Overcoming Shopping Addictions | Remnant Fellowship TV | Season 2 Episode 11

Praise God for another day! Thank you God for letting us live We have been so grateful, and welcome, welcome, welcome to another episode of whatever God is putting together

We always, I want you to know, pray before we get started, pray during it and pray for you at all times, praying for Godís Kingdom We have just finished a very, very thankful week this past Thanksgiving, and so many people are doing so good If you do not know and you are just joining us on this Overcome show, we have been joined with Facebook doing a forty-day walk all the way to Christmas Day, and we are at about day thirteen or so, and we are just determined to weigh less and eat less, if we need to eat lessóof course if you are already at your right weight, you can work on something else and deny yourself But whatever it may beósmoking, drinking, pride or whatever it may be that we have less of it, that we are lighter in heart and more pure and better off than we have ever been on Christmas morning, that we do not get up one more day The only way to glorify Christ is to obey Him and do what He asked us to do He is not asking for extras; he is not asking for anything else He does not really care about the little manger scene you are putting together for your children He wants obedience

And the other is all wonderful to add to it I wanted to go over these wonderful, wonderful people who have been joining us on this forty-day walk and read some of this, and you can read along with me as we are scrolling through, some of these people who have just taken the challenge, taken the choice of eating less, and they are doing fantastic I am going to start with Lucretia Lee Coleman, and she says, ìFirst Thanksgiving weekend that I lost weight God is so good I actually set my phone alarm to go off every hour as a reminder to focus up

Love the Breakthrough class and the Weigh Down family I am at my lowest weight in nine yearsî Praise God for Lucretia Is that not awesome? Okay, here is another great one Karli Coslow: ìThis is the first time I have ever lost eleven pounds during Thanksgiving

God is so good, and His mercies endureth forever Thank You Lord for shining Your love on meî Is that not beautiful? That is beautiful Thank you, God Thank you for obeying, Karli

Okay, let me go to Misty Westebbe: ìI am so thankful to be free from the pull of the world Praise God for my third Thanksgiving that I have not had any desire to go beyond the amount of food that my body has called for between the boundaries of hunger and fullness The blessings for obedience are so much better than the curses from disobedience to Godî Amen, Misty! Amen! Okay, Debbie Peterson: ìI had a great Thanksgiving focusing up, plus our forty-day challenge I ate when hungry and stopped when full

Godís taste is so good, and Godís way and His taste is so goodî So praise God, Debbie! Then Shannon Locklear: ìPraising God today that the scale has been going down and not up during this holiday week How awesome! How awesome, how awesome! Okay, then I have got two more Jennifer Anderson Markee: ìI am truly blessed Not only did I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family, my sonís first Thanksgiving, but God helped me to not overeat

I think this is the first Thanksgiving I have ever eaten that I wanted to do without going overboardî Then Deanna Odom: ìWhat a sweet simple and beautiful Thanksgiving full of blessings from God I canít even imagine what Christmas will be like this year at the end of this 40-day journey, and thatís the best part It is not up to me Praying and letting God be God is the only way to go

He has the best plans and surprisesî Much love to all of you in Weigh Down Facebook, and much love to all of you out there in the TV show land I mean this is awesome that we get to share with one another what God is doing in our lives, and this is better! Whatever you have been doing, whatever you have been doing, trust me that letting go of control and letting God lead your life and overcoming your own selfish desires and living with Godís Spirit leading you every day is the only way to live; and I praise God for all of you out there, all the audience, everybody who is helping with the technology to get this out to the world that it is Godís way that makes your day So praise God for all these guys right there Thank you God! Okay, I wanted to bring up today my co-host, Candace Anger

Give her a hand, and thank you for joining me CANDACE: Thank you for having me! GWEN: Oh thank you for coming You know, you could be doing something else, but you are working for God, and every day getting up and just so diligent, and your love for all these people is so genuine So have you got some announcements for us? CANDACE: I have very exciting announcements Then at the end of the show, if you stick around till the end, I have got some really exciting announcements

GWEN: Okay, Iím staying, Iím staying Youíve got me hooked CANDACE: Yeah, if you want to save a little money, you have to stay to the end GWEN: Oooo, okay CANDACE: Okay, but there were some people at the end of the Thanksgiving dinner or the day after who didnít feel so good

So we want to encourage you guys We really want you to get signed up for a class today Get signed up for a class and get Truthstream, your free 30 days of Truthstream So if you are brand new today, get into your Basics class and get your 30 free days of Truthstream Then it is very exciting, Gwen next week is going to be interviewing someone

She has gotten all your questions off of Facebook and she is going to answer some of those, and then you are going to be interviewing someone who has lost over 300 lbs and had it off for five years So make sure you share that with a friend so everybody can come back next week and be so encouraged Also many people who are just joining us are asking on Facebook where that Spirit and Flesh calendar is GWEN: Yes, where is it? CANDACE: It is on Facebook, but we are going to post it again today, just a link right at the top of Facebook, and then we will try to keep it near the top so anybody can have it But donít worry if you didnít start the first day

Just join in with us today GWEN: Can you put it also on the Weigh Down site and then let people go to the Weigh Down site and click on there That would be a great way to do that CANDACE: Perfect We will get that out there today after the show for sure so do not worry

Then also it is very exciting, and it is obviously just wonderful, and we have a new instrumental CD, and I know they have a slide of that, and we will talk more about that later GWEN: Yeah, we have got two albums coming up that Michael and BB and David Martin have been working on So it is very exciting CANDACE: There are so many people who have seen as guests up here with Gwen are singing on that album, so it is beautiful, and you will know all the people singing from the show and from watching church and different things So I cannot imagine

It is just one of those things that fight off that temptation, this music GWEN: Yeah, God does something miraculous with all that So okay, we have a guest today, donít we? CANDACE: Yes, it is very exciting She is very sweet Whitney Sabo is with us today

She has lost 45 lbs She has laid down greed in all areas, but specifically on shopping And her whole family does Weigh Down So anyway, we just love her GWEN: Well come on up

Welcome Whitney Sabo Awesome! Thank you, thank you for coming So sweet! Here have a seat and join us, and yes, this episode is about shopping I know that a lot of people may feel like it is too late I mean I hope you have not spent it all this past weekend

But there is more shopping to do Weíve got Christmas coming up and all that, so we are all looking for ways to make sure that we go to the scripture of God on that I have had my days I am going to go ahead and say I have had my days when I know I mean I think I have a whole tape out on that donít I? What is the name of that one? CANDACE: Greed Exposure GWEN: The one that I sing that song at the end of it or whatever CANDACE: Save Your Heart For Me? GWEN: Yes CANDACE: Yes GWEN: I think that is the one where I talk about going on our first ski trip and close to our last one too

But we donít really need a vacation, but I was trying to get some stuff for that, and so one of the coats was definitely not from the Goodwill, so it was one of those times when I felt like God was telling me to get in line, get in line with this So I felt like He was trying to stop maybe Because you start with a little bit of overspending, and you maybe do some more or whatever, and you ignore your heart beating or whatever

It is just like the overeating, you tend to go too fast, making too fast of a decision, etc, etc, etc So it has a lot of the same feelings that you have when you overeat, and you are going to go on a binge You do not plan the binge, but the next thing you know you get in the middle of it, and you are going and you do not stop until it is too late

But one thing about shopping, which is nice, is that you can take it home and you can return it And ah, praise God, you know, that you can return stuff I mean it is amazing! It is not that easy with eating So Candace, have you had some I am sure you have never experienced over shopping CANDACE: This outfit is not new from this past weekend GWEN: I was going to say, did you not shop for this one this weekend? CANDACE: No, but you know, I was thinking about this show when I first read the ìRise Aboveî book, and you totally have uncovered legalism where many people say like cut up your credit cards and things like that, and you said it is not the credit card that is evil, but it is your heart, and I have never forgotten that Like I remember you saying like a big house is not evil; a small house is not righteous

But you always took it back to the heart of what was righteous GWEN: Where God is leading me CANDACE: Where God is leading, so I feel like that has been in my mind now for eleven years GWEN: It makes a difference CANDACE: and all these tips

And another thing you shared with me too is it has to be like the right price and it fits right and Like there are all these things that like you can feel the Spirit on it when you are purchasing something, and you have got it all into classes and different things So yes, I have had the days where you hide the shopping bags when you are coming home so your husband doesnít see them

GWEN: I remember my mom doing that CANDACE: And you are just hoping that like, you know, he doesnít notice that charge I praise God those days are over It is very painful I hate hiding anything

GWEN: Yes And Whitney, you have had a segue to that, you have got a testimony that is wonderful WHITNEY SABO: Yes, I feel like you have described me just perfectly I was the person who I was always grabbing, and it was with the food and with stuff, shopping, whether it was clothes or things for my home or things for my kids or anything and everything And it is; it is like a snowball effect

And it is the same with the eating I feel like Weigh Down has just taught me, it is all the same whether it is food or whether it is shopping or anything You have taught me how to go to God and realize that He does fill up some of those desires for whatever it is, and it really is God that you are wanting to have that relationship with And the thing is, whether it is food or stuff, it does not bring you joy but only brings you grief, just like Candace was saying, that you are miserable You are hiding the stuff, and ohhh, you are ashamed and yet you feel like you cannot stop shopping

But I am just so thankful to God If it werenít for Weigh Down and the leaders in this place, I do not even want to think about where I would be now I would probably have a lot of stuff, but I would probably be very miserable and it would have never brought what I was looking for GWEN: Yeah, and it causes marriage problems and causes financial problems Okay, do you remember a time where you were shopping and it felt similar to where you got in the middle of it and you could not stop? But as far as that, would you get home and not realize it and not take it back, or where were you? How deep did this go? WHITNEY: I think I was probably beyond that

I think I was so deep into it And I knew it was wrong That was the

GWEN: If you ever thought about it? WHITNEY: If I thought about it, yes GWEN: You mean you would not let yourself think about it, maybe? WHITNEY: Well, I would not let myself think about it, and it was kind of like, I donít even know how to explain it, like that you have that guilt, but yet you would; you would get so into it And it was always like you said, either take it back later or this is going to be the last time

Itís like with the food You know, this is the last, but tomorrow Iím going to start my diet or whatever, and it was the same You know, this is it This is my last purchase, and then I am going to start paying it off or whatever GWEN: So it was more of like a principle instead of a relationship at that point, because I feel like that my shopping that I did was still relationship-involved at the time that I was doing it

So I donít think I got into the way-over stage of it But I remember back with the eating, just not knowing I mean it was just so turned off I mean you could sit down and I could eat all this food, and when I was originally overweight I did not associate it with a relationship with God So that is your first step is with whatever it is you are trying to lay down, if you are still at the stage where the guilt is not clicking in, or this relationship with God does not have anything to do with it, it is just like a principle

You shouldnít play in the street, or you shouldnít drive too fast down the highway But if you donít associate with driving down the highway too fast with a relationship with God, then the only thing that is going to stop you is looking for the police or whateveróthat type of thing So it is; there is something to tune into with And there are times to drive fast I mean you have someone who is delivering a baby, or someone is you know, there are different things But if you go by the Spirit of God, you can feel Then also God putting like something in front of you so you can feel the way of escape, like I had no doubt when like And it may not be too fast of speeding, but it may be a wet road And God will put an angel in front of me that is going really slowly so it will make me have to slow down So He is that involved that He puts His angels in cars and puts angels in front of you Or in the shopping, they are out of it, or they are ìOh, we thought that was on sale

î Or ìOh no, the price is double It has gone up double or whateverî WHITNEY: Too, for me when you were saying about having the relationship with God, the Breakthrough series was absolutely just pivotal in my life And that one quote, ìYou have to associate the growl with a relationship with God,î it was like, that was just so revolutionary to me, and I could apply it to everything You have to associate all of it with a relationship with God, waiting on the shopping

And I was telling Candace, I always felt, itís like I had a fear that I was not ever going to be able to get what I wanted You know, weíre like ìI like thatî GWEN: That is it, right there! WHITNEY: Yeah! GWEN: That is, the misplaced fear

Keep going WHITNEY: But I learned I mean I got to the point where I just had to

Shopping is a little bit different than food, because you can just say, okay finally my husband was just like, ìThis is it! No more!î And I had the fear through that authority of God, of oh, I donít want to mess this up You know, I donít want to mess it up for God But anyway, I feel like God came back in then after all was said and done, and I really truly laid that down, and I was not going back to it anymore

God comes back in and He puts those desires in your heart He makes you like a certain thing or not like a certain thing, and I have learned that from Weigh Down, even with the foods And He makes you like brownies and He makes you like a pretty sweater or whatever And He comes back in and gives it back, and maybe now you find what you like at Goodwill Iím not saying necessarily that you have to shop there

GWEN: I am not saying Goodwill or the Angelsí Armoire is the only place to shop I am not saying that WHITNEY: But I will say I did get these shoes last week at Angelís Armoire

GWEN: Ah, by Rock and Roll And they are beautiful They are beautiful WHITNEY: So God does come back in, so anyone out there, if that is your fear that And I know you have said it so many times, like you think God is going to make a bunch of robots, and we are all going to have the same clothes and we are all going to eat the same food And it is not like that at all God gives you, but you have to go to Him for it instead of grabbing it for yourself GWEN: Letís talk about that fear, okay? Letís talk about the fear, the misplaced fear, because is that not the basis of all of our sin? And did you all get my Tweet today? Did you all get the Tweet? Nobody got the Tweet? But God does not delight in

We think God delights in all this stuff, that someone is talented or someone, like the Bible says, does not delight in a manís legs, even if he was a fast runner or something like that That is not what He delights in, and that is so bizarre to us as a human being, but His ways are not our ways He is a lot more with it, a lot more cool, a lot more

The justice and the fairness in what is really cool and what is really not cool is such a higher standard, and His standard is what He delights in, is a man fearing Him He delights in a man trembling before Him, a contrite heart You know, ìWho is it that I esteem?î Who is it that God esteems? That is out of Isaiah 66ósomeone with a contrite heart, someone who is humble and before Him and looking to Him

And I just think that is so cool Okay, so what is it that we fear? We fear that God I mean I just remember teaching this, and at the time I did not realize how revolutionary it was, but it was, and I remember like honestly, the younger crowd did not think that much of it

They had not lived that long, but some of these older women had been going to church all their lives, and they would come up and they would look at me and go, ìDo you mean to tell me that God would like a designer pair of shoes or that God createdî First of all it was so revolutionary that God like make pizza instead of just Or that God would allow you to eat blue cheese dressing or that God So that He is the Great Chef, He is the one

So if it is something that is beautiful to you, yes we are different, but there is a lot of where we see beauty and the reason why they can have like Miss Universe and Miss America or Miss Tennessee or whatever it is, is because there is a standard for beauty Even little childrenóI remember when Gracie was little, and she would go, ìThatís beautifulî I mean they can see ugly, they can see beautiful So there is something innate as far as our taste You can give a baby sugar, and they all like the sugar

They like the honey or whatever So there is an innateness in a standard that God has programmed inside of people, but He is the supplieróthat is the main point, is that we go to Him as the supplier, and then we donít fear not getting it Now you are not to be jealous You are not to be looking at what anybody else has on, necessarily, if you have a tendency to go and be jealous If you do look and you go, ìI love God so much for doing that for someone,î that is appropriate

That is appropriate to be able to look and see that God has made this beautiful baby or given this beautiful gown to some baby or whatever it may be But then to be jealous of it is a sin, and jealously comes from hate, and jealousy is what Cain had, and he wanted what Abel had So there is a difference there, so you donít want to go there But to look and see the wonderful ways that God supplies, because it could come through a person It could come through a really inexpensive source

Sometimes you may have to wait a year, and then the next thing you know they have it on Ebay, and it is your shoe size, or whatever, and it costs a fraction of what it was Any of those things, if God happens to let you find something like that, then that builds a relationship with God The other makes you run from God You hide from God You donít have to hide from your husband or the husband hide from his wife, because there are men who are shopaholics

How do you know one? They tell their wife in no uncertain terms that they cannot shop They donít want them to have the checkbook They donít want them to The men who are in that category, to me are going to wind up being more guilty in the sense that they are lording their authority and stopping that spending from the wife and the children so that they can have it It is like the father stealing the food from the kids or whatever And there are men who do that, but they will answer to God for that But even if you have a husband in that category, the woman is not to fear, because she develops a relationship with God, and then she knows that God is going to supply whatever you need But there are men who are shopaholics, and they are shopping for different things

It is what lights up their day They canít wait to do it They canít wait to go spend some money or whatever it is on their toys, or their things A lot of their things are bigger things I mean, they are bigger toys, like cars or different things like that that may be unecessary, so they wind up shopping too much

Then they feel guilty about it, so they go and buy their wife something to pacify her, because they have just gone and spent all this money on themselves Do you know what weíre saying? WHITNEY: Oh yes GWEN: Okay, alright WHITNEY: One hundred percent GWEN: But all of that is wrong before God

If everyone spent, according to the Spirit of God, we would not be in this financial crisis that we are And we all need to just keep praying for this country I saw on CNN pop-up today where Mitt Romney is going to meet with Obama, and I thought, well, maybe he will listen to some of the spending ideas, and they can come to an agreement and help some of the spending, but that is all up to God I mean God may want us to This country is headed toward a verythey call it a financial cliff right now

It is a big term, but the debt is so enormous, so the USA is bankrupt But we have seen people go all the way to bankruptcyópraise God that didnít happen in your situation But I have in my years of counsel seen it over and over and over and over, and it is a very scary thing I have seen people who have a spending problem not repent, and ten years later they still have financial problems They cannot ever balance

They just cannot seem to balance They get a little money in their pocket, and boy, it just burns a hole right through their pocket So God goes in there in Haggai and He goes why is it that you are putting money in your pocket and it is like a hole is in your pocket, and you are losing it Why is it that this is happening to you, he says, because you do not put me or my house firstand you have got to put Godís house first with this spending, and you have got to worry about how does His house look You are decorating for Christmas, and how does Godís house look? You are cleaning your house and you are taking care of your childrenóhow do Godís children look? You have got to take care of Godís house first and then that develops that relationship with God that helps you with this relationship then helps you with that spending If everybody would get that spirit, find that spirit If you call out to God He will give it to you, and you did, you called out

WHITNEY: Yes, and God came back in and blessed us so much when I did just lay it down and say, you know It was a deal, but I did, and we were able to just get the debt we had paid off very quickly, and that was God I mean all credit goes to God for that, and just I felt like God did bless us, and I feel like this was for my salvation If I had not gone down that road Thatís not to say that someone has to go down that road, but I knew it was for me, it was all for me, and again, just as I said before, that Breakthrough class was huge I mean I just cannot even say that enough That was just huge GWEN: We need to say that, donít we Candace? Letís just be honest

It is about letting go of control; that is what that one is about WHITNEY: And that is what it was to me That is exactly what it was, like I said before, letting go of the control and the fear And my husband even said to me one time, ìWow, you really This was like a lot of effort, but you went throughî And I said yeah, and it was GWEN: A stronghold WHITNEY: I was a stronghold, and it was all control It was just control, and I just cannot even say enough how freeing it is to not have it anymore It was like a thousand pound weight off of your shoulders that oh, I donít have to do this anymore I donít have to live like this

GWEN: I donít have to reward myself with shopping WHITNEY: Yeah, and I can live for God GWEN:

And fear Him WHITNEY: And fear Him, and that brings blessings instead of curses, the curses that I was getting It is just like

GWEN: So in other words, back to this fear thing, you were afraid you were not going to have You couldnít keep up with the Joneses or whatever you were staring at, looking at or whatever You were shopping, and I want that, I want that

And Iím afraid to go to God, because God is not going to want that So I donít even want to ask Him WHITNEY: Because Iím afraid that He is going to say no GWEN: Right So itís that fear with the food, the fear with all of it You know, it is just this fear But when we go in there and you try one

All we are asking is one time, you try it one time You go in there and you let go and say Iím not going to get it, and say, ìGod, can you take care of me? Either take away this desire or supply or whatever ìIëm never going to have nice things

Iím never going to get to buy a houseî or whatever You know, David and I did not buy a house until I was old, compared to all my other friends Really, all you kids in here have all gotten things before we did We did not take vacations What we lived off of was very, very little, and I think it is the most essential thing almost in the world for everybody to go through tight times in something, no matter what it is

We have got to suffer some how some way, or you are never going to find out that God is a roofer or fixes leaks or fixes refrigerators We could not afford to call somebody to even come fix the refrigerator, so I donít know if I did the old kick it or something like that, pray and kick it or hit it, but the next day it was going again All of that, that God is the electrician He is the roofer, that He finds everything But I can remember it does not even matter how impoverished we were, I remember shopping on dollar day at the junior league thrift store, and once I got to like fifteen items

One time it was thirty items, and my heart started like, it was thirty dollars, okay, thirty dollars But that thirty dollars was the number of things and the amount of money It was like, stopóstop at that WHITNEY: Sometimes you even, at least for me, I had just completely lost sight of, like I would see something, and I would think, oh I have got to have that I mean my children had clothes in their closets that literally they never wore

GWEN: Or it looks like it! WHITNEY: What is the purpose of that? There is nothing good, and it was all because of my selfish So to be able to step back and go okay, God, when you let God control it itís like we have just exactly what we need I mean we are not wanting for anything

We have exactly what we need, but it is not overboard, and it is like you said, God will come in and give you the deal But also I wanted to say too, like just to make it clear for my own self, when I say God comes back in, like He does not come back in and give you everything you ask for You do have to suffer and die that death of not getting to have You do not always get the food when you want food, and you donít always get to have everything you want just because you pray But when you have that relationship with God you really just want whatever He wants GWEN: He will take that desire away WHITNEY: Right, you donít care You donít want me to have that? Thatís great! GWEN: He will resolve it

You will feel You can go God, take that desire to eat away, and then you will feel full So it is a beautiful God, a beautiful way

But if it were not for all this, we would not know Him We would be missing everything, and then we would be just living that fearful life And as it is, we are not afraid, and it will come back around, donít worry about that I can hear my mother saying that ìOh, donít worry about that; it will come back in style,î or it will come back around, or whatever it is you think you are missing, and it does

The older you get the more you see And you hear the older people going, ìOh, Iíve been there and done thatî I do not want all these things I want to downsize I want to get rid of, I want to purge

I see saints who are there, where less is more and more is less You know, people have got so many clothes they literally canít move the hangers over to even get in there and see what you have got So there is a law of diminishing returns for all of it We have a Greed Exposure series that production is working on Is that not rightóproduction is working on that? I think it is coming out very soon

It is actually stuff that has been going on for a while, but if you have any financial problems, if you donít even think you have a shopping problem but you have financial problems, a lot of times you donít realize it at this point, and it has just Godís principles in it So there are things also on Truthstream CANDACE: Greed Exposure is on Truthstream GWEN: They are on Truthstream right now? Okay, I think we are trying to get together an entire packet so you can like go through it Another thing that is coming up is ìThe One True Godî that is going to be released this January, I believe

CANDACE: That will definitely be a class, and for anyone who has the book and the audios already, there will be a workbook that will go with it, which will be very exciting, and of course the Treasure book has a lot in there GWEN: Oh, the Treasure book has a lot, doesnít it? CANDACE: Yeah, and there is an audio that goes along with that too We will highlight all that stuff today We will just make a category of all the different things that Gwen has mentioned today The ìSave Your Heart For Meî and the ìGreed Exposureî and ìTreasure,î all that kind of stuff, we will just make a category today, and that will be really helpful in all this

Then this one other thing that is totally off the subject, but I donít know if there are a lot of people out there who know that we have a Christmas album that we did like a year ago So anyway, I really like it GWEN: What is the title of it? CANDACE: It is called ìThe Only Tree That Mattersî GWEN: ìThe Only Tree That Matters,î okay CANDACE: There is all the symbolism

Your symbolism that you have taught within that how the tree points up to God, how everything in this season is pointing up to God and how you taught us about the holy days and how we are doing this walk, this forty days of walking for more purity, more Spirit of God So like you guys were talking about the fear that You have more fear of missing His Spirit than the fear of not getting something

You have more fear, like ìOh God, I donít want to miss Your Spiritî on this meal or this shopping or anything So all of that is there to remind you And then there is a part in the Rise Above book where you talk about all this too So the Rise Above book, and these two are on sale today So basically we put this on sale so it would be like you get free shipping today on the Christmas album

So get that and put that in your car, and then the Rise Above book today too, because it has got that part in there about how you can come out of everything It has got the Basic principles in there But we will make a category on the store today We will call it something, maybe ìOvercoming Shopping,î and we will throw all this stuff in there GWEN: There is a lot in there, and of course this country has had its share

I just want to thank you, Whitney, for sharing with us WHITNEY: Oh thank you! GWEN: It is the best think you said today was, ìIsnít it wonderful to be freeî ÖAnd how beautiful it is I just want to assure everybody that maybe it took a lot of words to say, but what I am trying to say, anyway, is that God can surprise you I know that at certain times over the centuries that religion has made you think that God only wants a woman to wear a certain habitat, and there are certain religions that say no makeup, or that is evil

And I remember I was taught that dancing was wrong, and yet I was like happy feet, could not keep my feet still from birth on So what is with that? And all of our grandkids have been the same way The love music So the god that has been described out there is unfortunately not the God I know, so when I was in my twenties and early thirties when Weigh Down started, I have been saying since then that The God of the Universe has got the best personality He has got the best taste, and what He called me to do, which was revolutionary in that day, because to be righteous when I started was to almost look a little Amish, and everybody was doing the same thing and kind of dressing the same way

But it was not the God that I was seeing He did love pizza and He did love chocolate And He did allow me to shop within the boundaries, and all of His things were delightful So that is the God we are talking about, the God of the Universe that you should never fear that you are not going to get something, because this God, if you will just obey Him, He opens up the Heavens And He says try me

Try me and see that I wonít pour out blessings And I have lived to witness things that I did not even dream up or think of for myself or ask for come about that makes me want to just cry my eyes out Iím not going to do that now, but I will say, ìTry it and you will see Taste and see that God is very good, and all your fears will go away Itís a beautiful life, and we are very, very blessed to be finding the one true God and getting to love Him and His ways

So everybody do it this week, because you can, and you can let go All the people who have been struggling, come on! Try the denial It is more fun than the binge, and if you through Jesus Christ, if you will just fear God, you too can overcome So we will see you next week if not before, and obey God! Thanks for joining us today


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