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Title: Neurofeedback and Addictions >>There's a 20 year plus history of growing data on the effectiveness of Neurofeedback More recently there's actually data specifically geared towards the addictions

Centers have demonstrated that individuals who undergo Neurofeedback are more likely to remain in treatment, theyíre more likely to be dedicated to the treatment process, and the outcomes demonstrate theyíre much less likely to relapse >>The outcome of the studies indicated to us that this is a very valuable tool that we need to keep and use Sober after 12 months: with neurofeedback 77% without neurofeedback 44% Cri-Help Study 1999 >>Iíve noticed a big change >>Iím like a new woman here Title: Neurofeedback and Substance Abuse >>I came here

based on alcohol addiction >>I came here seeking treatment for my drug and alcohol addictions One of the main reasons why I chose New Seasons was because of the Neurofeedback program So I looked all over the United States and there was only two rehab centers that had Neurofeedback available Iíve been to one other treatment center and there it was a very similar philosophy to this one except for they didnít have Neurofeedback available

And I wanted something different in that obviously I relapsed after the last one And so I chose New Seasons and the Neurofeedback is I mean definitely like from doing it and I mean obviously it is something very different >> I didnít think you could change your brain by starring at a video game you know I didnít know it existed >>We utilize Neurofeedback as a part of a holistic approach We do offer the psychotherapy We do offer physical training We offer acupuncture

Also in offering the Neurofeedback the goal there is to help with the emotional regulation Itís not either or It isnít that the Neurofeedback is making all the difference in their addiction process It isnít that only the psychotherapy can be helpful Itís hand and glove

>>I also noticed that when people are doing Alpha Theta they are more open to other therapies that are going on within the treatment center They seem to be more open to step study

They seem to be more open when theyíre in group therapy It kinda opens them up a little bit to you know getting some of this information and so thatís the other, another aspect of the therapy that I think is very valuable as far as recovering addicts go >> Iíve been here a little over four months I've done Neurofeedback every weekday since Iíve been here Iíve noticed a big change

My mood is much more stable Sleep patterns Being able to get to sleep Feeling calmer during the day >> Iím a clinical Neuropsychologist, licensed as a Psychologist

So Iím the licensed person on site that has gone through the training for Neurofeedback and have an understanding how to supervise that We also have two separate technicians that have thoroughly gone through the whole training and are clinicians in and of themselves They interact with the client in a clinical kind of way For example thereís questions that we have them answer at the very beginning of every session about how theyíre doing Many times information will come up and theyíll start talking with that person and they may express things that they arenít necessarily expressing in the Psychotherapy sessions

So our technicians are utilized as a member of the treatment team >>Itís at first it was kind of awkward just cause Iím not used to doing it

But uh other than that itís almost kind of a nice break from the rest of the day ya know Iím so busy kind of consciously working on stuff that itís nice to kinda sit back and just take a break and let whatever happens up there happen >>By gaining the feedback in a game like situation people actually are able to look forward to it They certainly enjoy that >> Yeah Iím noticing a change in my Psychotherapy as well as ya know outside of the sessions >> By utilizing the Neurofeedback system weíre able to get the client to benefit that much more from the other aspects of the program

>>When I was in therapy at my last rehab center the difference that I saw there from here was that I became really emotional but I had a hard time getting out of that emotion and moving along into then kind of processing it out so I felt like it was kind of, I was stuck And then now with the Neurofeedback Iím able to kind of feel my emotion, recognize it but then incorporate it into ya know the greater context of what Iím discussing >>I donít have the hunger to drink >>One of the reasons why Iím interested in Neurofeedback is because Iím a Neuropsychologist in addition to being a Psychologist I want to understand whatís going on on a brain level that leads this person to act in a certain way The more we understand about brain functioning the better therapists we are going to be

So Iím interested in anything that has to do with changing the brain because thatís how we change people And one of the strongest ways to change the brain is with Neurofeedback It is direct, Itís strong, but itís non evasive It has no significant secondary effects Iím not saying do away with medications

There's reasons for clients to be on medications Thereís reasons for clients to be involved in Psychotherapy Thereís reasons to have clients exercise Thereís reasons for clients to exercise their brain >>My understanding right now is that 75 to 95% of the people entering treatment suffer from some degree of brain dysfunction

Directly connected to using drugs and the life style that goes with it because a lot of drug addicts if theyíre using theyíre not eating right, theyíre not sleeping right, and all of that has an effect on the central nervous system Real People, Real Stories, Real Success >> And the friends that Iíve made here and the people in the AA program that I go to have noticed a big difference in me

I donít take things as seriously as I used to And I donít bite my finger nails anymore

which is pretty big >> My peers at the program have noticed that Iím just making really Iím coming along nicely and theyíve actually mentioned that theyíre impressed with my progress and admire it and some of them even say inspired [laugh] by it [music] Incorporate Neurofeedback Into Your Practice Contact EEG Info US: www

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