The Psychology of Addiction

This is your brain on drugs What causes someone to become an addict? In one study, a rat is given the chance to receive cocaine when it presses a lever

The catch is, every time is presses the lever, it gets shocked After receiving the painful shock, the rat stops After some time the rat begins to press the lever for cocaine despite the shock The same thing can be implied with humans and drug addiction Despite the obvious harm to health and financials, individuals may continue drug usage due to addiction

There are many theories to why people get addicted One of which is chemical Take the drug heroine and its effects on the body for example Heroine can be taken many ways but one of the most popular is injecting it directly through the blood stream Before heroine enters the body inhibitory neurotransmitters are active in the synapse preventing dopamine from being released

Dopamine is commonly associated with the pleasure system in the body This neurotransmitter is released in activities associated with pleasure such as sex, eating good food, and other activities that bring us joy When partaking in these activities the body is able to naturally active its native opiate receptors and stop the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters Dopamine is then released This production explains why we feel so happy and excited when engaged in these activities

This release of dopamine also motivates us to partake in the activities even more Heroine mimics this cycle and allows dopamine to be released causing euphoria without the need to partake in pleasurable activities Because of this individuals develop an addiction in attempts to seek euphoria and that high again Repeated use leads to tolerance making the user seek a higher dosage of the drug despite the harmful effects it has on the body Abstinence leads to withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea

Different withdrawal symptoms of course leads to different withdrawal symptoms Excessive video game players for example People who play more than 4 hours a day even show signs of withdrawal when abstaining from game play But is that all that leads someone to become an addict not quite

A study by Bruce Alexander in 2010 challenged the notion of current addiction theories Previous studies have studied rats alone in cages In his study, rats had rat friends, numerous activities to do, etc He called it rat park, a theme park for rats or a happy place for rats In this park Alexander also gave the rats a choice of water or an addictive drug diluted in water

Results show rats in the study were less likely to take the drug than rats in previous studies This led scientist to conclude that loneliness and hardship was a major part of addiction So would reducing loneliness in society solve the drug problem in many countries? Hey guys it's Donna I hope you liked that video The truth is addiction is very complicated and can't be pinpointed to one source

Many people legally take pain killers that are as addictive if not more additive than drugs Yet some people get addicted and then some people don't So is loneliness and hardship the deciding factor in to what makes someone an addict After all you don't always need an outside chemical factor to cause addiction Some people are addicted to video games

some people are addicted to gambling and work So what do you think causes addiction and how would you personally deal with the war on drugs? Some countries have decriminalized certain drugs while others can legally kill you if you possess them Leave your suggestions in the comments below I will see you guys next time Stay psyched


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