LEXI ADDICTED TO CANNED FOODS? + Mouthguard, Funny Upside Faces & Food Coloring Mess (FUNnel Vision)

Are you hungry? Yeah, you can eat all this are you sure yes? She's gonna eat all this now What's she gonna Okay shes redonkulous You done with your cans

[oh] can we go now yeah? Okay, come on push it Come on push Chase stop pushing, and that's why she can't do it Let's get out of here Seriously though You're gonna eat all these yeah oh This is for a canned food drive [yeah] I my school

We're collecting cans, and then we're donating it to a food bank [oh] nice, so this isn't you're not addicted Yeah, you're just addicted to giving yeah Oh, it's nice [and] half of these are from Mike's class [oh] That's very nice of you lex okay to the checkout [I] want to pick you want to pick my nose k 68 Rollback okay Flex I rolled them back there 60 cents now Come on

[let's] stock up duck duck duck goose Looks like you're doing lunges pushing something that someone will eat for their lunches Corny corny you like this Yeah I thought that Joke was kind of green bean II get it Nevermind here We go We Gotta buy [all] these a real closing No gum your we trying to get candy get canned It's too heavy Why are you making a little one pushing the big cut this is abuse that's child abuse

[oh], you can't stop it Yeah, you could turn it chase that's not too Heavy Oh, snap Come on Can you make the turn can you make it? Oh? Do you made it tis the season? We did this last year? Michael's teacher was crying She gave me a hug member remember your teacher was crying Gave me a hug even the principal was like

Oh my gosh I was expecting [more] of a reaction from the cashier [I] don't think she wanted to be on camera everyone else who came in the aisle was like Oh my gosh What do you all do should we see if these things are guarded right crash test let's see what happens Oh oh That was good All right 300 cans It's time for you to go to sleep

Go to sleep Go to sleep Guys are driving them off tomorrow [chase] is going sleepy right now no me and Lex are going to party and build a snowman really [no], there's no snow outside We're making our first turn guys I hope that it's good ok turn turn [turn] ah Chase fell over and so did some of the cans Not cool, not cool little help here little help here guys Nobody hey cheer up Can you guys behave please can you jeez good night? Michael's Gonna put out a little show for Chase you ready, hi My name is Jim

Chee Um I just wanted to say um [I'm] a derp my name is merp Hey That a good show Buddy was it like his first reaction to his face Or what [josh] [no]? I'm not I'm awesome Now It's chases

What's your name, sir? Slice slice, that's a nice Try [uh] how old are you fine? What's your favorite movie? again stop goosebumps Randy No one What's your favorite food? only nothing Nothing Tell me a story oh, thank you perfect time is this little guy named Glen seat say cheese quiche [a] [nosegay] walk I know Hi, say, I have oreos in my teeth Okay, Pikachu here's my fancy mouth Say Pokemons, go is so cool We've got some food coloring We're gonna Spell Mike here We go em Hi ah hey Alexis cool Plexus cool here we go change ready see hey hey e [Jace] Now how to make some sticky soda go ahead put it in and we can sell this stuff the grocery gang sticky Soda Tornado vacuum suction oh What that is so cool would you like some jumbo Cheerios? [laughs] you lay three spoons 50 bucks to whoever Takes a little bite of it Lexie's Gonna get it [little] straight from her

Oh like No way, okay change you're going first [Heiko] you [gotta] get a big spoon feel from the bottom go go go oh I'm Gonna Help Mike out here Mike We'll get Lexi's [foo] I mark get set go eat it All right, this is round two round one we put in a different video You can click on the card over [here], but two minutes 30 seconds on the clock Oh, you can use two hands this time 15 seconds Left [4] [3] [2] [1] Water all right? What's your scores? Oh my God 16? Legs [Scott] 16 Chase got four no, so now 5d no just kidding are so Mike Alex have to do a tiebreaker I'm counting to 20 seconds I am mark get set go 20 21 22 17 16 3 2 I'm kind of you fast one three

Lexi got alright lex you get to Spin the wheel Give someone a me it reverses it here's my wedgie That's all [cries] [all] [right] Spin again Not watch a movie [uh] virtual body Spin short stuff What do you get by anything at target that cost $30 or less? What need to get hit Pokemon gourds [no]? Or you can get an in-app purchase purchase purchase But you don't have a spin though No, you guys people Mustache people I'm not one person not people Burn, this is Gross

Oh And that's not it [I] gotta go through it and find the toys I Don't see any I don't see any one Osso, Drone oh mustard bottle to play out Three well, they're all over here [oh] is this one [oh] That's a potato Shawn there's only a hundred and forty year that means we lost That many in the woods Don't I can't find Shawn wait no, no, I like I lost him he got out of the car and he's gone I had to get out just go that way


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