VICE on HBO Season One: Addiction (Episode 7)

This week at VICE, Thomas goes to Indonesia, where it is believed that smoking does not cause cancer, but healing I stopped chemo when I first came here

And I'm going from New York to Mexico, where a chemical dependent tries to get rid of the most addictive drug in the world using the world's most frightening drug I just want to be happy, man I just want to wake up in the morning without wanting to blow your head every day That would be good

The world is changing Nobody knows where it will stop, but we'll be there revealing the news It's the Third World War

The culture and politics, which expose the absurdity of the modern condition [RYAN DUFFY CORRESPONDENTE] That child has a huge gun

[THOMAS MORTON CORRESPONDENTE] This scene is not very acceptable by American standards [SHANE SMITH FOUNDER / CORRESPONDENT] I interviewed suicide bombers who were children This is the world seen by our eyes It's win or die! This is the world of VICE Hi, I'm Shane Smith

[SHANE SMITH VICE FOUNDER] and we're here at VICE's Brooklyn office in New York For the first article of this week, we go to Indonesia Lucy? Yes Dear? Give me a cigarette, will you? Do not say "cigarette", say Philip Morris! Before we wake up to the fact that smoking in fact it does very badly, he was everywhere In the movies, on TV, in advertising, even in the doctor's office Everyone smoked

But then historical legislation has made it much harder to advertise cigarettes here and as a result, tobacco consumption is falling But there are still places in the world where such legislation does not exist, and thus, the evolution of smoking was left to chance, totally uncontrolled Then we sent Thomas Morton to Indonesia to see what happens in a country that refuses to control tobacco [TABACOLÂNDIA] [THOMAS MORTON CORRESPONDENT VICE] Hi, it's Thomas I'm in a clinic in Indonesia

making acne treatment with smoke and Sucking something from my ear It's also good for cancer

To cure cancer, do not cause [JACARTA, INDONESIA] While smoking is steadily declining in the West, falling from 50% of smokers among adults to a fifth over 40 years, the East still loves cigarettes In 2005, Philip Morris bought Sampoerna, Indonesia's third largest cigarette maker, for US $ 5 billion Why spend all this money on a tobacco company that is in third place in a country on the other side of the planet? Simple Because Indonesia is a smokers' paradise

Two-thirds of Indonesian men smoke in a country of 250 million inhabitants And not only does everyone here smoke, as well as the country's largest tobacco industry in Asia, then dominating the market is a simple matter of acquiring it Roy Anise was senior vice president of Philip Morris during the most difficult period of industry in the 1980s and 1990s It was a difficult period, there were processes, [ROY ANISE EX-VICE-SENIOR PRESIDENT ALTRAY / PHILIP MORRIS USA] restrictions, taxation, it was difficult for the company to internalize, because it was not an illegal product, it was recognized that it caused damage, but it was still considered acceptable And then began the denaturalization and then the demonization

In a much faster move than most people predicted, I believe This turned the game over You had to be more creative in another way Unlike the United States, where cigarette consumption has been declining since the early 1980s, in many other parts of the world smoking is growing, and being very good to Philip Morris International And it remains that way

Despite having one of the lowest cigarette taxes in the world, the Indonesian family spends on average more money with cigarettes than with anything other than rice It is the explosion of tobacco Tulus Abadi heads the National Commission for Tobacco Control He is one of the few Indonesian government to fight against smoking [TULUS ABADI NATOL COMMISSION ON TOBACCO CONTROL] What is the size of the problem? [TULUS ABADI NATOL COMMISSION ON TOBACCO CONTROL] How many Indonesians do they smoke? We are the third largest tobacco consumer in the world

We have about 67 million active smokers There are no restrictions in terms of the sale, advertising or consumption of cigarettes in Indonesia Not surprisingly, this number of active smokers in Indonesia is growing, especially among new smokers or children When this video of Indonesia's famous smoking baby fell on YouTube, most Westerners were horrified But the Indonesians did not even bother

At age 16, one in four Indonesian teenagers smokes regularly Two in four if you count only the boys They start smoking at six years of age, it is very common An ordinary pack of cigarettes costs less than a dollar here, and you can buy loose cigarettes with a few cents So most children can afford to swap the allowance, like our nine-year-old friend, Rifki

[RIFKI, 9 YEARS] Five cigarettes, please From the Super Rifki is buying morning cigarettes and then we go to school Do you think you'll ever get Rifki to quit smoking? In my opinion, I can not [INDRA, RIFKI'S FATHER] I can forbid you smoking at home, but it's hard to stop him since I can not be behind him 24 hours a day

Why do you think Rifki started smoking? Who do you think is the culprit for this? One small part of the problem is cigarette advertisements, but the worst part is that the sale for less is released, different from other countries, where you have to show an identity, a driver's license Here, it's free for everyone After school, Rifki and his friends took us to the smoke peak of the neighborhood, the ancient Chinese cemetery It is to the right of the badminton court sponsored by a cigarette This is the group of funky ones

Hey guys? This is where we stay with all friends smoking This is our fucking peak There are people of all ages It looks like the Indonesian cast of Os Batutinhas

How long have you been smoking? [FEBRI, 10 YEARS] Since the fourth grade Why do you like to smoke? To owe My father smokes, my brother too, I just went the same way And it takes away the stress Do adults here care about you smoking? Most people are ignorant, some of them want to smoke our cigarettes

This scene is not very acceptable by American standards, but several adults passed by here some means that realized, but no one gave a sermon While smoking is consolidated among Indonesian men, only about 5% of girls develop the habit [OLIVA, 12 YEARS OLD] Oliva here is 12 years old and has been smoking since the age of nine Why did you start smoking? Well, it all started when I saw my friends smoking and started copying what they were doing That was basically what happened

Why do you like to smoke? Because when I smoke, it's good Do girls usually like boys who smoke? I prefer boys who smoke They are funny It's manly The masculine image of the cigarette is reinforced by widespread publicity

The US banned cigarette advertising on TV and radio in 1971 No, you do not see any more wild stallions Come to Marlboro Country Not only does Indonesia still have TV and radio advertising, as well as advertising everywhere You see cigarette advertising on every corner, on basketball courts of playgrounds, on posters of great shows and sporting events

Even sponsoring schools, such as the Sampoerna Academy, whose name honors the family that sold Sampoerna cigarettes to Philip Morris It's as if we have a school called Marlboro Pre-College [CHRIS BOSTIC VICE-DIRECTOR OF POLICIES ACTIONS ON TOBACCO AND HEALTH (ASH)] We have already seen Marlboro branded clothing and children's toys Chris Bostic is deputy director of Actions on Smoking and Health, one of the largest anti-smoking lobby groups in the United States They can focus on children and use drawings, advertise to children in ways that would be unpalatable today

What is the difficulty of combating tobacco consumption? It's extremely difficult, because the fight is not just with the industry When the government fights efforts to restrict tobacco use, there is a strange thing The delicate approach of the government makes sense when considering that tobacco here is an industry of $ 100 billion a year, the second largest employer in the country They are basically too scared to interrupt the flow of income to shake up the situation, which turns the country into a playground for foreign tobacco companies Especially those accustomed to the anti-smoking climate of the West

In the late 1980s, early 1990s, the United States became involved in a number of against, mainly, Asian countries, due to market access issues for large smokers such as Philip Morris, and they all won When Philip Morris bought Sampoerna in 2005, he kind of turned the tables Now, as a foreign investor, Philip Morris can take advantage of all these trade agreements So even though Indonesia suddenly wanted to move forward in tobacco control, would have to face all the processes for each treaty with which it is involved It must be absurdly frustrating to try to do all this

What do you think of the work you do? We get physical threats Come here to protest against me, saying that I have to stop fighting against smoking, otherwise they will set fire to my house So not only do Indonesians think smoking is good, but many even think it does well People here believe that smoking cures toothache, that clove cigarette is good for breath, that narghile water is antiseptic And besides, it has clinics which treat smoking-related diseases with smoking

This clinic has a new age therapy called "balur", which uses clove cigarette to cure a variety of diseases [DRA SARASWATI SOEBAGJO CLINIC OF HEALTH] Dr Soebagjo opened in 2007 and has treated more than 30 thousand patients Is it okay if I

? No problem? Of course Nice, thanks What is that fancy cigarette there? For everyone who does therapy here, we strongly suggest the consumption of the "Divine" clove cigarette

It helps in all the infection cases we get here, but as we have a model of treatment for cancer, mainly helps treat cancer patients All kinds of cancer or just some specific? No, all kinds Cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate The clinic has its own production of cigarettes This "Divine Kreteks" is made with tobacco and cloves and has a special filter soaked in a type of amino acid broth, which supposedly absorbs all the free radicals in your body, which is supposed to cause all cancer

This is the preparation room for my balur treatment, in which they basically wipe things in you to open the pores, and this breaks down the free radicals that are crammed into your cells At some point tobacco comes in and sucks everything and makes you healthy Can you sign it here for me? Okay, so this here What am I signing? I think I already signed it, so it does not matter IT IS I have never been much fan of Oriental medicine, but so far it's better than a normal doctor's appointment Did he use eye drops like shampoo in my hair? Interesting The traditional part of the balur it's basically an intense massage with Tylenol, purple onion and some other household products

The balur of this clinic, however, includes a few more steps How to water skin and pores with divine cigarette smoke After a second wipe, this time with peeling water mixed with urea The same urea that is in our urine Hurt so much

Oops What is happening now? Aluminum foil is for eliminating free radicals from the body, so they do not escape and the paper can capture them OK Thank you Thank you, Doctor

While I was doing balur to try to take the shameful acne of my 20s, the other patients at the clinic were there for much more serious illnesses What are you doing? Hodgkin's disease Hodgkin's lymphoma Do you do any other treatment? Do you have chemotherapy or radiation? I stopped chemo when I first came here You smoke? No, I did not smoke before

I'm smoking the Divine cigarette now Do you have any problems with people who criticize the balur? I must have the courage to take a different position, the opposite I believe that God can work miracles Perhaps this path I follow may prove a miracle to many people with cancer All the free radicals and potato wraps baked with foil already raised the red flag of pseudoscientific gooseberry, but playing miracles in the middle of the business really irritated my skepticism

So we asked a radiologist in one of the biggest cancer treatment wings in Jakarta to explain what the legitimacy of this business is Does this hold in the face of medical science? [DR PRIJO SIDIPRATOMO ASSOCIATION CHIEF INDONESIA OF PHYSICIANS] They never explained to us when we invite them to explain before us For me, as a doctor, I can not imagine this kind of treatment or method It's a long way from the medical field

Even though it is not recognized or sound from a medical point of view, the poor and naive still attend these clinics What happened to your son? [NINIK ZUBATDAH PATIENT MOTHER] When he was two and a half, he began to have seizures and since then his situation has only gotten worse We have taken him in every specialist doctor imaginable, but his situation worsened This type of treatment may be popular in Indonesia In my opinion, this is because of the to the country's health system

People may find it very expensive to make a treatment, then try to find a cheaper medium We finally managed to find a treatment option we could afford Despite the astronomical cost in both health and life, it is unlikely that any effort two-thirds of Indonesian men stop smoking The only way to really break the cycle is to prevent the next generation from starting to smoke Even worse than now, in fact the country is at the beginning of the epidemic curve, because it has one of the largest young populations in the world, and most people start smoking when they are young

So it has a combination of large young population, no regulations on advertising, including for young people, and an ascending per capita income This is the recipe for a substantial increase in the number of smokers in the next generation If you go back in time and try to find a tobacco company who has failed, will find it difficult to find It is a business that will still thrive for decades [SHANE SMITH VICE FOUNDER] Heroine is bad

In fact, it sucks so bad that once you vitiate, basically only have three options: one, stop using, which is almost impossible as shown by the 90% recurrence rate; two, can take the so-called replacement therapy drugs, like methadone, which are as addictive as; or three, may die And so, people with heavy addiction do almost everything they can to quit But with so few actually viable options, they begin to look for more obscure or radical cures One particular method uses superpowerful hallucinogens which give such a great shock to the body who even stop heroin addiction [CLANDESTINE HEROIN TREATMENT CLINIC] [NEW YORK CITY] This is a bwiti healing ceremony at the Harm Reduction Center in Harlem

And this is Dimitri Mugianis and he heals people of heroin addiction He does this by using a special mandinga ritual similar to that The main difference is that, when it is to drop heroin, it also incorporates one of the most powerful drugs on the planet, ibogaine What is ibogaine? [DIMITRI MUGIANIS CLANDESTINE SUPPLIER OF IBOGAINE] Ibogaine is a hydrochloride, which means that it is an extract from a plant called iboga One of the properties of iboga that was discovered in the early 60's is that it interrupts the physical dependence of opiates without abstinence

That's what happened to me I spent 20 years addicted to heroin and methadone How many times have you tried to clean yourself before ibogaine? I probably tried to stop it 50 times And the only thing that worked in 20 years The only thing that worked in 20 years Right And is ibogaine currently illegal? Ibogaine has been illegal since the Nixon administration Ibogaine was banned in 1969, at the height of the hippie movement, and today it's in the same category as heroin on the US bans list

And while not illegal in most countries, ibogaine implies some of the stiffer penalties here So if you want to use to get rid of heroin, needs to leave the US After Dimitri used ibogaine to overcome the addiction, he kind of turned out to be a drug preacher and has already administered hundreds of illegal treatments to dependents in hotel rooms and motels across the country But after a very complicated situation in which a patient almost died, he realized he needed to find out more about this drug And then he went to Africa

He traveled to Gabon and started at bwiti, which is a religion that uses ibogaine – that is, iboga, native plant with which to make ibogaine, to talk to their ancestors through hallucinations, which, in turn, led to spiritual enlightenment Since then, Dimitri has elements of bwiti rituals, while giving ibogaine illegally to heroin addicts That is, until he was caught by the police in an ambush [HARLEM DAMAGE REDUCTION CENTER, NEW YORK CITY] And since then, he's been leading a bwiti self-help group every week at a drug treatment clinic in Harlem, with all the bizarre, but no Ibogaine Although it seems that in these ceremonies of Dimitri the madmen dominated the hospice, people continue to seek him for help, because heroin is the most addictive drug on the planet

Take Matt, for example He looks like he plays for Purdue's defense, [MATT DEPENDENT OF HEROIN] but actually has had a heavy addiction for over ten years I put a turban in the back of the car coming here In fact, Matt is so ill that his own mother is willing to hand it over to a bunch of crazy New York mandingueiros and let them take you to Mexico [JOAN MOTHER OF MATT] to give him one of the most powerful drugs on the planet That's the size of the heroin problem

We are very excited about this He's like our baby, let's take good care of him For me it is very sad not to be able to do here, this makes me deeply indignant And when you see the level of despair, realizes why people put so much faith in new age healers like Dimitri Thank you

Let's take good care of him, okay? Beauty You can call anytime This is your new path, dear Can not wait to see the wonderful things that will happen in your life I love you from the bottom of my heart, my love

Beauty, mother God bless you, my love African style, the youngest in the middle To avoid being sued by the US government, many clandestine ibogaine communities crossed the border and moved to Mexico, where the drug is still legalized [LA MISSION, MEXICO] We are one hour from Tijuana, in a high-class neighborhood

It's interesting because when I started doing this about clandestine heroin clinics using African tribal rituals, in my head I kind of imagined a stuffy basement on the Lower East Side, and then suddenly you're in this Mexican superchique village by the sea It was not what I was thinking The reason we came here is to work with Jeff Israel and his clinic, because what we're going to do is try to combine our ritual with medical ritual Right [JEFF ISRAEL IBOGAINE SUPPLIER] Jeff Israel has a more medical approach to ibogaine in his clinic

And so, it incorporates many safety equipment in the event of giving something wrong If we do not like the pulse or start to get too weak or irregular, we apply it with three wires If someone vomits or sucks, we can suck If the patient has a cardiac or respiratory arrest, we have oxygen, and if you have an emergency, we have an intubation kit For Matt's treatment, they will combine the clinical approach and the ceremony of Dimitri

And finally the time came to begin the ceremony But first we had to go and get an old-time heroin user from Brooklyn [NICOLE DEPENDENT OF HEROÍNA] called Nicole, friend of Jeff Israel and who happened to be in Mexico and also wanted to use ibogaine to try to clean itself For the first ritual, we had to find a tree by the side of the road Do you know what you are doing now? I think we're going to the tree, right? I do not know exactly what we're doing, but We make these offerings to the ancestors and to the tree Because these things are good Everyone likes Fanta, everyone likes to drink and candy Then we make the offering

I think for a drug user All life revolves around rituals Ritual to get, to buy the drug, to get, to get money

And I think even problematic drug use it is a search for a deeper meaning How many times have you tried to clean yourself? At least 30 Thirty times At least What do you expect to happen now? I hope to stay clean

I just want to be happy, man I just want to wake up in the morning without wanting to blow your head every day That would be cool A good change of pace

Are you worried about what you are doing? Are you worried that the rituals might get a bit corrupted? And turn into something else? Yeah, it's a concern And it's a criticism of me, but that's what culture does, right? Right The question of an African religion and African music is that it is very plastic and curves and shapes and shapes and becomes a different thing Our bwiti is different With all this, by the time they take a test dose, abstinence disappears

Fucking sure Ever The afternoon rituals fueled the consumption of ibogaine at night And that's when things started to get a bit heavy When the first dose of ibogaine test was administered, to Nicole, who was suspected that she was still using heroin, did not have a great reaction, while Matt, who was already in abstinence crisis, felt on the spot

And after another quick round of medical tests to check his vital signs, administered the dose cavalry in the Matt And it was not an easy trip Here it is probably between 80% and 90% of ibogaine Demos in a type of cocktail to get into his body faster without the capsule The most important equipment here is the bucket of vomit

It should be about 15 hours We just gave him a little more ibogaine That is common What he is going through now is 15% of what he would be spending if he were home trying to overcome the opiate habit This is nothing, it's baby booze

I'm thinking about this madness Crazy life, you know? I just hope I do not need to go back to that But now

I'm not in the mood And that in itself is already a miracle An addict who is completely numb physically and emotionally there are one, five, ten, twenty years, he finally feels his own body and feels emotions again

And it's kind of unacceptable Ibogaine is sometimes not a favor, you know? It's a kick in the face It's iboga saying "hi" Mother bwiti saying, "Oops, what's up?" Like a good father sending you a chat This thing is miraculous, it's fine

It's just not a fun experience The landing is not easy, not even with ibogaine Nicole, who was suspected to be still using heroin, did not take the stronger dose that night, but chose to take the full dose of ibogaine a few days later without Dimitri's bwiti ceremony [TEN DAYS LATER] [HARLEM CITY OF NEW YORK] Is not he cute? It was really amazing to see Matt's transformation He was healthy and smiling

And since Mexico he did not use drugs Ibogaine fulfilled her role It seems that everything is very different Nothing was the same Is weird

Bukai! Wadee! Come on! Matt was suffering a lot from addiction But the difference is very profound Just looking at him In the color of the skin, in the way of speaking This is a didactic example of what iboga can do for a dependent chemical that is suffering

I have to admit that when I first saw the rituals and the bwiti dowry, I did not put much faith But when I saw Matt reborn, I was happy to be wrong And I can only hope that he, like many users of ibogaine before him, stay clean Are you feeling all right? All right, man Very well



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