Why Gaming Addiction Is Now A Disease, Tomi Lahren & Ann Coulter Defend Child Immigrant Separation

What's up you, beautiful bastards hope you had a fantastic Tuesday, welcome back to the Philip Defranco Show, and let's just jump into it And the first thing we're to talk about today, by far one of the most requested non-political stories out there and I think – I think we need, to start things off a little bit light

According to the latest edition of the World Health Organization's Diagnostic Handbook, gaming disorders should be considered a mental disorder And specifically they added "gaming disorder" to the 11th edition of its ICD It's International Statistical classification of diseases

And they say there are three criteria necessary to diagnose someone with gaming disorder One, there's impaired control over when, how long, how, frequently, etc they, game Two, the person does not stop gaming, despite the negative consequences they have in their life Maybe here they're doing badly at their jobs, school, less time with friends, less interaction And three, the compulsive gaming strains that person's life or relationships

And according to the World Health Organization this pattern of behavior needs to last at least one year Or last if the requirements are met and the symptoms are severe Now as far as this seeming like a big deal or not one of the WHO

members from the department that proposed this change seems to be downplaying it That being Vladimir Posniak who said "I'm not creating a precedent," adding that the "World Health Organization is just following the trends, the developments, which have taken place in populations and in the professional field" But with this new diagnosis, the classification, there has been push back, and not just from gamers You have many people pointing to the DS

M which is published in the United States DSM

standing for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders And there it classifies internet-gaming disorders as something that requires more research Also back in 2016, we saw experts writing a letter to the World Health Organization advising against including a gaming disorder in the ICD

Saying that the existing research was poor, that there was no actual medical consensus, albeit that there was fighting And those experts even wrote "the act of formalizing this disorder, even as a proposal, has negative medical, scientific, public health, societal, and human rights fallout that should be considered" And even more recently you have people like psychologist anthony beam Who actually see gaming as a positive thing, he, said i'm a Clinician and a researcher so i see people, who play video games and believe themselves to be on the lines of addictive he also Added that in his experience gaming is used more as a coping mechanism for either Anxiety or depression and also adding that the three qualifiers to say if you have this, disorder or not are far too broad Also pointing other there's nothing to differentiate mild to severe forms of this new Diagnosis and calling this label premature and i will say my personal reaction to this is it's a very instinctive Pushback for example i saw, the bbc publish an hour that Was initially titled computer game addiction i spent 20 plus hours a week game and my initial response is at 20 hours a week isn't Insane when i was a teenager and then a young man in my 20 is 20 hours a week it was lightweight stuff i have Pumped those numbers up those are rookie numbers in this racket is my preferred form of entertainment? Over tv movies books whatever it wasn't always just me locked up in my room although there was a lot of that there Was, also me playing pokemon red? And then using that game as a way to interact with other kids even as i grew up every college party I, went to like someone was playing smash even more so now, when i look at Games like fortnight, which you can Play, for free, which is insane it's a great form of entertainment on the cheap even if you're Purchasing a Few cosmetics here there i just want a budget standpoint i mean to go see a movie in la it calls like 15 to 20 dollars whereas i can play this Game an infinite number of hours for free i also have to acknowledge that is my personal? Experience and it's always been one that has been very healthy Because then on the other side i do have personal experiences of having a roommate that That lost multiple Jobs because he decided he just wanted to stay home smoke weed and play final fantasy online all the time so for me for my Opinion he's always served as the example of someone that pulled Really really, far back from society and could be someone that, would be inside of this classification but of course his, story much like My, own is a very local story a very central story so it's important to look more international and so we look at Places like south, korea that have a gaming addiction rehabilitation, center and the numbers there are far different and it's not a, new Topic i mean that there are reports coming out about this years ago And sound like this one from business insider pointing out that teens are spending up to 88 hours a week gaming Which i will say and give them their that eighty eight hours of anything a, week seems excessive but to then come Back to the icd to come back to the story, saying 20 hours a week here's my gaming addiction Story, that still to me personally seems ludicrous, so that's, why, to me this move and stories like This it just seemed like a continued effort to Villainize video games over other forms of media i mean just look at most any other form of media specifically tv shows it is so Common to consume an enormous amount of tv the binge watching is an understood and accepted form of consuming all of a tv show all at once Despite depending on the show it being 8 to 20 hours i mean you had a nielsen study Back in 2016 saying that the average american consumes more than 5 hours of tv a, day if we're going By the per week model you're talking about over 35 hours a week on average we're not out there saying that Amc's the devil because they decide to have a breaking bad marathon nor should, we in my opinion But that said i do want to pass the question off to you, what is your opinion, about the world health organization? Saying that gaming, disorder should be considered a mental health Disorder you think that it makes complete sense or no you think it is completely ridiculous, also, what do you think, about the comparisons between Television and video games is there a difference because one is more passive the other is more Interactive and also if you, do believe that makes them different at an important level do you Think it makes it worse or better a, main point let me know, what you're thinking in those comments down below But from that i want to share some stuff i loved today and today and awesome brought to you, by blue apron Belieber and of course the fantastic service that allows you to create Delicious chef design recipes at home they offer two types of plans the two-person plan, where you get two to three recipes Each designed to serve two people you have the family plan two to four recipes designed to serve four people and it is so convenient And so easy all meals are designed to be prepared in just 40 minutes or less So even recipes are delivered in a refrigerated, box so ingredients will stay fresh even if you're, not home when your package arrives They, offer a large selection of recipes and they're always adding, new dishes to their menu every, week leaving prices Also, started just 749 per serving and there's no commitments you can, skip or cancel the service at Any time and so if you, want to check it out You, want to insert some awesome into your life just click that link in the description to get started and also you probably Want to act on it fast because even better the first 100 people that sign up with that link at $50 off the first two Weeks of blue apron And the first bit of awesome today is actually kind of an update to people that are part of defranco elite calm the defranco now Show that, we are testing and yes i know android users you? 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Showi i think that it's good enough that we're going to actually release it later this week to the public if you Want to check that out or you haven't seen the pilot yet i'll include a link down below So you can, join it it is by far, my favorite thing that We have tested it just needs a really good graphics package and some tweaks but Anyway, link down below and our og? Buddy is an epic meal time doing the spiciest bacon Ever and for those you that are about to jump into luke 8 season 2 it might call to recap in season 1 in 10 Minutes you got the trailer for searching we also got a trailer for season 3 of one of my favorite series on netflix last chance you and if you Want to see the full versions of everything i'll just share the secret link of the day anything at all Links is always our in the description down below then let's are about updates around the immigration child Stuff raishin, story We covered yesterday if you didn't see that breakdown it's essentially this fact fact fact fact fact I highly recommend you check it out first so the oversimplified nonspecific tldr to bring you up to speed attorney, general jeff sessions weeks Ago and now it's a zero tolerance policy so now? When you have a family trying to illegally cross into the united states the family gets separated Previously you saw federal authorities opting to release entire families so not to separate them but Now that is changing because all adults will be prosecuted so now? You, have these children being separated From their parents and being processed through assistant reportedly as of yesterday after the zero tolerance policy was announced 2,000 children have been separated from their parents, we then talk about of the trump administration is trying to throw This on democrats, while many others are saying no this is not a democrat issue this is a trump administration Issue even saw a good number of republicans speaking out against, what, was happening here once again that's an oversimplification if you Want the deep details watch that video but here are the updates the only released, yesterday's video one of the big points Was if the media was not allowed to take pictures or video of some facilities and instead we got those from the government but Yesterday a non-profit newsroom, by the name of pro publica released audio of ten central american children Who, had been separated from their parents the audio, was reportedly recorded inside a us customs and border protection detention center the person Who, recorded the audio has not been identified for fear of retaliation as far as who gave pro publica The audio, that, was civil rights attorney, jennifer harbouring according to the unidentified person, who recorded This audio they Said that the children in it are between the ages of four and ten years old according to pro publica the children appeared to have Been in the detention center for less than 24 hours so that they're distressed at having been separated, from their parents Was still raw and something you hear a number of times in this audio you have children crying for their parents You, also hear, what is reportedly a six-year-old salvadoran girl pleading for someone to call her According to propublica they were able to contact the aunt but the ant said that she could Not help her niece because she and her own nine-year-old daughter were seeking Asylum, according to the aunt the girl in the audio is still in a shelter of reportedly she has been warned By, authorities that her mother may be deported without her aunt saying it was the hardest moment in my life She's crying, and begging, me to go get her he says I promise i'll behave please get me out of here i'm all alone and most notably in the Seven-minute audio piece you hear a Border agent joking, about the children cry And that audio in that mindset is gonna be something i touch on again at the end of this story additionally since yesterday we also? Got a look inside a, new, tent city, this one located in tornillo texas the tent city Was reportedly, constructed as an overflow for immigrant teenage, boys also a note here this isn't the first time tents have been used like this in 2014 us customs and border protection used tents at house an influx of immigrants it also once again that is important to note the main Difference between 2014 and 2018 is the child separation a lot of the photos We see from 2014 are unaccompanied minors now as far as the new

Current photos they, were just released Yesterday they were reportedly taken last, week this By the administration for children and families at health and human services Because of course the media has not been allowed inside the facility yet and they say that each tent can sleep up to 20 children The tents are equipped with air conditioning into the facility in whole can allegedly hold up to 4,000 children and despite the pictures being very very empty Reportedly, the tent city is already open keep in mind these photos were taken last, week they, were just released Yesterday and according to democratic congressman baito orc who is at a Protest outside of this facility over the weekend he told reporters, we were told there were 98 kids in this tent city Yesterday you were told today there are 200 kids and at this protest over work Did something very interesting he made this not all about trump we've all got to own, this, we cannot blame this on trump we cannot blame this on a political party this is America right now and so america's got to show up in addition to this we've, also seen, massive pushback from several governors we've seen governor's from massachusetts in new York, both announcing that their states will no longer deploy national guard troops to the border as far as the, why Massachusetts, governor charlie, baker's team citing of the federal government's current actions are resulting in the inhumane treatment of children new York's governor andrew Cuomo, also hit on that same note adding We will not be complicit in a political agenda that governs By, fear and division you, also colorado is governor john hickenlooper who yesterday signed an executive order that forbid state resources from being used to separate children from parents or legal guardians based on the grounds of Immigration status, also unsurprisingly we've seen a good amount of fake news running around this store and one of the latest Outlets to be called out for spreading fake news Was the drudge report this because the drudge report used a picture of children holding, what appears to be guns Alongside an article on immigrant children coming into america except there were a few Problems with, that is because reportedly the kids in the photo are, syrian, they were in syria the photo Was taken in 2012 And those are not real guns, they are toys We know this to be true because the photographer behind the image has spoken out about the use of it explaining what Was actually happening in the photo and also calling it an obscene Misrepresentation of the photos actual depiction then, we had an coulter doin ann coulter stuff on fox news Yesterday these Child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now do not fall for it mr President i get very nervous, about the president give news from tv Your car is not a conservative publication, they described i told you it wouldn't get, away Kids are being i'm so, sorry, we have to go given, scripts to read, by liberals according to the, new Yorker, don't know all for the after children, so he takes aim at the kids that are being taken, away From their parents calling them child actors even referencing something, about the new Yorker, saying the kids are coach Which is confusing because she's talking about all of these kids and the news coverage around it now but then, she's referencing What appears to be a, new? Yorker article from 2011 the connection she's trying to make there appears to be very very weak, and stupid that article talked About university educated ethiopians that Would lie to try and get asylum in the united states not incredibly young children crying because they are being stripped Away, from their families and that being photographed or film but then, from that of course yesterday, we had kirsten nielsen Saying that this was not a policy change it's despite attorney, general jeff sessions talking about a zero tolerance policy this despite now Chief of staff john kelly, back in 2017, when he was department of homeland security secretary he said, that he was considering Using this as a deterrent if you get some young kids Who are coming in to manage to sneak into the united states with, their parents our department of homeland security personnel gonna separate the children from their moms and dads yes i am considering an audit to deter More movement, along this terribly dangerous network i am considering Exactly that and that wasn't just a 20-17 thing even in his, new Position last month when he was speaking with npr he set a Big name of the game is deterrent emily separation could be a tough deterrent, would be a tough deterrent another thing We saw with this story is trump taking aim at german trump arguing on twitter that german, chancellor angela Merkel's more open policies towards migration and refugees have led to a crisis in the german government coalition Sweeting the people of germany are turning against Their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous berlin Coalition crime in germany his way up big mistake made all over europe And allowing millions of people and who have so strongly and violently changed Their culture today and in crime in germany is up 10% plus officials do not Want to report these Crimes since migrants were accepted others countries are even worse be smart america on a response to those tweets there has been massive pushback Many, crime statistics from germany is seeming to show The opposite many citing figures released, back in may, by the german, federal criminal office that show The crime in germany was actually at the lowest it's been in 25 Years most notably that total offenses in germany were down nine point six percent last, year additionally it says violent crime, was down 2

4 Percent property theft down 118% Street crime down eight point six percent cases where a Crime, was committed By, non germans was down 2

7 Percent By, germans, down 22 Percent that said there were increases fraud was up one point three percent computer fraud 28 Percent drug, offences 9

2 Percent many pointing at the number of illegal border crossings dropped seventy nine point nine percent but of course that Would be due to the more open? policy Even with those statistics it is important to point out that migration in germany is a political crisis since merkel introduced her open-door policy back in 2015 the country has absorbed more than 1 million migrants emigration as an Issue has weakened merkel's party there have been a number of growing far-right groups in the country that said right now german people as a Whole are not completely abandoning merkel in her party and she actually remains to be one of the country's most popular Politicians now as far as what happens next if the situation continues to move forward there is none? Unlikely about-face, from the trump administration, there are several potential solutions in congress right now And will mainly focus on two first being the keep families together at This, from dianne feinstein of california who's introduced june 7th and it would ban the separation of families at the Border unless there is evidence that a Child is being trafficked or abused By his or her parents as right now it looks like the democrats completely supported There's at least one republican that says that they, would vote for it as right now it looks like Any other further republican approval it doesn't seem like, but they, also had republican senator ted cruz, come up with his Own solution cruz, riding all americans are rightly horrified, by the images, we are seeing on the news children and tears pulled, away From their mothers and fathers this must stop, now, we can end this crisis By, passing the legislation i am introducing this week and his solution both seems to keep families together as Well as get them out of the country faster according to the news, release, his bill would authorize New temporary shelters with accommodations to keep families together it mandates that immigrant families will be kept together absent aggravated Criminal conduct or threat of harm to children it also would double the number of federal immigration judges from roughly 375 to 750 and it would provide expedited processing and review of asylum cases so that within 14 Days those, who meet the legal, standards will be granted asylum and those, who Do not will be immediately returned to their home countries now as far as which one will gain traction if either of them that remains To, be seen but, we will obviously keep an eye out there's a story as of now It will obviously continue to develop but but as far as where i stand on this because i saw A lot of people asking, what my opinion is and to that i would, say plainly put i am horrified By, this situation something that kirsten nielsen has said Is that there is a crisis at the border and a lot of people have been using that kind of mentality As a justification for what has happened and when you compare the illegal immigration numbers this Year to that of last year it does seem like there is a drastic change although people have pointed out that 2017 was a very, weird outlier, year any people referring to the drop in illegal immigration as the trump effect Many, people seeing you know what's gonna happen to those of us that try to go and in fact what we're seeing as far as illegal immigration and 2018 is very close to that of 2013 2014 Numbers when you look at the entirety of the situation Partially one of the reasons that could be responsible for this increase is the crackdown on asylum seekers you see stories around People like weiner berdoo or trafficker shot him seven times last Year he's been trying to get asylum in the united states he's trying to do it the right way But he like many others have been stuck at the border see agents, were people turning him, away saying wait in mexico check back Again in a few hours and of course, while, every single person's story does not resemble this when you look To, someone that has gone through this And they are still stuck in this purgatory That would lend you to think that maybe the better answer is to try and do it illegal Well i do personally think that illegal immigration is an important issue in this country and we should not? Incentivize those to break the law i am horrified that families are being broken up that children are being stripped Away, from their parents and i am even more troubled By the dehumanization of these people whether it be the tommy larenz of the world oversimplifying the situation saying We owe a legal immigrants nothing whether it be the ann coulter's of the world accusing These children of being Child actors, whether it be a Border patrol agent so numb to the human, experience that he mocks the children Who are crying out for their parents that they are actively being stripped, away From it just shouldn't be so easy to not think of them as real people real children and real lives but but Also if you, want to cut the heart out of the situation right just from a numbers aspect That's something the donald trump likes to hit on now and then as far as you know We could do things differently to save money think about how Much money it's costing to house, these kids to then process these kids to to look For family and if no family shows up to Manage, these kids in the system all while putting even more people into our prison system that have a Massive price tag per body with the constant mention from trump and others saying that you know We need, a wall and you know lawmakers can, do it very much feels Like this is a negotiating tactic and i say all of this, while acknowledging i don't know What the perfect answer is and i do not think that there is a perfect answer but it does not feel? Like part of the equation for the perfect, answer is to split up families you, want to crack down on ms-13 types perfect You, want to crack down on people traveling with children and it's actually human trafficking perfect But unfortunately those things are being used as a justification to go after families that are trying to flee a Bad life potentially violence that's something that i really Want to focus on because that's the story the facts of the situation and then my opinion Is how it personally received the situation and for you personally you may agree you May, have greatly different feelings on this story and wherever you would land on this i would love for you to Give me your opinion in those comments down below i used to say it to a point that got annoying but this is not just A show, i want this to be a conversation with Each and every one of us, we will never see eye to eye on every single topic 100% of the time and if you ever have felt that way i would, ask you to broaden your horizons, who Also taken other points of view so you are not just regurgitating what you were consume and despite knowing that when you have an opinion On a topic and you share it you completely, welcome the wave of dislikes that Is that is incredibly popular when talking about anything remotely political i truly believe it the only? Way forward is to have a conversation so if you, want to take part i love your Face if not don't worry i get it effort right life is exhausting sometimes and then with the constant 24/7 media cycle being what it is right now it is very easy to just be Exhausted and and feeling beaten down by By shit in the world hopefully We can all stay engaged in a way that's not completely toxic or maybe that's wishful thinking but, that's gonna Be where i'm gonna, add today's show Like i said that's where we're Gonna end today's show and of course with, this being the philip defranco show i gave you the stories i gave you My opinion, now i want to hear from you whether it be the last, story the first one anything in between let me know What you're thinking in those comments down below, also remember if you, like this Video what i'm trying to do here this conversation i'm trying to have that like button if you, new, here hit that subscribe button Also remember if you missed yesterday's philip defranco show you Want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or maybe it needs something a little bit lighter e of the newest Behind the scenes blog right here that's that's that of course as always My, name is philip defranco you've just been phill'd in a yo faces and i'll see you tomorrow


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