Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

February is teen dating violence awareness month. However, it’s nothing to celebrate. Unlike Valentine’s Day with its hearts and candies, this occasion spells trouble. Most importantly, it has far-reaching consequences.

Understanding the Importance of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Person in dark very sad about teen dating violence awareness month speaking to him or herIf you’re an adolescent in a romantic relationship, you might not know what’s normal and what isn’t. Maybe you come from a dysfunctional family. Codependency could mark the interactions of the adults in your life. When it comes to your own relationships, you draw from these examples.

Signs of childhood trauma can be at the root of unhealthy dynamics. For example, the relationship may include name-calling, hair-pulling, and controlling tendencies. One person might be stalking the other one in person and on social media. There’s also a fair amount of emotional blackmail that keeps the other person from leaving.

Possible Outcomes

Teens in unhealthy relationships become young adults in problematic personal settings. Signs of childhood trauma follow you throughout your adult life. Inappropriate actions that you or the other person takes can affect your performance in school and later at work. You start to look for ways to escape from feeling angry, sad, and frustrated.

It’s a small step to drug abuse. You want to get away from the reality but can’t leave the relationships. You drink or do other drugs that numb you. Doing so heightens your risk of suffering abuse or abusing others.

Similarly, adolescents who abuse drugs become adults who do so. Unless you get help at a teen rehab center Illinois trusts, you’ll have to do so at an adult facility. By then, the substance abuse will have taken a toll on your health. Besides that, psychological problems make a recovery more difficult.

How to Reach out for Help

If the messages of teen dating violence awareness month resonate with you, get help. Work with specialists who understand the signs of childhood trauma. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to pursue healing even if your romantic partner doesn’t. You owe it to yourself to get well.

If you’re already struggling with chemical dependency, you can find help for that, too. Most good-quality rehab centers for teens also feature mental health care. They’ll offer the Trauma Therapy Illinois residents can rely on. Other modalities include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a way to swap out dysfunction for healthy ways of coping
  • Group Therapy, which encourages positive peer interactions with others in the same situation
  • Psychotherapy as a way to deal with co-occurring mental health conditions
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment that helps you deal with cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • 12 Step program participation as a way to work with support groups after discharge

Learn more about the lessons of teen dating violence awareness month. Even if you’re not sure whether you need help, talk to someone who can make sense of your situation. Gateway Foundation gladly offers confidential advice and the guidance you need to make decisions. Call 877.505.4673 today for information and assistance.


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