Tammy was

– [Interviewer] Tammy We're here in Columbus Ohio

You've been out here in the woods living in that tent behind ya' for how long? – About two years now – [Interviewer] Tell me about it – It's been rough you know We go through a lot of struggles We're like family out here

But we go through crimes There's problems out here, like people get hurt and jumped And tents sliced and stuff But much of it is pretty nice and calm – [Interviewer] You have some community? – Yes, we have like family out here

– [Interviewer] Now who's slicin' the tents? – We have outcomers come in here and do that stuff, and burn things – [Interviewer] So people like kids or whatever? – Kids mostly and adults It just depends on what rampage their on – [Interviewer] And they come in here and jump on people too? – Yeah, I've been jumped twice – [Interviewer] Out here? – Yeah

– [Interviewer] Just for being homeless? – Yeah – [Interviewer] Oh my God – I've had people come up here and ask me for sex and stuff like that And, we had people that destroyed my hut and everything It's pretty bad out here, when it gets to that point

But right now it's been pretty good – [Interviewer] So now why here? – Hum? – [Interviewer] So why don't you go into a shelter or something? – Shelters, I'm not comfortable with it, and I also got my dog Some shelters are not safe – [Interviewer] And this is safer? – Well to me it is You know, with family around here, I feel much safer with my family

– [Interviewer] So your family's out here? – Yeah, that's why I call it my family We watch out for each others back – [Interviewer] How did you end up here? – I used to live in Dallas in Texas And I hitchhiked all the way Dallas to here And I got stuck here

And I couldn't leave, so I guess that's how I got here – [Interviewer] So you hitchhiked here, couldn't – Yeah I left here once before to go back to Texas, but it didn't work out So I came back again And I like it here – Yeah? – Yep – [Interviewer] Awesome

Now you told me you've been on a housing list for a while It's gotta be horrible too, just waiting and waiting – Oh yeah Waiting, but, you gotta have patience, that's all you gotta do and it will come true – [Interviewer] Well you have a positive attitude

– Yeah – [Interviewer] Now they're making everybody move Where you're livin' now, is not gonna be around here in a couple of weeks – I know – [Interviewer] What are you gonna do? – I don't know yet

We don't know It's up in the air, cause we don't know anything We don't have nowhere else to go That's why hopefully they can help us to get outta here I wanna get into get into my housing, and get there, and get a job, and start working again

That's what I wanna do – [Interviewer] If you had three wishes, what would they be? – Get a place to live, get a job and have a family – [Interviewer] Thank you very much for talking to me – You're welcome


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