National Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

From time to time, we all need reminders that some people are out there suffering from various physical or mental issues. It’s not that they need or want our sympathy. It’s simply a matter of us being aware that we may be among the lucky ones who don’t have to suffer. To keep us aware of mental illnesses, the mental health community proudly sponsors Mental Health Awareness Month 2019.

About Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Like in years gone past, the nation celebrates National Mental Health Awareness Month every May. The first celebration was held in 1949, making this one of the longest living health-themed celebrations in history.

As the name indicates, the purpose of the celebration is to bring mental health issues to the forefront of the nation’s conscience. Through the efforts of various important medical and mental health organizations, National Mental Health Awareness Month serves as a platform for education. The opportunity to educate people about the signs and treatment options for mental health issues is vitally important to all of us.

The platform also serves as an opportunity to motivate those with mental health issues to seek help. For anyone who is unclear about their issues, then several mental health organizations will be providing free screenings.

Gateway Foundation Offers Our Support for Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

As an elite addiction treatment organization, Gateway Foundation encounters mental health issues regularly. When a client enters treatment with co-existing conditions, we offer them access to our mental health treatment centers in Illinois.

Through our over 50 years of experience, we have come to recognize we could create problems by ignoring a mental health condition. The reality is any condition we might ignore could eventually lead the client into relapse mode. For that reason, we keep our anxiety treatment centers Illinois and depression treatment centers Illinois on high alert.

Treating Addiction at Gateway Foundation

While we participate in the treatment of mental health issues, treating additions is still our bread and butter. Our treatment process includes everything from withdrawal management to therapy, all the way to offering aftercare treatment. The reason we have been around for more than five decades is that our treatment methods work. They work because our professional staff members are always working with cutting edge treatment modalities. Here’s a partial list of the treatment options our counselors hold in the treatment arsenal:

During Mental Health Awareness Month 2019, we hope you will take time to consider you might have mental health issues. If you do, there’s a good chance it’s somehow integrated with your addiction issue. It’s our job to help you identify all aspects of your addiction. It’s also your responsibility to dedicate yourself to treatment and recovery. If you would like more information about our services and facilities, then please call our organization at 877.381.6538. Make no mistake about it, your road to recovery in only one phone call away.


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