The Woman Addicted to Exercise Returns!

Last time we saw Erin she was so sick we wondered how she hadn't already landed in a hospital So how's she doing today? Check this out

Erin is the sickest person that we've had on the show When I was told I was one of the sickest people the show has ever seen, that's when I knew that I really needed help I've been out of treatment for three months I feel like I have a new life I gained between 18 and 20 pounds

I get at least 6 hours of sleep My exercising is down to three hours a day I incorporate yoga and I eat during the day So I actually feel hungry in the morning and I'm definitely working in healthy fats Treatment was hard at first

The second day of therapy, they put a poster down and said draw myself and then mark everything you like about your image To look and not be able to say this is what I like about myself that was the hardest thing I've ever done I know my molester stole my innocence I'll still have flashbacks, but it won't trigger me to go exercise eight hours a day I'm not running from that anymore because everybody knows now

I would love to say to the doctors, I cannot thank you enough because for the first time in my life, I can actually say that I'm looking forward to the future Please welcome Erin back to the show And, Erin, I think I speak for everyone when I say we're proud of you Thank you Thank you

(audience applause) And I know this wasn't easy, I know this is not an overnight fix, but I'm curious when you watch footage from when you were here last time on the stage, what are you thinking? I can't I still can't even watch it It's scary to see You don't see that when you're living that But when you see it, it's real life

I hadn't seen Erin since that taping I know it's been a struggle, these months have been a struggle, I mean, there were times where you were just busting– I was ready to run out of gas, I was To get out, yes, many times, you were So I tried not to interfere, but you know, the courage and the fact that you're persistent, I think that just needs to be really applauded cause it isn't an easy road, not at all (audience applause) And also, applauding that this is something where you've worked really hard in treatment and I do want to introduce you all to someone from the treatment center that helped Erin out at Haven Hill's Recovery, Amy Ryk

I thank you all so much for taking such diligent care of Erin How about her progress while she was there? I mean, truly remarkable Tell us about that Yeah, eating disorders are so complex and it really is an obsessive compulsive disorder So the fact that Erin came in with such incredible courage and determination and in 60 days was able to reduce exercise from eight hours to three and really had flexibility and willingness and the courage to get a strong foundation for what I think will be a continuing and healing journey

And Erin, your ability to develop insight into what you were dealing with but also acknowledging that this is going to be something that you deal with going forward, so on that note we have clinical psychologist Dr Joy Jacobs here joining us who has some expertise in this and I know you have something you'd like to share Hi, I have been working with people just like you Erin, for many many years and survived an eating disorder and exercise addiction myself, and I'd like to offer you a year of free treatment to continue on your journey to recovery (audience cheers and applause) And I think Erin, what I'd like to do before we go to break is just give you the floor Anyone else out there watching right now who's maybe in the same place you were when you last walked on this stage

What would you say to them? Don't be afraid There is help out there When I reached out to the show, I was lost I didn't know there was treatment for I didn't even know there was exercise addiction, I didn't know it was categorized with eating disorders

I didn't know it had to do with molestation from the past and it's all an addiction But I just want anybody to know, there is a path that you can take, and you can be successful, and you just have to follow it Kudos to you Thank you and Amy, thank you all so much Dr

Jacobs, thank you And Dr Jorge, thank you Welcome


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