved? Yes I had to ask him to take our mother in because DCF said, "Your mother or your kids" Correct So I asked him to take her in Some days later, I called there to talk to my mother to see how she's doing, and Nestor told me he got fed up with her and kicked her out on the street and that he hadn't heard from her

So I got worried and went looking for her for three days I didn't hear from her at all until the shelter called me to go pick her up When I got there she was filthy and disheveled She hadn't eaten

She was crying So you want your brother to My mother is a good woman

She's not doing this I know it's a disease You want your brother to take her in because you can't because your kids are in danger

It would jeopardize you having custody of your kids if you took her in I don't want her to go back to Venezuela We have no family there You didn't go through what I did We don't have any family

We're going to take a short break When we return, you'll tell me what happened with your mother when she was living with you, okay? We'll be right back Every time I ask her why she's stealing things, she starts calling me a

Yet you still hit our mother CASE CLOSED


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