Understanding How Addiction Works

In this video today we're going to talk about how addiction works Because part of, you know, understanding addiction, if you know how it works

Then we can know how it fixes it And basically, you know, addiction, what we're talking about, if we're talking about stopping watching porn But this could apply to a lot of other things that don't have that physical dependency on them So addiction is, you know, like it's of the mind, it's it's that kind of addiction that we're dealing with And when we look at the parts of the mind, you know, the general consensus is that we have a conscious mind, a subconscious and an unconscious And some schools of thought go into super conscious and the like But basically what

all we need to know is there's one part of our brain that we can control and other parts of our brain that we can't And that addiction stems from our habits The more we do things, the more our mind thinks that it wants to keep doing it, if it's enjoying it

And it's pleasurable and it's fun Now the nature of porn is that it is instant gratification, you know And as soon as that gratification is dealt with that happiness, you know, it dies it stops And so what the brain and the mind try to do is to make that a habit and the because it's only a short-term thing the more you do it it

the brain tries to turn a short-term thing into a long-term thing And that's why it tries to get us to repeat and repeat because we're in-graining to it that we're enjoying this and it's pleasurable So the brain is going to dish up more of what it thinks we want as far as pleasurable

Not cool It's not cool how that works and it basically stems from us being lazy And the lazy part is that pornography gives us instant gratification We're lazy right We're not going to work too hard for it and take out all the other social aspects that, you know, it's

it's no effort to watch porn There's no competition for girls like as if compared to if you went to a nightclub or that sort of thing where there's other guys and you have to compete There's no rejection – any girl you want you can have

All these kinds of things And these stem from laziness and an instant gratification So pornography is very addictive because it's very easy to do There's no obstacles and if you do it regularly you're building a habit Right? And that habit the more you do the habit the more it's going to ingrain that habit into your mind and your mind is going to want to keep doing it, keep creating that habit So there's various research on how long it takes to form a habit, you know, 21 days, 28 they're all over the place but for the sake of the argument, one thing you could do will be to stop porn

Watching it all together just for 21 days Just straight Not watching porn at all That's one method that's going to break this cycle of repetition Because what's actually got to happen is that you're going to have to treat your mind and give it a new habit

Okay, so you've been spending all this time creating a habit and now you've got to create a new habit Something that's more empowering and not disempowering you than where you are right now And this is why it's hard to undo because the brain is just giving us what we want more of and it once more of pleasure, it's releasing those happy hormones It's releasing them way too often and way too soon for the way that we were built and this is a form of abuse on this, you know, instant gratification part of our minds But basically, you know, you've created a pattern and your brain thinks you want to repeat that

So when you use your conscious, your mind and you say "Alright I want to stop this! I don't want porn in my life anymore!" it's not getting through to the other parts of the mind, you know, the subconscious and the unconscious It's not getting through so there's going to be this initial period For me the first two weeks we're tough It might be different for you It might be longer, it might be shorter

It depends on how long you've been doing it for Like for me it was years, longer than 25 years And, you got to break this pattern and you got to do it by giving it a new pattern And it's going to take a fair, it's gonna take a period of time before everything seeps through Before your conscious intentions seeps through to the subconscious and the unconscious parts of the brain

Because for a while there they're gonna be confused, they're gonna want to keep dishing up the old daily habit and this is where the urges come from, you know, those strong edges If you've tried to give up before and failed The strong urges are simply your brain trying to give you the same amount of pleasure from the old habits that you've formed And so you got to exercise the new habit muscle You got to create a new habit and, you know, what works for a lot of people is creating a new interest or a life purpose or going to a dance class or starting a musical instrument or a self-improvement program

Something that's going to challenge you because what you don't want to do is give up porn and then be in this void space where you've got nothing to do and you're bored and you're lonely because you're just gonna jump straight back to your old pattern, to your old habit So you do need to fill it up with something but you don't want to fill it up with another addiction that's not going to serve you in the long run You want to, you know, fill it up with the good stuff is is what you want to do So if you learned something here today would you like my video? I will ask you at the end of this video to subscribe because we're trying to get to a million people Get this message out for "World Quit Porn Day" on 1st of August 2018 that it will be an annual event And we're doing this because I want you to live life to the fullest, make every breath count and free from the past And if you watched this far and you didn't get what you're expecting let me know in the comments and I'll put it in a future video

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