Hi my name's Lia, I'm from Phoenix Arizona I'm addicted to tattoo I've been getting tattoos my whole life it all started when I was 10 years old I went to the grocery store, and I saw a man with a tattoo at first I thought as that a drawing on his skin? , and I really liked drawing and I wanted to draw on myself, too So when I was 10 years old my mom and dad took me to get my first tattoo I just loved the way it felt now I do them myself at home

I would consider myself a professional aahhh It's so beautiful I got my first tattoo when I was 10 years old the place was really cool And I'm surprised they didn't ID me I went in with my mom my dad, and they were ok with it And that's how this obsession started I got this one in sixth grade when I beat the Nightmare Before Christmas level in kingdom hearts I got the pumpkins because I like pumpkins I didn't do the back arm cause my boyfriend likes to grab my arm fat and he's like nah Baby keep that part for me I got this one It means neck in Arabic it really adds a nice touch to my chokers I got another sleeve on this side I don't really know all of these are oh? OH AWW it's a flower I know what that is and all that it doesn't have to mean anything as long as it's aesthetically pleasing to look at my Inspiration for getting these sleeves is because my favorite band Avenged Sevenfold they all have sleeves and i wanted sleeves And i'm not talking about the ones on a shirt I got this intricate little piece to symbolize how intricate life is and how? Sensitive I am I know all these tattoos Make me look tough on the outside, but I'm actually very sensitive I like to wear flower crowns and listen to Lana Del Rey in my room and cry hey this actually looks pretty cute the fuck But there's more I got a green trout over here not to be confused with a koi fish Or a green goldfish my sister was supposed to get the same exact tattoo as me But puts it out last second and left I put a clock in it because time is very important some cards because I play blackjack in Vegas once And I want $100 is my first and only time yeah boy a tiger or a panther It's it's an animal it's a strong female animal and a dreamcatcher I know a lot of girls have dream catchers on their legs, but mine is different, okay? I'm not like those other girls mine is actually very meaningful So then what does it mean it means none of your damn business? I got it when I was 16, okay? And don't forget these two on the backs of my legs I'm not really sure what they are

I can't really see them, um but Their colorful, and I thought they're cool, and I wanted people to see that I'm a badass from behind Okay, not just the front not just my arms, but like what I'm wearing shorts something like turned around I wanted people know I'm the real deal, but it's just gotten so bad I don't know what to do anymore my tattoos They're peeling off I know every temporary tattooer or faces this problem But it's just been making me so depressed And then it's like when the tattoos are off I missed them I don't know what to do in you I can't breathe if I don't have my tattoos I might die I eat sleep and breathe tattoos damn y'all had enough yet? No Let's watch some real my strange addiction I'm Belinda what's up Belinda portland's I'm 29 years old and I have a rock habits This one is sharp

This is a special because it's green I hold up This is a special rock because it's green um Excuse me I don't know if my eyes are working properly, but I'm pretty sure that's like a grayish Brown Oh yes Yes, yes, but it has Hints of green I'd like the smooth ones almost like the worry stones people used to have My musics pretty lit Why does Belinda get music I've never seen one of these episodes with some Lydia asked music like this I mean so she got a problem collecting rocks I mean lots of people collect rocks I mean she's just picking up any other stone and collecting it Northwest I really respect nature a lot, and maybe the rock There's a connection for me with nature Look at Minnie's Rock

She got they don't even look like special rocks It's just any smooth rock she finds I'm gonna pick that up and put it in my collection You my baby now I mean if there were cool-looking rocks I wouldn't be sitting here judging, but why she got a big-ass Drake jacket to used to collect rocks outside Me gives me a good energy I can feel it just holding them in my hands I feel more balanced insanity Hey peace what I'm walking around the city in private yards sometimes I see rocks or in driveways I dropped something and then you know bend down and quickly grab the rock

Oh my god No, no excuse me Ma'am are you lost? What are you doing digging in my garden for um? I? Dropped my phone That's not rock now, bitch Is literally rock The next thing I know I'm just sorting so much Fill my pockets and now for my purse I need to have these rocks at all costs rocks are sort of the first thing you notice when you're walking up to the house they're piled by the stairs leading to the porch I Find this so fascinating that she Finds the nicest smoothest rock and that she takes them from other people's yards and puts them in her yard It's funny because they're not even like big cool rock I need decently nice Rock is gonna go on my yard No offense, but those rocks look like shit They look like any other rock you got like really low rock Stander's, Belinda Yet, I find myself drawn to collect anymore I Thought your mouth is it really ventriloquism if your mouth moves cuz I mean I could do that too Look hi guys My name is Leo, and I'm a ventriloquist ooh

I can't imagine anything that would ever stop me I Was smacking both in the face how would I know which one a punch in the face? Something else no so I'm just a little bit concerned Let me lean on them a little bit too much Three words leave me alone huh leave me alone Why you gotta have friends and family then if you got the puppet My name is Laura, and I'm from South Orange County And I'm addicted to bodybuilding Oh, okay Like millions of other people I do and I've never get enough I go completely all out 2004 Sam I want to live there I Want to live there I want to live there Why'd she get to be on the show that's like saying? I'm addicted to feet Good for you so millions of other people I mean I guess is more relatable Y'all see people like eating rocks and then people watch and then like oh my god I'm addicted to eating rocks too like a drink day at night this body building an addiction Hello, it has to be you have to want to do It

Don't mess with me, baby I think she's gone too hard her whole height with everything There's no stopping her when she's when she's got something on her mind She works out all the time And you know sometimes I worry that you know it is a bit much If somebody told me that I couldn't work out and that me your training days are over I just won't take me out back and shoot me I can't imagine not I mean, I can't imagine not being physical either You know like moving that's being physical – my name is Josh I'm 27 I live in Wooster, Ohio, and I'm addicted to eating glass No, no no no when I bite into the glass Just get like a warm feeling kind of get a little bit tingly Why? Everybody with a weird eating habit when I bite into it It makes me warm and fuzzy inside and tingly From glass if we're gonna get that adrenaline going like oh my god My teeth are still there Normally when I look for a glass to eat I look for champagne glasses wine glasses light bulbs light bulbs Imagine putting the whole light bulb in your mouth Biting down on it and hoping everything is still there like I don't know this is legit because you don't see like cuts all over his mouth He would definitely have cuts all over his mouth his lips his tongue

If he was eating glass eating Glass I thought it was fake I didn't think it was real and when I found out that it was I was upset It's gay I am a performer for a living I do stand-up comedy But glass eating is not my routine why? That would do so good You'd be like 10 times more popular ain't nobody want to hear your jokes and he could just sit there and eat glass am I the only one I would like to see that I Actually came across glass eating in a book that I was reading It was kind of scary at first and then once I realized that Didn't seem to be doing damaged me it got a lot easier for me to do It's like eating a rock candy until you grind it down Mmm Okay, but look at his arms

It looks like the only thing He's eating is glass Until you grind it down It's very gritty right now Either describe it sounds awful in my head the actual chewing yeah that would be enough to When you bite it down, it doesn't like like cut your tongue I Don't know man, I wouldn't know find anyway That's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to hit that like button, des I subscribed you're the wolf pack awwwwwwhhh Love you guys so much Thanks for watching bye guys


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